Okay, guys we’re back at ark, it’s been a while lockdown is all coming to an end, glad to be back here. The boys are here and jack. Yeah he’s got his new car here: we’re, not really a new car. What is it then upgraded car, so we’ll get over to that in a minute. Remember if you like what we’re doing please remember to subscribe, everyone and everybody, everyone and everybody, okay, guys. So what cars we’ve got here today, we’ve got obviously callum’s italian been repaired after paddlesworth. So you want to see that video check out above put a link above his max, also been repaired. Now, with some nice shiny new arms because callum abused, those at paddlesworth didn’t, you Applause, blue arms, colour body matching got my exp and then this is jack’s, upgraded, creharvey, exb! So now i’ve got the m2c chassis on it. A bit on the back here and we’re. Going to see how that goes around the track, looking forward to it Music, Music me, Music, let’s have a little race for the italian jacks grave exp. You ready boys yeah, you sure yeah remarks get set. Go! Oh callum callum’s gone straight up the rear of jack. I think callum has suddenly lost the ability to drive. I stand on his brakes today. There’S a there’s, a corner. Any marks get set, go jacks out the game so round one. I think we’ll go to the italian round, one to italian bananarama.

Any marks get set. Go oh jack’s, taking on the inside could call him come back. Oh nice jumping nice jumping from both of them. Oh, i think jack jack’s going to nail this one yeah callum’s columns, crashed this one: convincing wind to jack a convincing wing so there’s one all now. Yep yeah: are you ready yeah you want it set go. I follow the italians off to a blinding start and the experience whipped up the inside, though i know, it’s going well it’s, neck and neck at the moment. You can get over here quickly. Oh around the corner – oh no, oh god, jax lost it on the straight, so that’s a that’s, a win for the italian. I think jack was just trying a little bit too hard on the straight there. Are you trying too hard got some stacking and racking going on here, what’s the scores on the doors at the moment, two to the italian and one to the great uh, the cajave exp, so decider on your marks? It’S set go we’re coming around jack’s in the lead, oh callum’s, trying to take him. Oh, oh, no jack’s hit the tires that’s it we’re gon na figure. I think the italian’s gon na we’re gon na be 3 1. Unless this italian crashes, oh he’s, trying his hardest and now that is a 3 1, but is that not fair? How is it not fair italians owning time to hit the arc pit? Stop that’s Music time is half past 12.

not yet got that grade. We’Ve done as well, because we did bend the um tower, brace at paddlesworth it’s a little carbon fiber sleeve for that i’ll put a link below where you can get this from from ebay fits on there perfectly lunchtime. Oh look at that holy. He didn’t want any Applause. My chips, yummy yummy, yummy, yummy, nice little creighton 8s exp. Here they do look good chunky old tires as well beefy. My love is um he’s, the return knuckles very beeping, beefy turnbuckles yeah banana chassis does look good, though calum’s got his food. Now, nice, nice chips, let’s have one you’re eating mine Applause: oh yummy, yummy, Music, exp, oh that’s, nasty, oh it’s, a bit of a real landing. It got up there, though i a think we’re all rear landing, jack, m2c’s, solid boat hinge, pins, look good! Everything looks good ready for some more comes jack again with the half axb it’s getting up there’s batteries come on down yeah. I have to put some blue tack on it or something he’s gone right out there – Music, oh Laughter, that was good. Oh that’s up there. Oh nicely landed, though little chassis slap jumping. Well. Unfortunately, whilst i was uh trying to fix callum’s max jack, jumped the car and had a particularly bad landing, which, unfortunately, we didn’t get on film, you can see he’s sheared, the bolt for the rear, chassis, brace and it looks like he’s damaged the m2c chassis up Front for the front, chassis brace we’ll have a little look inside the inside damaged ports, not too bad.

I said we’ve, uh Applause, chassis, brace back front one. I think it’s just pulled off apart from that that’s okay, so it was a really heavy landing. Motorman moved as well yep because that was sat down that was sat down flush before not to squeeze that in so he has twisted the pps motor mount as well. You can see that the pinion’s off okay, guys so damage report yeah for harvey, is quite damaged. Jack’S a little bit sad, the main thing is that pps motorman, whether we’ve been that might know until we get off okay guys if you want to see more of the crew harvey. Please remember to subscribe to the live turn on the notifications, comment down below and share to everyone.