So this is the the car engine sound system from gt power. Highly appreciated that gt power sent me this for making a review and uh. I just want to show it on a smaller car, so for sure we can put it in a bigger car or a 110 scale drift car thats normal guys. So i will show you its really tiny foot size for, for what can do and we put it in a small 118 scale car this rig here guys. So this will be a blast. Super easy super fast. I will show you so guys lets check out our system, its really super easy system, as you can see so heres, our post poly jst plug receiver cable. Here i adapt this so super cool from gt power. Put this in that you can power it up from your normal lipo and it puts in power to the jst plug, or you can power it directly. If you have jst super cool and heres the servo splitter guys well super easy put in one you cant. Do it wrong? It only fits on one side so like this now, let me show you its our receiver, guys so for sure, take the ec plug and not the servo plug, so that one here connect them both together, as you can see, put it in back thats. It guys. So just power up the whole system, and i give you the sound check so hope you can hear this guys.

Its super fun Music number, two thats, totally cool guys. So when you dont make anything to your transmitter, the car goes off every few seconds.