This is the savage 4×4 off road mace, your cut RC car, so hey guys, basically just gon na drag the surroundings and do a review on it and offroad okay. So the first thing I’m, a talking about, is sweet. It goes pretty fast, goes as fast about the average jogger goes offroad and how could go over rocks new stuff? I mean they can go over a lot of rocks here. Let me show this now we’re going to talk about it straight now. Maddox is at the other side of the street, and he’s gon na come full speed into this tire with the car. So you guys can see how resistant it is and we’re also going to do it as shot in slow motion. Applause. Music subscribe. My camera lady he’s gon na plug her make sure you guys go. Follow me on instagram lana underscore cater not with a k with a seat and not much.