The first one is this military tank here. It is like not really a tank, but its a six by six. Its all wheel drive um this one costed, me 65, its like an 18 something – and if you look at the bottom, these are not stock. I actually upgraded these. These are metal drive shafts here. The ones that came on it, the plastic ones they just snapped them like in the first couple days they just snapped. So i bought these special ones um. If you im gon na put a link to some of these. If i remember, i probably wont, but this one has the metal drive shafts and it has headlights, working headlights and ill show you those later next one is this: this is a really cool axial, its a scx 24, its my its a really nice hobby grade, um Rc car now the next one up here. This one is a toy slash hobby grade its mostly hobby grade. It has real suspension, it has, you, can replace all the parts inside of it and it has like proper steering proper axles. It has proper everything in it. So see you guys when i get up, get them back loaded up on the first course so guys here we go, we got all of them. Lined up. So lets. Take a look at this, so this military one has nice headlights on it. This ones actually pretty cool, because the doors open and everything – and it looks pretty cool next one over here – it has headlights on it and its really cool now heres this.

This is the deadbolt um axial horizon hobby thing, so um the prices of these two, this ones 65, and this one is uh 120 dollars. I think we got this for im, not sure how much this one was, but this one has a broken body. Shell, its been through a lot of stuff recently so lets test these out. So first one were gon na test out. Is this axial, so our like over here is the competition or here is the course over here, its just a really thin id say about half inch piece of foam, so lets see what the axial can do and if my driving skills aint that good its probably Because the im holding my phone in one hand and driving that so, of course the axial has done that. Let me just shut these off right now, so the axial is proper hobby grade theres, nothing thats, not hobby grade on the axial. Just gon na shut this off. So this one has passed time for the next one. Next one is the i dont know the name of it, but its kind of hard to control this, because its so quick and this one. Of course it made it too, because this is an extremely easy like test. So next one that i think is going to make it because all of these are pretty much hobby grade. Is this military vehicle up got ta get the controller, so this one is probably gon na make it and, of course it makes it too so lets take a look at these somewhere else shut this off shut its controller off.

So guys here are the three rc cars. So this is the tank and its pretty nice. It has opening doors. This shield thing the wipers even move. It has working headlights, it has proper steering, it has proper throttle its all proportional. So i say this ones: a hobby, slash toy grade, mostly hobby grade, because even the back opens up with enough force so heres, a controller controller is simple. Just a button steering throttle down here, and you got your dual rates right here and your steering trim so that ones pretty cool next is the axial. So this one is pretty cool its hobby grade and you can take all the body stuff off and lets. Take a look at this controller, its controller. I think this is a really nice controller, but this is also the most expensive rc car here. So you have the low medium high setting. You have the steering trim the dual rates trim. You have the bind button, the power and the on off and up here are channel three and steering invert. So this one has a really nice controller time for this one. So this car. Actually, you can take the body off of this, and now you can see all the receiver here and all the motor. This is actually hobby grade back here. Is your uh battery its pretty hard to get out, but here is your battery for this rc car um? This is a thing with this rc car, its actually really really hard to do this, its actually also really hard to hold my phone while doing these rc car things so yeah thats, basically these cars and you can see theres people inside this one has a person Inside this one, doesnt really so im going to line these up most least too expensive.

So this, i know, is the most expensive. Then this is probably the least expensive with this right here so im guessing this is about a hundred dollars and im gon na have to get the Music next course setup and also right over here is where my old gaming setup was. This is my new gaming setup and i will continue doing gaming. This is just another one of things i do on the channel. You can see an entire pc down here, the monitors and the keyboard. So this is my new gaming setup and im gon na have to get this new course set up too guys. Next, one is the speed test, so this one is we aint gon na see exact speeds were probably just gon na, like know which ones obviously fastest. So how its gon na be is the first one to get past. This keyboard wins that up there. This is hard to hold this phone, so first one to get past that is gon na win. So guys here is the next challenge. So the first thing its gon na have to get over the frisbee this the upside down bus, and then this thing here and then this is where its done. This is the finish point, which is a big speaker, so lets start off with the Music exhaust. So this one im pretty sure its gon na be able to do this um because the size of it is really small.

So i might actually have to set my phone down for this um the size of its really small, restart so im able to give it as many restarts it just has to be able to get up there im guessing. This is a really hard challenge for it. Its even harder when im holding my phone, how am i going to keep this up improvise here? So i cant tell if you guys are getting a good viewing angle, but this is so hard. You know what i might have to kick it into medium. Oh its getting over the Music binoculars Music im gon na kick it in the high gear it started tearing apart the track, geez um! This might be too hard for this. Oh my gosh. I think i made this a little too hard, so im going to take this away now its only going to have to reach this yellow point here its hard to do that, and this car has one tire up on it. I was just trying to hold the legos back so yeah time for the next car next car i am gon na use is the the unknown price. Oh the unknown priced car, because i have no idea what the price of this is. So i have a feeling im, just gon na be able to speak through it with this one, because this really really fast. Oh, oh there, it goes. You know what it touched it.

I do not make these courses right, so this one has completed it really quickly. Time for the very last one, this one, i have a good feeling that its gon na do this, so this ones really really big. I forgot the tomato so there it is. You know what this one has not made it, this ones not making it. I already know that even yeah, i know this ones not making it so so it looks like the ones that made, that was the the red one and the axial, but this one here has not made it. This one has easily made the wind this one has two so uh. Im gon na have to get the next thing on Music, so guys were gon na start off with the axiom. So Music lets do this one high gear as fast as it goes. Okay, everyone saw how fast that went. Lets do Music, so Music. Now next one is this this one Music, so guys we got these all um. We got them working on so lets flip these back and there we go so now. Lets first start off with this. One so for this im, gon na lean, my phone up against the Music radiator here and lets see which one wins so guys here are all the rc cars. So we all know that this one was the fastest than this one. Then this one, this one is made for crawling this ones just made for going like on asphalt and rocks.

This one is probably just made for so this one, and this one has open differentials. That means that when you turn one wheel, the other one turns this. One has blue, or this one has lock differentials. That means that this tire will always spin the same as all the tires here. So i say if you guys are buying one of these for cheap. I would go with buying this one, but if youre planning to just buy one thats really good at crawling, i would say this one: if youre planning to buy one thats, really very quick, and you want one that would be able to go really fast. This one is your best choice: ill. Try linking these two in the description im, not sure about this, because i dont know the brand and stuff but thats it for this video dont forget to subscribe, or please subscribe to the video and like the video, because its free it doesnt cost anything.