So here we go let’s take a look. This is this. Is an unboxing just got him off the truck um, so here it is comes in this uh kind of cool, but don’t have any pictures of it on the outside box, with a picture of uh ferocious piranha on here kind of cheesy. But it is what it is, um lift this out, and so here is the piranha. What else do we get in the box? We get a piranha truck, we get a manual with we get four double a batteries, that’s kind of cool, so he’s totally ready to run um. We get the rear wing that i guess we need to install with these two body clips that are sticking around in here and we get in here. What i assume – and i hope is the radio anyways, how the hell are we going to control this car? Oh charger little wall charger and a radio with a turn ready on turn radio on first, okay, all right so you’ve got make sure you turn this on before you turn the car on well that’s, a rule for every rc vehicle. So there we go but the way this works is you turn this on and you turn the card on and i think the two are going to connect together. Yeah it’s, like a live, bind system it’s not permanently bound to this truck yeah. So if you turn this on turn this on these two connect, but if you turn this one on and your body turns on his car by mistake, this will bind to his car.

So just be careful with that. So let’s take a look at the vehicle it’s a 10th scale, quite a small 10th skill – and this is a rare for red car it’s. A rear wheel, drive vehicle, so the motor is mounted here on on the rear of the truck and just looking at it. I think there’s plenty space here to put in a bigger motor if you wanted a longer motor that has more torque to it and you can probably adjust the um the pinion gear in here, um we’ll, pull this plastic wrap off here. Take a look at the body, i mean it’s, typical kind of like budget level body, not too bad. It feels like it’s not going to crack or break. It has a little bit of flexibility to it and the rear wing it’s gon na go on here like that. Just sits right on there wiggle it on there and we’ll put on in a minute with the with the body pins. But before i put that on i’m, going to pull the body off good tip with these bodies is, if you line the inside with packing tape here, that’ll make them last a a lot longer part body, doesn’t have a protective film or anything on it. It’S already got the stickers applied to it, it’s a cool looking little body for a budget car. These are going out the door 120 bucks ready to run so then it’s kind of a very, very aggressive price point.

I guess these are going to compete with trucks. Other entry level trucks from other companies like ecx and traxxas – you know i know it’s not a buggy but it’s kind of comparable to a bandit or something like that. This is more of a tricky style. I’M going to cut this battery warning label off here. We’Ve got so. What do we got here? We’Ve got a 7.2 volt nickel metal hydride battery in here we’ve got uh a combined esc and receiver, so the unit is combined, it’s, not separate. So if you’re ever going to change this to a different power system, a brushless power system, then you’re going to have to install a different radio in here, because it is a combined unit. But i do see that it is lipo already there’s. This um esc is life already. You just got ta pull this little jumper and move it across there and it’ll have low voltage detection for your lipos. Um we’ve got no drive at the front. These just freewheel we’ve got adjustable turn buckles um on the front, suspension and the rear. You can see them here. So that’s, that’s kind of a nice touch we’ve got threaded shock bodies, so that is a that’s. A nice touch out of the box. You know – usually they just call me little spaces to stuff in there to adjust your spring tension, but this actually comes with adjustable threaded shocks. They’Re nylon, they’re, not aluminum, um, i’m.

Sure there’s going to be a whole line of hop ups coming up for this vehicle. In the next few weeks, um, what else do we have simple chassis, elongated, narrow chassis? On this truck? I mean it’s, very simple, but you know a budget entry level, it’s pretty cool. What do we have under here? We have a little. I reckon we can pull this off. I don’t know if this has got a slipper on it, yeah that just pops off it doesn’t have a slipper clutch it’s, just it’s just held solidly, so i don’t know why they have this little catch on here. We’Ll push that back on there um. Maybe it is something that they might come out in the future with where you can put a slipper clutch on here, but at this time it doesn’t have it um. So what we’re going to do, then, is we’ll. Um we’ll go and charge the battery and we’ll come right back and we’ll put this thing on the ground before it rains today and uh we’ll take a look at uh how it runs and how it performs so. We’Ll, be back in about 10 15 minutes, see you soon, hey drivers. This is andrew again. The wind’s picking up here we’ve got a storm coming in from the door, so we’re going to try and get this finished up. So we’ve got the lightning battery that we’re gon na put in the piranha now and see how fast it goes.

