Man I’ve got another one of these kyosho Menzies this time, it’s a rear wheel drive. So this is the Kyosho mini z, RW RW d, lord, so yeah this thing’s pretty awesome I’m liking. It quite a bit that’s why I got a track, actually got a lap counter now as well, but let’s kind of go over what comes in the box here so radio again, this is the same radio I’ve been showing you guys. Anyhow, it is nice and I did I’ll put a link or whatever, so you guys can take it out of training mode. If you desire, you want go faster, but here you go little foam grip, that’s on the wheel, you get the steering, trim right there. You get channel 4, just four LEDs. I don’t know if it’s for anything else to be honest with you steering trim up at the very top there, so if it pulls left or right and then you do have your throttle trim just in case it starts to kind of roll on you by itself. You can kind of back it down a little bit too and there’s your little on and off switch there. And then you just have your four triple a batteries at the bottom recommendation for the car, because now that I’ve had the front wheel, drive, mini Z and I’ve been using these speed house mini Z, rechargeable batteries, I will recommend them actually got really long life out Of them, just on one charge, the charger I use was just a little energizer charger and it just you know, trickle charges, everything and it worked pretty.

Well, I got hours of runtime on on it’s what they call just a training mode. So again, let’s go over what comes in this box and how let me go what to show you what’s on the box anyhow, so features this little circuit board that’s in there that’s been newly designed, apparently on that one, a little suspension that’s on it LEDs. Ok, I have to going over this LED thing because I’m, not really hundred percent sure they keep showing this stuff and then the bodies that I’m getting don’t take LEDs. I know the Corvette does. I think it might even come with it, but as far as this car does not except LEDs on it, it does come with. You can sorry it doesn’t come with it, but it’s compatible with the gyro as well, and you get full ball bearings in it. If you flip it over it’s, going to be just the content I’m going to show you that’s already out of the box anyway, which chassis the radio you do get the wheel, wrench pinion gear, pinion gears also as far as a spare wheel, nuts and the see Ring and then you get some cones and stuff like that too. Now on the backside, it’s gon na tell you about the training mode. All also so right around in the air will say: training mode. Then you do have optional hop up parts as well. You want to customize it. I haven’t done any of that kind of stuff, as of yet because I’m still learning all this stuff anyway, so here’s the cones that do come in the box and little tools and things this one is, if I’m not mistaken.

Looking at the instructions, just gon na right now, we’re gon na look at the bottom of this thing. You see that W that’s right there, so it says W so wide means that it’s put these wheels out wide is what I’m gathering and then here this has that stamped on it as well. It’Ll, say in you know, like you, can’t really see it. They’Re kinda it’s down at the bottom right around there anyway it’s for narrow. If you look at the instructions too, which I definitely recommend you guys do you know it talks about it, a little bit more towards the the back of the book, but just give that a read up anyhow there’s, some other information here, just pulling it out of The box obviously they’re giving instructions on how to pull it out, but you got that far. You probably already pulled out the box anyhow, but as far as taking off the body to show you how to do that as well. Putting your batteries all that good stuff! There and the flip side of it as far as how you run it, and then they give you all the great information in here as well. So let’s get this thing body off of here. Take a look at what the chassis looks like. Let me show you how it is underneath it, as you can see here, there’s. No, like light buckets, let me go ahead and show you this way flip it around here.

You don’t see any spots where you can put LEDs in usually like right in there. So nothing and then nothing on the front too. So, unfortunately, you can’t put any LEDs in this unless you’d really customize it put them in there but cool. I even like the little antenna that’s there it’s pretty awesome nice little wing that’s on there, even the tow hook. If you look look closely right there that little red little thing, that’s, pretty cool, alright, now let’s get into the chassis itself. So when I compress the suspension it’s a little bit stiff and it binds a little bit like it, doesn’t compress like I would like it to so. What I did with my other one is. I went ahead and just put like a little bit of grease onto the shafts that are there and then just allowed it to kind of the suspension to work a little bit nicer, it’s gon na collect a little bit dirt and stuff like that. You just have to kind of clean it up, but that something you can try. Maybe you guys can leave some recommendations as well, so yeah it’s gon na take the little cover off right there and then you can put your two doublea’s on this side. I’M. Sorry, a triple ace it’s meant to see I’m so used to again and you’re just gon na pull this one off as well. It just has like a little tab there you just right there.

You can just pull it up and it’ll come off and then why you can put the other two triple A batteries in there and you can see the as far as like the little suspension on it. Two little shock that’s on there and then also on the rear of it turn it see where it’s kind of kind of rotating as well. Now. As far as this differential goes, I don’t believe there’s any grease in it or anything like that had very just kind of runs really smooth. I don’t know how much grease you’d want to stick in there and my keep the purpose of that how its gon na handle too but let’s go ahead and just get this thing running a little bit kind of give you my thoughts as far as running up Since I had a front wheel, drive one will see how better or different this rear wheel drive handles are on this thing in training mode. First of all, so we can see how fast or slow this thing goes and then I’ll take it out and we’ll see how much of throat, oh, I can give to it without it getting out of out of control all right training mode, full throttle. Anyhow, already banged into the corner that’s great, but I do have my finger all the way down on the throttle. So I just wanted to kind of see how it kind of run at full throttle on training mode.

That’S pretty well, and you definitely have to go out pretty wide when you come off of that straightaway, all right so that’s that’s cool. We got that good, put it into Ludacris mode, Oh, give it. The old full squeeze with the power turned off and then turn it back on and then just release the throttle, pitched all right. So now we are in out of training mode, so let’s give it just a full rip here, so definitely quicker and the back end. Definitely wants a kick out on me, so I’ll spin it around when I come around the straightaway spin. It right here so yeah definitely has more power baby and it definitely doesn’t have a lot of traction in the rear. Like the front wheel, drive car it’s. Definitely forgiving, but when it comes to rear wheel, drive you’re gon na have to be on the farlow control on that one. You got a throttle management loose, so training mode might be the best right now for the track. Until I can figure out a better tire compound, maybe some of you guys might know what’s a better tire compound for the track.