Now: hey everyone! Guess what we’re playing with toys? How you doing my friend good to be back we’re here at leicester’s hobby, stay tuned for this episode, guys, Music, hello, okanagan! Welcome to another episode david and i we’re geeking out again we’re here at lester’s hobbies, we’re going to play with trains, planes automobiles a little bit of everything. How are you doing good yourself, good thanks for inviting us to your shop good? I wanted to ask you now: when did you get the bug? When did you start playing with these toys when i was both 12 or 13 years old, and where was this in the cusp, the cusp yeah, so that, like? How did that happen? You had a cousin that was that had one that you were playing with, i had a friend that had one we started playing with it, never looked back. How fast did they go back then? Probably about 25 miles an hour were the actual rc’s or were they wired actual rc’s, oh wow uh. The question i want to ask you because we’re at okanagan uh show. Is there a lot of um rc clubs? I guess, would you call them or groups? There is they get together: there’s the vernon rc off roaders for cars, saint anne’s, rc air force for airplanes and the vernon radio control society is another club in the area too, and do you know if there’s like competitions with rc’s or anything like that here in The okanagan there is some, you know these contests.

Was it the fastest? Was it slalom courses? What did they do for contests? Well, basically it’s the fastest, but you have a course that’s fairly complex. If you want to take a look at the track, you can go to vernon rc off roader society on facebook and then you’d see some of the racing and stuff we did last summer. What is the most popular vehicle? Is it a plane? Is it a you know, a train, a tabletop train set? Is it a 4×4 vehicle or a lamborghini like exotic car, like what are they the most popular ones, the slash 4×4 slash, 4×4 vxl version. It goes fast because you can get around anything and is that what we’re going to race today, we’re racing, the two wheel, drive versions, two wheel, drive versions and the four wheel drive brushed because it brushes versions twice as fast as it brushed really yeah. Wow awesome. Let’S uh go over to the back and take a look at some rc’s Applause Music. Well before we get outside to play around with some of these uh, i personally need to know how they work uh to begin with. So why don’t you explain to us batteries like the mechanics of it and everything. How does it work exactly? Okay, when you’re starting them electric one? You have to turn the transmitter on first, so that’s why they’re called rc’s by the way radio controlled vehicle right, that’s right, okay, take the top off we’ve already had the battery charged.

How long does it take to charge a battery and then how long does that? Last battery takes from one hour to five hours to charge, depending on how your quality, your charger and it lasts from 15 minutes to 25 minutes, depending how fast you’re driving okay. So when you’re out there, you probably want to bring like multiple batteries to constantly be switching them out: okay, there’s, nitro and there’s battery. What is i mean? We know what a battery operated is. How do you work a nitro vehicle nitro? If you want to take a look at one, just roll that one down here – oh my god, look at that bad boy, it’s a piston style engine instead of electric motor, so man, you can see the fuel here like this, so it’s uh. This is an eight scale. This is a tenth scale and nitro is usually eight scale or bigger. You hardly ever see them intense, killed anymore. So with that size of a tank. How long would this one run for this one here that tank, probably about 15 minutes you’re running it fast? You get less gas mileage, okay kind of thing like going to clone at 100 miles an hour takes twice as much gas. Of course. Of course same thing applies to these, and this is your gas here: the batteries, your gas and electric one yeah. So what else we have to do with the battery, then you got ta just connect, it obviously connect it, and then you just turn it on here and got power.

Is it front wheel, drive four wheel drive this one’s a four wheel, drive the other one’s a two wheel drive. So when you see it running like this, and then you got reverse to pause it here. You put it into put it into race mode. If you put in the race mode, you have no reverse: okay, put it into the sport mode. You have reverse and forward so okay, he put this one into race mode. Put this back on and let’s, take him outside and have some fun Music. Oh Music watch out Music. So Music, did you guys see the orange vehicle that was david he’s, going through raps through boxes he’s, just crushing it hey everyone it’s prize time, we’re, giving away an rc vehicle one of the bad boys that we were just playing with david? How do they win? I want to win no dude. We can’t tell our friends out there how they can win this well guys. This is a slash two wheel drive that we were just talking about in the episode valued over 300, make sure you’re following us on facebook and instagram, because that’s, where we do our contests every week, a few days after the episode is posted and if you’re not Following us, you can’t win all right guys, it’s time to fly over to elizabeth flowers, for our okanagan update, hello, okanagan, i’m elizabeth flowers. Your okanagan update, correspondent, kelowna home show is going virtual plan.

Your next big home project, from the comfort of your couch, the kelowna digital home, show, is your chance to move from daydreaming to reality. Connect with award winning local companies without ever leaving your home tickets. For this event are only ten dollars and a hundred percent of the proceeds go to habitat for humanity. Okanagan. This online event takes place on january 30th. Kelowna e ride has officially opened up a new location at big white ski resort. Visitors can now rent fat bikes from alpine e ride bike shop located near the gondola at happy valley. Adventure park explore big white’s nordic trails spending time outdoors and away from screens is associated with higher levels of happiness during these coven 19 restrictions. This is a great opportunity for you to do just that. Get out of your home enjoy the outdoors and explore with your core bubble or just simply on your own, and even though we’re still in winter months, we still have winter markets that we can attend to visit for more information on the vernon location and kelowna Farmers and crafters market dot com to check out where our kelowna markets are taking place. If you have a business that you’d like us to visit – or perhaps you have an event that you’d like us to mention, be sure to send us an email to the email below that’s, all for this week’s okanogan update and now we’ll go back to the Music Episode, Music, what happens this is what happens when you? Let david drive your rc car, hey everyone we’re here with mark from the local rc club, and when we took off the lid here, check this out.

