This is a nice one, tenth scale your proper battery. If, if you’re gon na have a nice cheap, good, basher, ftx booster oil chalk, you can actually convert it to a brushless but it’s a two it’s. It is a 2950 uh. What is it the k, a whatever it is, um, whatever it is yeah. So here you got shock, towers and stuff like that. You’Ve got double wishbone suspension. Oh you’ve got sharks, yeah, so here’s big. I have actually bashed it a little bit as you can see right so it’s perfect, look at it because it’s it’s it’s perfection, it it’s so nice. So as you can see like beautiful white rims, but this is big. This is your battery. You can jump it. You can land it, what big and it just absorb it – it’s big but small. What about small, like small small? This is actually the smallest car. I have but it’s very small uh. Now i actually have a smaller rc that people have been booming about kevin talbot and that had this rc, the sturdy style um like drift um car, whatever it is, that little rally car made by wltoys yeah. They were booming about that and yeah. I do have that. I do have one of them. I saved up my whole day money and i actually got one so yeah uh, big he’s, small right here’s. The only good sides about big and small, so big first is it’s bigger.

So you can go more to range, have more or more choices to go with it uh, so you can take it on grass, especially with this bookstore, with the size of the wheels you can go on grass, you can go on jumps you can take. You can take it in mood. You can take it in water, you you can do all that stuff. Well, you can’t go underwater, i mean, if you want to break it. You’Re gon na, take it probably up to there on the tires, not bad you’re gon na. Take it through a thin pool yeah, you can even take it on the beach as well, but don’t take it in the side. Wall. I’Ve done that thing across now. This is actually smaller than the um and the booster. This is actually a 1 twelfth scale. That is a one tenth, the smallest, the smaller numbers, the bigger it is so let’s say. If i have a one eighth scale, it’s gon na be bigger than this. A one two scale that’s massive like that: that’s like a raminator but yeah. So you can take it more places. You have a bit more choice of style, but the only downside is, you need a way powerful battery like way way way: powerful, um the stock battery. It comes with it’s rubbish. Well, it you can get what about 10 minutes of runtime, which is good for your starter, but i think you’re best upgrading to the 5 000 milliamp one, because the five thousand milliamp one is just powerful, it’s, better and all that down but yeah.

So you just have more places to go going. Bigger jumps, uh, don’t, recommend it inside though, or you can take it on the beach. You can take it on the mood you can take on the grass and yeah, but with this one yeah you can take it outside. I mean the wheels aren’t the biggest, but you can take it outside. You can take it outside in in outside. Just doing that on the grit, you can take it through a little bit like dry little dirt sort of thing dry dirt. You can take it through that you can have a little crawl outside mini crawler, but it’s not very controller, because if you’re going to have a good crawler, then you need oil field shocks because that’s better so like might have to get crawler up there. Oilfield shocks that’s for crawling i mean look at that. You can just have it up there and the shots will not do anything. You have to add pressure to them. You don’t even have to add pressure to oilfield shocks but add some pressure to it. You can just lift it up. I can just put my hand under it that it just goes up, but with this the shock doesn’t go up so it’s, not really a crawler and plus you have a wheelbarrow on there and it kind of does look like a toy grade, but it isn’t a Toy grade it’s a hobby grade, it’s an actual hobby where you’ve got your server.

You’Ve got speed. Controller you’ve got everything. You’Ve got suspension, drop test drop us, so, as you can see, the oil fill definitely did nice on the drop test. It definitely absorbed it more, but with this it didn’t even absorb it it just like bounced because these shocks, you have to add some pressure to it, but with these you have to have barely any pressure to press them down, but with these you have to put Loads of pressure on it’s kind of complicated uh it’s, like on the um it’s like on the map, i mean you can do that and they’ll lift up shut the lift up, yeah, very bad it’s, so creepy it’s like oh, i actually have some oil filled. Sharks inside this thing, as you can see, got it right here, oil field shock. It may not look like an afl jug. So here is a normal shock. Here is an oil field shock, look at it absorb stuff, better way nicer. I wish you could put this on my ball, which you can, but my dad said, the rubbish they’re, actually the leak oil, but i would like to put these on it, so these aren’t as creaky. Oh, these are creakies yeah a bit nicer got the front ones. One of these sharks – these are actual tamiya shots. If i can take one of the bottoms off of this put it onto this one, hello cat, then i can definitely put these on the front.

I’Ll, stop having that nice that dammit creaky noise, but i did change the shocks over and yeah it didn’t do anything. I just wanted to do it because i want to do it fun. Oh my god. I just dropped it down the side of the bed. Oh yeah, oh my god, it’s, like 11 o’clock at night – oh my god, i’m stoked yeah! So enough, waffling uh, yeah, so yeah, and this one you can’t, take it on jumps! No way you mean you can make a little plastic jump in your house and jump. It but no way could you take it like a bmx trap, which i usually take my rc’s. If you want to see a video, then make this video hit one like, but it wouldn’t even hit that but yeah, as you can see this one right here has a um has a disturbance, radio gear. So if it’s 20 years ago, has the old radio yeah. So for the new phone telegraphic poles like the new phone data and the new stuff, because back then it wasn’t stuff like that, then by that it gets interference, so that’s, another rubbish thing: they can’t take it outside because your phone so right now, if i like Calling someone and i’m running this it’ll just like keep going stay next to it like ringing someone and it actually and it will actually work you’ll still still drive that as the same because it’s modern uh so that’s another rubbish thing with this small one yeah.

So i think you guys are all talked out, because i do a lot of talking on this video uh yeah. So i think if you definitely got like a hundred quid 119 quid, then i think definitely go with a big rc. Definitely look at the one tenth scale if you look if you’re shopping on ebay or model sport or amazon or any hobby place where or where every uh place sells an rc car. You have to look, and you have a bit of money and you see one which is like 118. Then it’s, like a price tag, that what 116 quid and you have 116 quid. You think well that’s good, but then there’s one next to it. One tenth you’re gon na and that’s like a pound, more than you’re gon na, buy the one tenth, because these are way better definitely go with the 110. I mean if you just want to have fun around your house, and you’ve already got one temp like i do you just want to have fun around the house, and these things are perfect, but i don’t recommend getting one, but if you just want to have fun Around the house with it, if you have a big space, then recommend one uh but yeah guys it’s enough.