It drives around like really cool uh i’ve, put on a bit of a bigger screen for you guys right, ready, skye. My dad’s controlling the car three two one go: my dad’s controlling the car it’s a bit it’s a bit out of control, but uh yeah it’s meant to be i’ve cycled up here and i’m gon na try running after it guys let’s go wow but yeah guys. So yeah we had a refund i’ve got my bike here boys. I might take a little trip with it. After we recorded the rc car, which is pretty cool. Now the rc cars a little bit thingy of mine, because the case is a little bit broken but um we will get due to getting. We got a red case or something just so it’s better but yeah. How do we ask him? Do you want to have a rice ready is yeah, it is so sick. Why wouldn’t you allow it because if he asks not yours, what if he asked me, oh we’ve got white lights around the magazine, yeah and we don’t ever ride them. So what if he asks me it’s? Yes, i want to get over here. Well, i don’t i don’t, stop strangers and happen. Do i can i go? Ask him all right guys, i’m gon na go. Ask something over here. Excuse me: would you like to race that little rc car, you sure, Music? Ah, oh and this horizon yes said he’s out to win Music, so we’re coming over in a sec but huge don’t scare, the dog uh yeah, guys i’m gon na recall the race uh guys now well.

He said he was gon na come over, but i don’t know: do you think he? I even said you would lose uh. He will come over in a second guys short videos on youtube. No, you can do it, however long you want all right. It’S my channel it’s going to take ages to upload it though people get bored about videos. Well, people don’t get more than my videos. Do. Y’All whoa i’ll tell you what tell them to like the page and subscribe? No! No! Like can you wait here yeah? Oh, i know right so yeah guys i’m, just doing this little video of this really nice place over here. Uh anyway, just doing a cool are watching if you can’t subscribe and don’t, but if you can, then please may you because the thing says: kids can’t, but guys if there’s one thing i can ask you is that? Can you like the video and you know just push notifications it’s, not one? I might not upload every day, and so, if i would it wouldn’t, be this many videos it’s just because i’m new i’m excited i’m on the site. Now i’m gon na go back to my dad um. I hope you guys are popping all okay, and hopefully i don’t know if i will, but i might see you guys soon now, i’m gon na do a little lap.