Another entry level vehicle – and this is the redcat docono. So this is not you know. You’Ve got the volcano which, if you scroll down on our videos, you’ll, find our review of the volcano, the brushed volcano, a very good entry level truck. This is a step up from that truck. So if you’re looking for something where you want to come in a slightly higher price point than around 170 that the the volcano is, then the dacono comes in just over 200 and it’s fully ready to run it’s a really nice looking truck. It looks great he’s got these he’s got his great tires on it. These tires have got really monstrous amounts of grip on them. It’S got a nice looking body, it’s got a you know. Little mounts for lights here on the front. It has a wheelie bar on the back, which there’s a pro version of this truck as well and it’s our stock right now, the brushed one doesn’t really get it on enough to use this wheelie bar, but it’s very easy to upgrade this truck to brushless. If you wanted to in the future – but this is an entry level truck just over 200, it comes with the standard radio, the standard red cat fly sky type, rcr2ce radio, nice radio feels good in your hand, not cheap quality, it’s, a nice radio, so let’s take The let’s let’s take the body off this truck and have a look underneath and we can see here.

We’Ve got all brand new, so we’ve got here’s one of the upgrades that you can immediately see. This truck comes with an 8.4 volt hump pack, um so it’s. Putting more volts to to the to the motor which equivalent, which equates to more speed and we’ve, got the uh standard 550 brushed can motor from redcat. I think it’s about 17 turn, uh brushed, esc and we’ve got a six kilogram servo. So it’s a little bit. You know this is a little bit stronger servo than i think comes in the volcano and it’s all splash proof um, they say waterproof. I never say waterproof is splash proof, um and uh. It uh it it’s a nice truck one thing about this truck. If you look, if we get a side profile low down here, please we can see here that this truck was designed to have the chassis is high. You know it was made that way: it’s, not the flat pan chassis that you see on the volcano. The red cap volcano, it is made to go over slightly more rough terrain and i think that gives it a real nice. Looking stance, it looks good. Just sat on the shelf. Just kind of like me looks good sound the chef, so here we go we’re gon na put the body on it and we’re gon na take it for a little spin. I just charged the charge the battery on it. One more thing it has, which is uh which a nice upgrade is.

It has the threaded shock bodies they’re all black, but they’re all aluminum threaded shock bodies, that’s a nice that’s, a nice upgrade. The volcano comes with those also but they’re, not metal, bodied, they’re, plastic. Bodied and uh it uh it it all around it’s uh, it’s, it’s it’s, a great entry level, entry level truck, so let’s put the body back on it here. Turn the radio on we’ve got our radar gun here, i’m going to leave the sticker on it, because this truck still going to be for sale, we’ll sell this as a demo model and the body pins. You can get this body in different colors. It doesn’t come in any other color choices, but you can buy all the bodies that fit on it and there is another dicono body, that’s, actually green, that looks real good as well. Um, it takes any standard size, stampede, traxxas, stampede, size type of body. Uh will fit right on this truck, so you’re not limited to just this a little bit of a generic body, though i think it does look quite good. I think it looks a little bit nicer than the volcano body turn the radio on standard radio, just your steering trim, throttle, trim and steering dual rate. Dual rates turned all the way up right now. The little on off switch is just on the side here, easy to get to and just put it on the ground, so it’s not going to break any land.

Speed records it’s going to grow 20, probably about 20 miles an hour. So this is an entry level truck that is meant to be it’s meant to grow with you in the hobby, handle’s real good. The suspension moves nice drifts quite nicely: doesn’t, try and roll over in the corners so handling wise on this on the cement surface. Here, on the concrete surface, really good, no problem getting through the grass, so let’s do let’s do a little speed gun on it. Now we’ll go down the parking lot and uh we’ll come down. We’Ll do a speed run just hold as it gets towards you. I think we’re picking up a car on the street there. I don’t believe that we’ll do it one more time, let’s make sure there’s no cars on the street as we come back towards us, because otherwise we’ll pick up the cars on the street. What do we get so it was 23 as it was coming towards us. I saw 25 there 28.. Let it reset let this car go past don’t hold it all the time. Let go and reset it all right. Here we go. I still think we’re getting a little bit of a exaggerated speed there. Let me try one more time you want to take a shot brian, i think it’s, about 25. we’ll, wait till the car’s gone all right, we’re clear on the street now 27. That seems about right, we’re, getting about 25 27 miles an hour on this little truck, so it’s a great little truck we’ll.

Take it up we’ll pop it at the curb here, no problem getting up the curb around in the grass do that again, because it looks kind of cool, easy up. The curbs there handles really well, you hear them tires. Those tires are real good, they’re scrambling for grip. A lot of people buy these tyres to put on other trucks strong brakes. So if you’re looking for a truck that’s a little bit of a step up from a volcano, but you don’t want to drop four or five hundred dollars. Entry level truck, perhaps for um, a friend or for a kid or for a new adult. Just starting out with a truck that can grow with you as you as you develop in the hobby, you know it’s very easy to you know you can drop another 75 80 and put a brushless system straight into this truck it’s made to handle that brushless power. Like i say there is a pro version that is brushless that is unavailable right now, um, but that truck um will go 40 45 miles an hour and um it uh. The it’s got exactly the same drive train as this truck, so it um it can handle that uh that brushless power, if you want to go ahead and upgrade this truck in in the future. So, if you’re looking for that entry level truck at just a slightly higher level, maybe you want to think about a red cap.