Welcome back it’s been kind of raining here for over a week and uh we’ve got a break in the rain and the sun’s out so we’re gon na take a look another truck that we’ve just finished building here run this a couple of times. This is the new um to me, a fire dragon, so this is um. This is a model that they brought out several years ago and then they re released it it’s, based on a japanese um cartoon. I think it’s radicand boy um, who races these in the japanese cartoon, so so it’s kind of cool. We got a little driver in there. We’Ve got this beautiful red body i’m, not going to go through the build or anything like that. This car comes as a kit there’s plenty other people, who’s got videos online. That show how to build these kits, but really to me kits, are some of the best out there. Their instructions are just awesome. All the parts are packaged like they should be. I have never really had a problem building a tamiya kit just follow the instructions and they go together. Real real, easy, so tamira great on that this. This is a pretty cool design um. It is a uh it’s, based on the original on the original one. I think came out in the 90s and uh and they just re released it. They didn’t really change anything much on it. Um, but we’ll talk about what we did.

What we installed in this truck and then we’ll show we’ll, show you it running um. The body is, um comes pre painted, so all you need to do is put the stickers on the driver does not come painted. So this one this this little guy has been painted. Uh inside here, it’s uh, the the kit comes with an esc and uh, but we didn’t use the tamiya esc uh. We used a different brushless system and i’ll. Tell you about that. I’Ll tell you about that. In a few minutes and it’s a it’s, a standard, temp scale vehicle, and these are not. These are different wheels of what it comes with. It comes with more kind of studded tires that um wear out quick. We mainly run on the asphalt here, so i didn’t want to use those so i bought these tires off uh. I bought them off on ebay and they work really really well really like these uh. These these wheels and tires um, so it’s a cooler looking little car. It might not be for everybody, but it uh. It performs real well, given that it’s based on a chassis. That is what 30 years old and it runs. It runs real good, so let’s take the body off there’s, just three pins hold the body on i’ve. Got them removed right now, we’ll pop it off. So what do we? What do we have here? What did we spec it with and what did we change everything you see the sharks, the front suspension, the rear suspension, that’s all stock.

What we did do is change the center drive shaft. The center drive shaft that comes with this vehicle is like a tiny, little piece of coat hanger and it really doesn’t work very well and it went out of shape pretty quick. So we ordered this one, which is the one for tt02 with the uh. With the end, with the out drives from the differential, it’s kind of a kind of an interesting design to have the drive shaft to one side, but it performs it performs really well on the side of the differential you have almost like. I was like kind of transfer case design on the edge of the differential here and and which, which provides the out drive to the to the drive shaft. We put the horizon hobby onix 4000 kv motor in here, 2, 3s and we’re actually running the truck on a 2s 2s battery there’s the onyx motor. It is the 4000 kv version. You can’t see that see that, on there it’s a great little power system that you can get for under 100 and uh for for for a 2 to 3s brush just it’s the one we always nearly always go with these days and we’ve got 2s lipo on Here the lipo is the oval shaped one. You can see it’s, actually an oval shaped lipo and you do need to get an oval shape, one a square one, a traditional square, lipo it’s not going to fit in this vehicle.

You need to get the oval shaped. One, so this is 7.4 volt 2s that we’re going to run this run this on. Today, the sharks are plastic, but they are oil filled and they they perform good. I put a little bit of padding on the body posts here to help protect the body, because the body’s, real nice and i don’t want to you, know occasional rollovers to have these punch through and damage the damage the body try and keep it good for. As long as possible, we just put a standard servo in here. I think it’s, like a 20 kg servo, nothing too fancy and we’re running a basic um basic um radio. This is the fly sky, radio, it’s, a basic fly sky, two channel radio system. So the truck it uh, it runs real good. It handles well on these tyres and what we’ll do is we’ll um, we’ll pop it on the ground now and uh. We’Ll show you how it runs. We’Ve got the radar gun here, it’s surprising. How well this truck handles? You know i’ve driven a lot of trucks over the year and this this little buggy runs really really good, given the fact that it’s, based on a chassis that is uh, 30 years old, just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s, no good, you know so here we Go body clips just go straight on there all pretty straightforward and easy. This one’s just a little bit more tricky to put on there there it goes um.

I forgot to plug the battery in so i’ll. Do that now and push it back inside the chassis there? We go even remember where the on off switch is it’s right here, radio on first so radio’s on power’s on it’s, really silent. This more you don’t even realize it’s on the fan. It’S super quiet, but there we go we’ve got uh. We’Ve got steering we’ve got power um, so let’s put it on the ground and see what we got i’m going to run coming down here and uh and see what we get so the body handle’s good. I almost popped a wheelie there. This is on 2s. Remember this 2s life or not 3s. What do we see there didn’t get it that time all right here we go. I wasn’t up to full speed there anyway, 40 miles an hour right. There that’s good on a two ways: that’s a little that’s a fast for a tamiya. I can’t get quite up to full speed because of the water down here. What do we get there? 41.. So that’s great, i mean it’s doing over 40 miles an hour on a 2s lipo. We did put the biggest pinion in here that you can fit it. Doesn’T have a truly adjustable mount. You have to rotate the mount you get. You just pick a different pinion size depending on it’s, like a little cam system that the motor mounts to, and that gives you uh the different pinion size.

We use the biggest one you can put in there. I can’t remember what it is. I think it might be like a 19 or something, but the boogie handles real good. These tires really work well, providing good traction down the straight so it’s, just giving it off in the corner that the bucket doesn’t roll over i’d highly recommend them i’ll. Put a link to them in the description below. I just got it off: ebay, oh here’s! A car coming out we’ll get out the way this car handles good i’d. Highly recommend it. If you want to book it, it handles good, runs good, not too expensive, and also you know, has that kind of vintage style to it. If you’re looking for that retro vintage style, then this this. This is a great great choice, because, if you’re a tamiya fan to me, i always do vehicles or a little bit. You know they often do vehicles a little bit different let’s say that and a lot of people like it most of their stuff is kits. This is a kit you are going to have to build it, but if you want one of these we’ll build it for you. If you want to come into our shop, we can build one with this power setup and everything like that in it it’s – probably going to run about 300, just over 300 300 350 dollars. You can’t really like this running, but it runs real good.

The pop wheelies, you see they’re just cut to really 40 miles an hour plus 40 to 45 miles an hour a little wheelie as it came off that ramp there. I really like this it’s a lot of fun since we built it i’ve driven it a lot. Just here in the parking lot i’ve had the ramps out, jumped it a few times when i was jumping it is when i did break that uh well, i did bend. It went out of shape that coat. Hanger drive shaft that it comes with and it was all vibrating and it was. You know that thing’s got to go apart from that, we haven’t changed anything else in this uh in this vehicle. It does have bearings as bearings throughout. We build it with bearings. Whenever i build it to me a kit, we don’t use the stock bushings, we just order a bearing set for it and we build it completely with bearings, so great great fun, little buggy super cool. You know i could almost take this to the drag strip and i think you’d do pretty good because it takes off like a scalded cat, so you know how to think about. It looks cool like the red wheels on it. You know, as you can tell i’m kind of quite infused about tamir products, and i really like this one. So, if you’re thinking about something different that still performs then maybe think about a tamiya fire dragon and thank you for watching.