I mean we’re, just gon na review it and review some of these other sd cards. This one is the epoch air. It goes around thirty dollars and it’s, pretty nice it’s small, but it’s nice. This one is seventy dollars, it’s six wheel drive, it has a nice um back and it has a good suspension, comes with a spare tire, the doors open. The mirrors flip out and this gate comes down and all that this is the deer, the deer sea or whatever it’s called it’s a sandy land yeah there. It is erc it’s, a sandyland it’s. Eighty dollars, it’s really speedy, it’s real nice. This one is the best gar truck. It runs around 100 to 130 dollars. When i got it, i played with it for a while, and then this side suspension broke and um the wire snapped. So i had to fix that and first let’s just review this thing. All right what you doing all right – oh it looks like it bottomed out. Oh it’s, going steer. I should go i’ll, give it a little boost uh, all right. We brought it to a new location we’re turning it on over. There there’s real tall grass so go over to the tall grass isaac and test how it does yeah it’s. Just it just doesn’t have enough weight to catch a grip, Music. Andy. There we go. It catches grip and then it just stops. Go! Oh there we go um.

I say if you want to go in tall grass. Put something here: stop stop for a minute. Stop yeah just put some weight in the back so that it’ll have more grip because it’s, just not catching grip down here, yeah see it’s, just not touching here. Driving the dirt okay let’s go over here into these, and this thing was seventy dollars off amazon it’s. A ghoul rc fadey, six six wheel, drive army truck there’s, many of them that look like it. Oh, i think it’s it’s got a twig, oh got a twig caught up in there. Oh hold on one second Music. In a minute here. We’Ll show you our really fast one here all right, it’s, seventy dollars, so i mean you get what you get for seventy dollars. I think it’s 100 worth the price. If you guys want an extreme off roader, you might want to get a little bit more expensive. One like i said, but you know it’s definitely cool, and it also has this thing right here, so you can on trailers all right, yeah the hitch in the back isn’t too strong go down. The hill isaac go down the hill slowly. Okay, this one is the 100 dollar bezgar rc car video casey and keep the video on come closer key. So uh, oh, you are oh it’s all right, this thing’s off road like a beast. It can go through literally almost anything um. I got it off.

Amazon accompanies vesgar, it is water resistant, oh it’s, stuck no it’s, not it’s a beast. We’Re good we’re good happened to me last night. It can go over anything the speed and power. This thing has is just unbelievable and yeah. It was in the wintertime and, if you’re driving this car in the winter time, the plastic is a little bit less strong, so it’s cracked, when it gets, crashed all right. Let’S, try going up um Music down, she goes ramped it going backwards, told you this thing was a beast. I came here to this loose dirt, pile well, not like pie, but um as we’re setting up the next rc car. I found our kitty he’s roll she’s rolling around in the dirt, hey buddy, okay, with this next rc car we’re going to try to go over this tire track. I mean it’s pretty difficult, so it has lots of gaps and stuff like those so it’s going to be tough but let’s, see if you can do it, go alright, here’s our next one, oh yeah, so that one’s a little bit bigger than this one. This one’s eighty dollars around there on amazon, so isaac climb up the gravel batteries yeah the batteries all right go. This thing is just a little bit slower than the last car. We just did it yeah we did yeah. We did. We raced them on the driveway. Oh no, we didn’t because your batteries were dead, do some donuts.

Oh it flipped and it happens. Try doing some donuts. This thing doesn’t have a completely full battery, but look it can still rip donuts dude man it’s a beast yeah it’s on dirt, all right guys and again this thing’s speedy as heck. So this is another really good, rc car that i think you guys should buy the deer. Rc yeah d, e e r c sandyland car go, go drive it good driving so far away. Then the camera can’t see another thing, sorry about the wind guy. Is it the windy day, probably not the best day to film this, but it’s the only good day we have that we’re, not busy all right, let’s see what this thing does in some tall grass, oh go through it easily easily. Oh, it got stuck back up back up out of there here, let’s give it a boost from here. Oh flipped, and this thing can also go through tall grass easily. It goes right through it back up hello, i’m, stuck on a stick bottomed out. Try going up the hill isaac uh this thing can’t quite make it up the hill just because it bottoms out it’s not as big as the best guard but it’s, pretty close. Oh, oh, so damn close, it’s it’s, definitely a climber, but i got stuck on a stick there look at that beast though it did climb risky business. Oh look at that couldn’t quite go under the stick.

There we go boom, whoa i’m gon na throw some leaves on it. Come here boy. Ah, oh i missed ah trying to throw leaves at it. Yeah you’re too fast for me, there’s our kitty again hi kitty, all right let’s go drive it on the track. All right we’re here at the track, guys it’s not much of a track, but we put it together in like five minutes, so drive around oh it’s already stuck here. I’Ll set it on the sticks. Oh oh sticky, situation ha ha, sticky situation get it. Oh. I don’t know how you’re really supposed to do it just like drive around go on there. You know. Oh, he made it now. He’S got ta figure how to turn. Oh man down try just driving around in the ring. Oh, oh, oh man down here.