We got 25 miles per hour when we did it with the nickel hydride um. Just one thing i want to talk about is the servo in this car it’s only a 3kt servo. It doesn’t have to move very much just these front wheels, which are quite light, and it does have a servo saver on the servo horn. So there’s. Quite a neat little touch there um, so let’s let’s put the battery in here and uh. The light bulb actually slots right in. I did actually change the jumper over so it’s on lipo, but i don’t expect we’re going to run this battery flat and plug this. In here make sure the chuck’s off before i connect the battery up truck uses four millimeter hxt banana plugs, which is just fine for this application. Turn the radio on turn the car on and there we go it’s bound up so we’ll pop the body back on again it just slides on a little wiggle plug we’ll put in the body pins here. One two, three four, i don’t know what you think. I think this has kind of a camaro look to this body from the front kind of does but um between the camaro and like the mt8e body. You know but it’s much smaller, but we’ll put it on the ground. Now one thing i’m going to say is: you cannot use the supply charger to charge your lipo battery that’s. An absolute number do not use a nickel hydride charger on a lipo battery, so we’ll take the truck down the parking lot now and see what we got quite a bit quicker now on this uh fully charged lipo we’ve got 25 miles an hour, so we’ve got The radar going out here all right, we won’t – have it quite turned on we’ll.

Do one more run here, make sure there’s no cars coming here. We go definitely we’ll. Do the best of five runs. Uh we’re gon na wait for this truck to come otherwise we’re gon na pick up this truck just wait for these cars to come past we’ve got a white pickup truck there and a big semi coming down articulated lorry, as we call them in england. All that that right is gone, we’ll uh we’ll go again. 27 25 27 and 33 who’s laid out a little bit closer to us this time, 28. So again, average of about 30 miles an hour it’s, definitely faster, it’s, definitely more peppy, but it’s hitting full speed. Um quite quickly yeah, so i think it’s a little bit restriction from the gearing and the maximum, perhaps that the more can actually can actually rev up just the whole drive train. It reaches a terminal speed. I think. If you up the hook, you could up the gearing on the pinion a little bit. You could get this truck to go quite a bit quicker, it’s about five miles per hour and it definitely accelerates a lot faster here. Cool little truck we’ll run it on the grass now let’s see what we get there. We go. We got 30 that time on the way back, so no problem in the grass here, it’s actually quite fun, to drive on this uh on this scalp. It really, you know it grabs a little bit and hops a little bit so it’s very low center of gravity, so it tends to slide rather than try and roll over, which is a great trait for a beginner truck straight through the grass there.

This is going to be a great little truck. Splash proof gone through the water there now we’ve, one of those you see we’re as fast as the cars down the street and they’re going 30 miles an hour. Full speed, reverse brakes, work, good, it’s, a great little star truck, i mean for the price point 120 bucks. You can probably hop it up a little bit, get it going a little faster. It looks good and we’ll continue to run it and test it for durability, but so far, we’ve had absolutely no issues with it. Out of the box works exactly like it should, and if you’re looking for a truck for a birthday gift or for uh for a younger kid, like 8, 9, 10, 12 years old or even an adult just starting out and you don’t want to spend too much Money to test your test, the waters, if you’re going to like the hobby, then this might be a great uh, a great choice. It comes ready to run with everything that you need. Um it’s got some nice specifications to it and uh. I really like it. We’Ll see how it goes in the long term, but uh we’re happy with it so check us out on facebook check us out on instagram all third coast rc, please consider subscribing to our channel and uh. Thank you very much.