com, so we got this from banggood i’ll put the links down in the description below these are affiliate links anyhow to banggood. Anyway. This is the xlfx03 i’m gon na run this thing, it’s just bone stock. The only thing i did too, it was just put oil into the shocks shock oil anyway, um yeah got a little gps in here also. So this is the sky, rc gps, so anyway, go ahead. Let’S get this thing going here: uh see how fast it goes. Bone stock first run all right, as you can see, got it on peak speed, got signal from the satellite so and i got it in miles per hour, so i’ll probably calculate it two kilometers for you guys just in case some of you guys only go by Kilometers all right, so here we go first run. Gps is in see how it does okay, so far, and not very fast. This full throttle all the way it’s been full throttle still full throttle on here, um so 37 miles an hour yeah. I don’t think so, or the 60 kilometers you can see this thing’s, not zipping along and i’ve, been full throttle the whole entire time with a fully charged battery in it. So this thing’s running bring it in see how fast this thing or how slow it goes. 17 miles an hour, wow um, that’s, disappointing big time, all right 17 miles an hour on a brushless motor 2s lipo.

There you go, you seen it first 17 miles now: it’s freaking, pathetic all right, all right guys. Let me give you my thoughts on this thing. Um pros and cons pros, it looks cool like the way it looks, but cons doesn’t even do half the speed it’s claiming to do it says: it’ll do 60, kilometers or we’ll call it 37 miles an hour and it only did 17 miles an hour. Uh price tag somewhere right around under 120 bucks it’s, pretty stiff the wheel on here, so it’s not really easy to uh steer it. I mean it just – has more resistance than a typical radio that’s easy just to kind of turn back and forth. That’S, it that’s not really too much of a con but it’s just a to note um shocks they do leak. Maybe if i put some thicker shock oil in it, maybe they wouldn’t leak as quick, but they did leak on every single one of them from the bottom. So just kind of, let you guys know on that one. I know it had rubber seal on the rubber seals on the top of it. That was about it. So i didn’t check the bottom right down here to see if i had rubber seals on it or not so just kind of fyi on that one and some people say that the gears on here are you got to keep an eye or go ahead and you Need to grease up the differentials, so you do like the front and rear you know.

I didn’t do that one, but anyway um. I really don’t give it really any recommendations to buy it. Just because of fact, if you’re looking for speed, this is not going to be the ticket for you at all and um. But if you like this kind of the style of it and you’re okay with some of the quirkiness of it, then maybe so i don’t know, but anyway, i’ll leave that up to you guys to make your decision on it and appreciate you guys watching as always, Don’T forget to like comment subscribe check us out at till next time. You guys take care. Thank you again for watching Music Applause.