There’S tons of snow it’s, slowly melting because it’s a nice day today, but um this is not supposed to be. I mean you learn this when you’re a kid: don’t mix water and electricity. So what do we need to do? What’S? The next step here, yeah um. First, i would go to the beer store and get a six pack, because that’s about how long it’s gon na take but the cars they used to be um, not shields. It would be a hazard mixing the water and the electricity these days. These cars right out of the box are pretty much water resistant. You can run it on a beach. You can run it through puddles, let the mud fly, but how do you blow all this off? What are you normally dressers, but with the power from an air compressor, you’re, not knocking anything off or no no um. All these boxes are sealed with rubber gaskets and stuff. So now the electronics are are hidden and sealed away and protected. So you can keep running and all the elements all year round, which is nice, it’s, amazing, it’s, amazing, how far the technology has come since uh. Since uh peter was a kid when they didn’t even have electricity, it really has, and – and the signals i mean you can run the truck until it’s almost at a site, whereas before you’d have to keep it within your radius or it would take off on you.

Well, this was a blast now we’re gon na go check out an airplane Applause Music. Well here at leicester’s it’s, not just rc cars. It is also airplanes, so we’re here with rory. Thank you for joining us today, rory and he is the pilot and uh captain of this beautiful, beautiful plane. Here, that’s done, uh, some phenomenal tricks and flying for us. I can fly without the without the remote control. Quick question. I want to ask you, i know with drones: you need a pilot’s license, a drone license. Do you need one to fly these things around? You should have insurance, yes, just insurance that makes smack and um now. Your club, when you guys get together, is what kind of vehicles what kind of planes are there let’s uh there’s little ones like this there’s, even smaller ones like that and there’s big big ones like ten footers, and what do they cost like the bigger ones? Five grand 10 grand wow yeah and i mean dave – and i were just playing with four by four vehicles and stuff that had great traction, but we were smashing them around. They can take a beating when you’ve got something a few hundred feet in the air and it crash lands it’s a pretty penny to fix it up again, so you probably have a lot more repair work on something like this, as opposed to a vehicle. If you can repair it, yeah yeah it’s, usually just a ball of mush but basically i’m sure you have a ton of parts and you just use spare parts over and over and over yep cool yeah, very cool, um yeah.

I mean this one i’m amazed. It flew without that little landing wheel there, but uh definitely very excited to see it in the air uh. What is the, what is the biggest rc plane that you’ve actually flown 10 foot 10 footage yeah, and you said at one moment in time there were a lot of these in the okanagan, but now they’re few and far between right, they’ve, all been crashed. They’Ve all been crashed and buried, yeah yeah buried in the ground right, amazing, well, um definitely wouldn’t want to be flying one myself. The cars are another thing because they can take a beating, but i i don’t want to take a crack at this i’m. A little scared to do that. So thank you very much and we’re, and we can find you guys all over social media i’m assuming facebook there’s all these facebook pages and everything yeah. Thank you so much. Thank you rory. Where can you find hello okanagan on facebook? Instagram and youtube hello okanagan: where else can they find us peter, just type in, anywhere in the world and search hello, okanagan plus, if you live in the okanagan on shaw tv now back to the planes, trains and automobiles Music, so we just finished playing with Cars but uh dave and i are kind of amateurs and we kind of wrecked them, so we got to fix one of the tires. How do we fix tires? Luster? Well, the tires come off with this bolt right here and that’s: a universal wrench you’re using for rc’s uh, the universal contracts.

Okay, some of the other brand names are all slightly different sizes. They make their own. I guess the tire just comes off like that. Yeah and you have to fix a new tire, yep get rid of some junk. You have to make sure you line it up on this hex here it has to be set properly on the hex. So when it’s set properly you’ll see the thing come up the back end and if you want to change tires because it’s, muddy or racing, you can do that because sometimes when the track is muddy, they put different tires on. So these are the stock tires. You can get fancier tires like these winter tires like this, with the paddles on lots of selection of tires to choose from so besides tires. What uh is the other pieces of the vehicle that most people would change? Often these pieces right over here – i guess – yeah this piece right in here. If you can get in there, what’s it called uh. This is one of the axle carriers, and this is the a arm right here, and this is your axle right in here. These pieces here are usually what breaks and there’s bearings in behind here too. So, just to reiterate, we didn’t break them. We just got them really wet and dirty, so we had to clean them out and if you get them dusty in the summertime, you have to do the same procedure, but instead of getting rid of water you’re getting rid of dust.

So now you’re, probably asking: how can i get my hands on one of these? Well, you probably have a local hobby shop if you’re in north okanagan lessers is the place to be, but i’ve got a little guy that really loves rc’s. If you want to recommend to somebody how to get their kids or themselves, if they’re adults like us, that want to get back into it, what type of vehicle would you recommend you could go either way two wheel drive, slash or two wheel drive rustler. You do either one and they’re good starter, and these also have a training mode where you can reduce it to half speed. This one goes 30 miles an hour and if we put the training mode on, it goes down to 15 miles an hour. So the younger people can learn okay. Well, we had an absolute blast today, lester, so thank you so much to you and your your whole crew today for letting us take these for a spin don’t forget about our contest over there, where you guys can actually win a uh. Two wheel drive slash there that we’re just riding around with thank you so much lester for this, and you guys watching at home, make sure you follow us on facebook and instagram for giving away this puppy take care. Thank you guys so much for watching the show. Hopefully, you’ve subscribed by now, and also please, please, leave a like on this video.

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