This is me Applause evolution of one of 2019 to 2021. Yes, my mom is cooking food for me and, and you may be wondering what are these well, if you don’t know that there are rc cars, then you’re, probably living under rock or you’re, just a kid that is watching my channel, but anyways subscribe like comment share. So these are rc cars. This is the lamborghini which is obvious, and this is a bugatti and also for some reason. When lamborghini can do this, it can open for the behind so there’s no space for a lamborghini Applause. Well anyway, that’s nobody’s that that’s not what they’re that’s that’s, not my business. Now my business is to make a youtube, video and also yes, i still have have a christmas tree also, yes, that there’s not a cameraman that’s, why the the camera is so still well. Anyways let’s review the cars first of all we’re gon na start off with the lamborghini uh that’s awes wait well anyways that was very awkward, so let’s use the lambo did i turn it on well. That was also awkward. Take three of trying to do this. Video also, yes, i did say a hint about behind the scenes. So anyways let’s use the car Applause. I don’t know what’s wrong with the wheels well anyways wait. I’M gon na become the cameraman for now, because there’s, no one that can help me gosh, damn it now. We just got ta use the control.

First of all, it could turn it can open the doors with the red button. You could open the doors open and close edit ways. Let’S take this boy for a test draw also. I don’t know why i talk like a black black man and i’m, also sorry that i’m and i’m. Also, sorry, if i be racist well, anyways being racist is not my business, so Applause, who almost did that so that table is the suit it’s, where the ceiling stuff of my mom is mommy of my mom is so yes, so this is the lambo jesus christ. I really don’t want to drop the camera, but right so all right, so the lambo can go 15 miles per hour. I mean kilometers per hour. The lambo can go 15 kilometers per hour. Thank you to everyone to say, bless you like and subscribe by the way. So, yes, i still have my trish christmas tree. This is my favorite sphere that i have i’ll say yes, i haven’t appeared in a long time right all right, that’s nobody’s. Also, it turns out lights when you go on and it’s also turbine from the back see those lights see those lights over here see the lights over at the front. That happens whenever you um go forward. That happens when you go forward, but when you go behind, then the red lights come anyways time for the time for the review of the other car Music, the bugatti all right, gosh, my fist hurts all right.

Anyways let’s use the bugatti. Also, yes, the bugatti’s insanely fast and insanely loud, probably because i overcharged it, but then nobody cares about that. Also! Yes, if you go forward lights, go on, hey, hey, no, hitting me and i think there’s lights behind you no lights behind. Also, yes, you can also turn off open the doors and finally, i’m gon na drift. Three two one jesus christ don’t hit the freaking tripod. Oh look that’s me in kindergarten. That’S me in kindergarten anyway, so let’s do this. Jesus christ have hit yourself i’ll, stop hitting the tripod that yes, i have started cursing about. Like probably like 10 months ago, Applause ow my ears hurt dammit, get out up there, get out of there all right here, i’ll help you all right, perfect! You got out there dammit.