You need both both sides of the remote to go forward or backward use. One side, Music, guys, look what we got in the mail today. I don’t know what it is, but let’s just guess and open it let’s see what we got: yeah Music. This is an rc car and it says stun car stunt car yeah. This is really cool. Is it like a doctor right there yeah, but it’s cool for girls too, though yeah i’m a boy, so i can play with it. This is a remote control off road, sun car it’s, really cool. They spin in circles really fast yeah. They go over any kind of terrain, any kind of roads, it’s gon na, be pretty neat yeah we’re gon na put it again and see how we like it see how it goes: okay, time to open the rc car guys. Oh my gosh, where to put it together, everybody, but then once we get together, we will show you how good it’s working i’m excited and guys look at the remote control, it’s, so cool and they spin like 360., like 360. they’re gon na drive up on any Kind of rocks or anything these are really cool, even a mountain, because we watch a video of that. It went over a mountain and it did not break so we’re gon na see how good this thing is. It looks really neat, though i thought you ordered red that’s orange yeah. We got orange, so i thought i got red too, but it’s orange it’s, okay, yeah at least i’m, not a boy, but i like that i’m, not a kid, but i like that too it’s pretty neat.

You made me play that when you’re a kid they weren’t, quite this Music, okay, everybody all you do – is take this top piece off right here, a little screw yeah. I should take your and include, is a little screwdriver look, how small that is it’s! So cute! You take the screw out and you just pop in the recharge battery and their connection right here. You do have two batteries: Music, they’re rechargeable batteries. They take three to four hours of recharge, so i would recommend keeping one plugged in usb port it’ll snap into place. Just like this, just like that, you just charge it in the usb port and put it on yeah, so you run you play with one at a time: Music, negative pop it into place Music like that switch Music, the red lights turn off right. There turn on right there. These are pretty self explanatory. Just put the batteries in there positive positive negative to negative two battery to triple double a battery for the controller that’s, so cool right guys, it is pretty cool. Let’S get this back on it. Just snaps into place, put the screw in there back together and hold. Let brennan test it out, see how it works in the garage. We’Ll. Try right here on the real, quick, okay that’s! Nothing like that! Let us put the cover back on screw this back together. I would recommend not losing the screwdriver i’ve, never seen one, this small Music, so we’re going to test it out, put on the floor brand anyone’s right, yes, i’m, so excited we’re, not sure how to use it yet, but we’re going to try go ahead.

Music turn! Music that’s pretty neat right over Music yeah. That was awesome, ah it’s, getting fine, you can climb yeah. I think combo rock and climb over little hills and everything it’s pretty neat. Now my dress little cute robot yay, oh whoa, that was cool, okay, Music, the world. Let it climb on me Music, it’s, like a robot that is so cool Music. Okay, here you go. Okay, i’ll put it right in the middle first, three two one go: hmm Music; yes, the remote’s really easy use both both sides of the remote to go forward or backward use. One side just put it all right, spin start three. Two one go next up. I need to go how’d you do that. Oh look, one down and one up. Oh no one down one of those that’s, so Music cool Music. Great, so you have lots of fun brianna. Yes, these cars are so cool. The wheels on these cars are very soft. So, even in the house around the furniture you won’t hurt anything, so these are really fun. The batteries will last about three hours. We’Ve just found out so keep one charge at all times that we can keep playing with it all the time. There’S lots of cool tricks. You got ta practice with it, you go, do front wards and then backward go flip it and so fast it’s. So cool it’s really neat you can play with in the grass and the gravel on rocks.

You can play within the grass. If it’s not wet, yes, you don’t want to get away because it is batteries and stuff so keep it dry, but it will uh it’s, so neat it’s, so cool though so we had lots of fun. So i would um recommend y’all buying this. For your kids. You know granny’s a girl, but she enjoys it too, so girls and boys alone both will like it so bye guys.