Today, we’re going to do a little review on a car that we go in as a trade um. This is the traxxas 16, so it’s, the 16th scale version of the traxxas slash we’re, going to run it we’re going to take a look at it, we’re going to tell you some of the features about it, whether we like it or not. So it comes it’s. Four wheel: drive it’s a four wheel, drive vehicle um because of this cool body. I think it comes in a more black version as well, and this is uh just looks exactly like a a mini slash to be honest. It’S got the same kind of wheels on here with the red um fake, bead locks here, um, strong, bumpers front and rear to protect the vehicle. So the body shell looks, looks real cool, it looks, cool comes with a basic tq top qualifier radio. I don’t, like these radios, they’re kind of cheap and flimsy. They always feel like if you drop them that they’ll break, but it is what it is it’s a butchered car these sell for about. They sell new for about 180, with a nickel metal hydride battery, so let’s pop the body off here and see what we’ve got the body clip here gives you, the body clip to get that body clip out. So this uh, this one’s got a different speed controller in it, but you know it works just the same and we’re running it on a nickel metal.

This is another i think we’ve got a lipo battery in here. Let me check. We actually got a little lipo battery in here, so it’s going to have a little bit stronger performance than it does with the nickel metal hydride that the stock vehicle comes with um, so kind of the strange thing about this truck. What they did is they used a full sized kind of 10 scale brushed motor on here, they’re using the titan 12 and it’s mounted way up high on the chassis, and this is the heaviest part of the whole truck amount so high. I think that’s going to cause a little bit of problem with the cg on this truck um, but uh. Apart from that, it uses a standard, traxxas 2080 little mini servo, not a micro but like a mini um, and these servos are not the best. We see a lot of trucks coming here that have stripped or broken these servos and they’ve gone out. This one’s actually brand new in here, because we had to replace it uh when we took this one on as a trade because it was gone. So i don’t particularly like these servos. I would go with an aftermarket one if it was my truck, because these are not good um, we got a regular esc on here, normally would come with a traxxas esc. It’S got ability to put another battery in here um. I guess that is if you want to uh, perhaps have another battery loaded in here that you can just switch to and keep keep running.

The tires are fairly grippy but um. You know they seem to last a long time. These are the original tyres on this truck. They’Ve never been changed, so they last quite a long time and we got space for another servo in here we have the space to add another servo. If you want to double up on your steering torque, you can add another servo in here. Maybe that would actually help. If you had two of these, you only put half as much strain on them. That may help protect this, so so it doesn’t break, but they don’t come with that stock. It’S. Just something you can. You can add in there the drive shafts at the standard, traxxas plastic drive, shafts it’s got uh turn buckles on here, fake turnbuckles, because they’re not adjustable, so you can’t really adjust the uh towing. I think you can get hop ups for all of this but stock. It comes with these plastic um, towing, adjusters and um camber adjusters and they’re just fixed yeah, you can’t, there’s, no adjustability to them, lay down shocks, front and rear that that system works pretty. Well. I quite like that that is a that’s. A nice touch on there to have those lay down shocks on there and um yeah it’s uh it’s a good vehicle. The only thing i don’t like – why did i put this full size motor on the top here, um it’s, just gon na it makes it feel.

I can all feel it here that it’s really top heavy this vehicle, so let’s get. It turned on turn on the lg radio turn on the car. So we are all turned on here and let’s see. One thing i don’t like about these radios is: they don’t? Have an adjustment for the throttle trim and this trunk is just trying to creep a tiny little bit, and i can’t stop it doing that, because there is no adjustment on the radio for the front trim. Put the little pieces back on here. We’Ve got the radar gun here so we’re going to see how fast this goes and it’s in it’s near stock configuration. Remember, we’ve got a lipo battery in here, so it’s a little bit lighter with probably a little bit more punch than stock with the uh. So let’s let’s get it on the ground here so i’m, just gon na show you all right. I’M gon na take this and that’s what it does. Yeah. With this high center of gravity, you really have to slow down for the corners. The tires are quite grippy, but you just have to slow down. Now we are running on asphalt, which is a high grip on concrete here, it’s, a high grip surface. So if it was on dirt, i think it’d slide a little bit more. But right now running on this surface, with this high cg, we do have to slow down and um quite significantly for the corners stop it rolling over.

If i try and go into a corner too fast, it just does that straight away, see how fast it goes. Okay, i really don’t know why they did it with this big mower, because they could have used a smaller size motor like a ‘0 or something, and he would have got a similar performance. I think it’s just uh, just maybe they had a bunch of those walls. Left lying around in the factory and they needed something to deal with 19 miles an hour. So you know, maybe it could push a big opinion to get more speed. That is probably the case, because i doubt this was going to even get warm 18 miles an hour, so it’s, not a bullet. I mean for a 16th skirt there. I didn’t want to do the walk of shame down the parking lot. 20.. So three runs there with an average of 19., so i mean the car’s cool and everything it’s pretty tough. Apart from the servo it’s well built it’s, not bad value for money. It looks cool there’s. No doubt about that. It looks great. You could probably tweak the suspension a little bit to help it with with the rollovers in the corners, but it’s only doing 20 miles an hour there down the parking lot with this big ass mower in there. The more weighs a ton for this little car and uh we’ve got other cars, there’s 16 scale that use a smaller motor and those do over 20 miles an hour straight out of the box on a brush system, using that big motor mounted high up, like that, I think it’s a bit of a design feeling in this truck, but um.

You know if you want a traxxas truck 16th skill to run in your backyard, build a little course in your backyard, where you don’t need quite as much space as if you’re doing it.