Uh one is to five scale, which is like a real large size, uh rcc. They are very expensive. Um and the periphery airplanes mid range armature to professional cooler, basically, of course, it’s a sort of like a raising rc racing, but when the full professional grade so either somewhere around 100, it will still break and 15 kilometers when it’s a safer thing for kids and Average price range hundred dollars landing about tonight. You can easily find rc’s, which stops around 50 kilometers, 60 kilometers, but a fun fact on the top most speed kilometers per hour and um. I think uh either a max speed. One though, if i put the red chip in probably it goes around like three two: seventy two eighty two ninety bone underground and we need to check it anyway, uh so another one there they are not you know, they’re touched they might actually kill themselves. You know either it goes very fast, so another you have to be careful, it’s, not a toy uh anyway. So number one unboxing program back axle core suspension, profile and uh, which is okay in a less this moving parts on the list, the breakages, so you’re. Learning about individual suspensions suspension, either suspension and um so which is good like if you know how to manage. Now, though, it is easy and then the dust proof guys again another thing so in the our seas either when the waterproof checkpoint is foreign, but the body it doesn’t do anything and um either when the two will drive with them so rear wheels.

Now on the power, so power trainer, so rear wheel, drive with them so front wheels when it’s basic up on the either the directions and two wheel versus four wheel. When the difference in every now the two wheels when the it’s faster and um four wheel drive in the control room, easy, so four wheel drive is much easier to control for two wheel is much faster and um trick scenario and another thing is uh: four wheel Drive is nothing nothing moving parts so another one. The breakage is required, so it becomes expensive so and muka was in the r in the in the mirror. Rc is learning a particular. Now the render option broke one with the rtr version non rtr version, so rtr under the ready to run so it’s ready to run symbols somewhere around 30 to 40 dollars per hour, it’s a pretty decent job, it’s, a very big area – and there are two types Of batteries, one on the nickel metal uh hybrid batteries, which is the cheapest one and you don’t, know the alkaline batteries vacuum cleaner, rabindra or concept popular on there and the liquor batteries and brushless motors, which is really good and 15 kilometers per hour. One day it is, it is decent power, though, and that is called nitro, so nitrogen. Now we show up right now, it’s expensive, to manage and uh fuel one thing, but then again whether they use uh brushless motors, uh and uh.

So, even though nice drying drone footage support on them, so Music and yeah, so that’s all the different versions uh.