It’S model number 124019 it’s an off road buggy we’re, going to pull it out of the box, check all the contents out and see what you’re going to need in order to operate this buggy. I heard a lot of good reviews on the internet about this car. So people are saying if you’re getting into the hobby and you don’t want to spend a lot of money or you’re looking for a really nice gift, that’s an rc car. They are recommending this car here. So i want to see if all the reviews are true. We’Re going to pull it out of the box, we’re gon na test it on the off road track, let’s get started, so i always tell you guys. Take a look around the box, see what you’re gon na need before buying anything. That way, you know what you’re getting yourself into. If we take a look at the front of the box, we can see it’s got a buggy and a truck. We did get the buggy so hopefully that’s what’s inside rtr that stands for ready to run. Four wheel. Drive 2.4 gigahertz radio it’s got a motor and it’s electric on the side. Here it says battery operated well, we know that, but hopefully there’s a lipo inside or a nickel metal hydride, and it says that you will need four double a batteries for your radio. On the side of the box, it does show a picture of an off road truck and it shows a picture of an off road buggy.

We have a check mark in front of the buggy that’s, the one two four zero one, nine i looked around the box and doesn’t tell you whether a charger and a battery is included with the buggy, but on the back of the box it does show you How to plug in the usb charger and the lipo battery, so hopefully that’s all inside got the owner’s manual. It does come with. The usb charger has some cardboard packing material alongside the car, and it looks like our buggy comes fully assembled and it looks pretty good too. We have another box here, and that has our transmitter inside has a nice instruction manual and inside. It also tells you about the different controls on the transmitter and how to operate the new car. The back of the booklet, has an exploded parts view next, we’ll take a closer look at the 2.4 gigahertz m2r racing transmitter at the bottom of the transmitter. You’Ll see a door that slides over and you will need to install four double a batteries that is not provided with the car install the batteries slide the door back into place. On the top left hand side you will see an on off switch flipping that switch up will turn the transmitter on you’ll see a blinking led, always turn your transmitter on before your car and then, if you happen to move the steering wheel or the throttle, you’ll See that led going to a solid red and that’s just fine right next to the on off switch, you will see a button that says mode.

I pressed this button several times. Nothing seems to happen. I even turned the switch off and held down on the button and turned the switch on. Nothing seems to happen so i’m, not sure what that button is used for. I can’t find any information on it in the booklet. Maybe it’s used for a different car. This transmitter, i’m sure is used for several different cars, so this button may not be used on this type of car. Then you have your steering wheel, steering the wheel to the right. We’Ll turn the car to the right. Steering it to the left will turn the car to the left. Just underneath that you have your throttle trigger, pulling the trigger all the way to the handle move. The car forward at full speed, pushing the trigger forward, will put on the brake pushing it forward again. Will move the car in reverse just to the right of the steering wheel, there’s two trim knobs top trim knobs your steering trim, knob with your hand off the steering wheel. You can give the throttle just a little bit of throttle and if the car veers to the left or to the right, you can adjust this knob to get the car to go straight just below that is your throttle dual rate knob. So if you turn that knob all the way to the right, if you give the car full throttle, that’ll give you top speed with the car.

If you turn that knob all the way to the left and push on the throttle, you’ll notice that the car barely moves, so you can set the top end speed with this knob right here. The transmitter is small in size. Has the m2r racing decal on top feels very light and you’ll notice that the trigger is very close to the handle, making it easier to use for younger drivers? So i got to tell you guys my first impression of the car. It looks pretty good. It’S got a lot of metal parts on the car if we flip it upside down, it’s got a nice heavy duty, metal chassis plate now, we’ll remove the two body pins and see what’s. Underneath the body the body’s made of a thin lexan plastic, the rear wings made of a thin lexan plastic with the body removed, we can see it comes with the lipo battery that’s held in place with the velcro, strap a brush motor esc that’s. The electronic speed controller, and on the end of that it does come with the t, connector or dean’s connector, which is popular in all rc models. Right in front of that is your steering servo and it looks like all the steering linkage is made of plastic or metal rods and up on the front your bulkhead is made of metal. So is the rear one. The shock, caps and shocks look like they’re made of metal with metal springs.

I don’t know if they’re oil filled or not the a arms are plastic. The drive shafts are metal and underneath this plastic support here is an aluminum drive shaft going to the rear of the car. The tires are rubber. It feels like there is a foam inside the tire, so it is nice and soft. It will probably give you lots of traction either indoor or outdoor the on off switch for the car. Is that a little red button right on top of the esc, but always turn your transmitter on before the car before using it? Next we’ll remove the lipo battery. There is no name on the battery, but it is a two cell lipo battery and if you look on the back, it will say: 7.4 volt, 2200 mah the car comes with a usb charger. You want to charge your battery just plug in the balance connector into the usb charger and plug this end into a charging block into the wall. Probably take about two to three hours to charge up this battery with this charger. You can also charge this battery with any lipo charger, just plug in the dean’s connector, and the balance connector and it’ll take under an hour now that we went over everything let’s go, give it a test. So far we ran about five laps around the track seems to be handling jumps, just fine, so far, we’re running about 10 15 minutes here on one battery still and the car still seems to be getting around the track.

Pretty good definitely handling these bigger jumps, pretty decent i’m, really impressed by this little car doing all right. So we know the car works on an off road course, but how good is it against another car on the drag strip and that’s? What we’re going to find out at the indoor drag strip here at the rink? I have a guy that’s going to try it out and run it for us, so let’s see how it compares against something else. Okay, we’ll see how the wl toy stands up against one of the other cars here at the drag strip. Today, guys lined up the first run. Wow just ran the wl toys uh one, two, four: zero one: nine down the track here against one of the other cars here at the drag strip. You look pretty surprised at how quick it was it’s. Very quick it’s a little squirrely got ta slow, the steering down yeah, it might not work it’s, not really a drag car by any means, but uh. It definitely just surprised me how fast it was yeah, it’s, quick, all right, let’s check. Let’S, do another run see how it works out. Okay, we’re, going to give one more run down the drag strip here to see how it competes against the other cars here at the drag strip. The buggy was a lot quicker than i actually thought it was going to be so very surprised at how well it did against the other car so give it one more run here and see if our driver can hold it straight down the drag strip.

The car did really well on the off road track and did good on the inside drag strip against another car. But how fast is it that’s? What we’re going to find out now? I got a performance analyzer mounted to the top of the car. Now we’re going to record the top speed of the car, so it is a little difficult to get at top speed. Today the temperature is below freezing, so i’ll do my best. I am using the performance analyzer to record that speed, so we have it all set in on our app so now we’ll test the car out. Here we go with our gps. The top speed we got on the car is 29 miles an hour. So some of you don’t have an off road track or an indoor drag strip to go to so let’s find out what it’s like in the grass, even in the high grass. We can see this car still pretty quick for being a 12 scale car. So i hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing and test of the wl toys. One two, four zero one. Nine four wheel drive off road buggy. I think this is a great car to give to a beginner somebody just getting started in the rc hobby. We took the car right out of the box charged the battery, put it right onto an off road racing course, and this car held up really well. We also tested at 29 mile an hour which i think we could have squeezed – maybe 35 mile an hour out of it if we had a fully charged battery and if maybe it wasn’t so cold outside.

But i highly recommend this car guys. I think the price is right: around 150 i’ll leave the links in the description below. So, if you want to pick up one of these, you can please subscribe to my channel don’t forget.