Also, very sorry that i didn’t tell you guys that i had rc cars it’s. Just because i tried to record a video about my rc cars but um. I was very nervous because my dad and mom were recording me and i’m also not nervous when i recorded my and myself in fact, i’m actually recording it myself. I don’t have a camera man i’m, just using a tripod that’s why the camera is so still and let’s get into the cars this. This is a lamborghini and this is a bugatti. It does. That is a bugatti, and this is lamborghini and if you didn’t know that the red one was a lamborghini and the blue one was a bugatti, then you’re, probably living under a rock or you’re. Probably just a kid who is watching my channel in this video i’ll say: yes, i have grown up. This has been like, i think, one year since i haven’t made the new video i’m sorry for the lack of videos, and i do need to get a haircut but that’s it that’s, not my business. My business is to make a video and also i have, and you may be wondering what happened to my teeth well and my they got they falled this tea. This tooth, i think, with the the um tooth that my friend felix and i were playing outside, but i can’t because of the v, i r. U s and i can’t go outside and because i probably get infected and yeah with the virus and also youtube.

Please just don’t demonetize this video or take it down so let’s review the rc card. First of all, let’s get this bad bad boy up. Wait! Let me get it off. My tripod whoa jesus christ, yeah here am i and my mom is making some food for me and yes it’s january, and i still have my christmas tree and that is my favorite sphere. Okay, focus focus, focus, focus, focus, gosh, damn it all right, so there it is it’s actually focused all right focuses also. Yes, i have started cursing and that’s my favorite spear, this one that’s, my favorite sphere, so anyways that’s, no one’s that’s, something that no one was born, that’s, something that nobody cares about. So let’s just get on to the video, so we’ll use the rc cars. Wait! A second i need to turn them on get over here. Camera we’re, gon na be safe. Now now, let’s use let’s use my rc car gosh it’s really hard to grab a camera while using an rc car. This is the controller for the bugatti, but unfortunately, the both controllers work at once. So if both cars are are turned on at once, then both cars were work with the same with the exact same um controller. And yes, this video will be short, it’s, going to be less than 10 minutes and wait a second. I got ta just put just clean sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, Music, yeah, that’s, why it was not focused sorry.

So, anyway, back up to the cars and let’s use them gosh it’s really hard to so this is the controller it works on any car. Hey look at the other cars. Well, anyways, wait! Anyways! I don’t have much time left because there’s apparently a time a video limit on my on my camera, so i’ll turn off this car i’ll turn it off and turn on the bugatti. While the bugatti is loud, af let’s use the bugatti, so we’ll just go three. Two one see much louder than the than the lamborghini, but it thankfully works so sorry take a charger way too much. Applause, hey, hey, hey don’t! You hit the tripod Applause, all right, i’m. Gon na do some wheel. I mean donuts wait, get the freak out of my property, this stupid lamborghini, you pervert. Yes, i have started cursing don’t ask why i just watched way too much: memenated that’s, how i learned how to curse and my dad is watching tv and my mom is making pizza food and i don’t have much time left. I have one minute left so here’s. What it could do this red button – you see this one, that red thing it opens the doors it opens. The doors are perfect. So this thing i don’t know how much miles per hour. It can go but i’m suspecting it’s like 20 off per hour. Well anyways. This was a short video guys goodbye thanks for watching like and subscribe, or i will force feed you a raw er.

Some raw eggs say goodbye.