This is one that i purchased to look at that price. This is listing canadian dollars, which is significantly less, probably takes you about dollars, 37.38 canadian to buy one american dollar. So you can already see and look at this stupidity here – listed at one thousand, forty five dollars and it’s on sale for fifty. This guy is monkeying around with his ad but anyways um. I saw this and this is the feiyu fy, the fy 03 eagle. Three. Now, if you follow my channel before, i have the telluride version – and i also have the atv version, so i think it’s, the fyo4 and the fyo5 i’ve actually have two of the teleride models and i’ve actually given them away, one of them away to a friend Or relative hard to remember but anyways i decided to go on this. This price keeps changing, but if you flip through the ad, you can see that’s the fy order from wish on may 29th and about three four days ago. It showed up so that’d be like june 22nd, or so it showed up at my house, and i got a gray plastic bag, not even a box. This is a 112 scale model and i’ll show you what came Applause, a plastic, airbag piece of garbage toy grade non proportional steering. You get the dumb thing on the bottom, this thing’s a pos, i don’t, even know what it has for a battery. Haven’T opened it up yet it’s got a dumb usb charger, total garbage radio, total plastic piece thing.

The only thing this thing you can do, the knob can come off and go the wheel and go on either side, it’s, just clicky all or nothing piece of garbage. Unbelievable so anyways, i contact wish customer support, showed them. The article now i’ve noticed that dude, if you scroll down like 20 pictures or so at the very end, like look what you get right, keep coming, keep coming and also now he’s tacked on some garbage ones. At the end and it’s, not even that model it’s and between buying it and it shipping, we got one star review 11 reviews. People are saying it’s absolute junk, so i contacted wish customer support showed them all kinds of different pictures show them what the real fy eagle is about, and they offered me 30 percent refund. I said no way jose. So just remember: if you’re under customer support you fight for it, then they offered me 50 and then i started showing them youtube. Videos they’re trying to tell me that this was the same as what was in the picture of the feiyu. Then i started showing them videos how big this thing is compared to my hand, the other one is much much bigger different tires, different shocks, everything drivetrain on the bottom. So finally i said i don’t want this, so they sent me a refund link. I went to click on that link and it sit and spun – and i was in chat – and i just said this thing’s a piece of garbage.

This is a scam. How can you support, scam, sellers whatever? So? Finally, they offer me a hundred percent refund, so that’s, where we’re at and they don’t even want this piece of garbage back so guys. Buyer beware! I wish, i know you guys are probably laughing and stuff like. Sometimes you can get something that’s being blown out. The eff the feiyu hasn’t been bought for a while i’d like another one, just to ramp up my atv model, which seems to have some glitching issues, but i was like at that price. I can take a flyer on it: it’s not going to be the end of the world, but i was prepared to get garbage. I was expecting something a little bit bigger a little better, not a twenty dollar toy grade piece of garbage. It doesn’t even look close, but then you have to argue if someone doesn’t even know anything about rc all in the end, it all worked out. Okay, but i was tenacious and was not going to let them go. I also threatened that i was gon na. Do a video which i still did anyways so guys uh the bottom line is buyer! Beware when you buy rc from wish, unless it’s kind of, like you know that the seller part is legit. I think there are a couple and jorah is on there a couple. Others more legit, rc parts and stuff like that, and obviously the toy grade stuff is what it is.

You know just so that you guys can be informed. Don’T ever buy anything from facebook either. This is things are all scams you shouldn’t have to fight with customer support on this stuff, it’s obvious to see when you send pictures and it does match the pictures on the ad. It took 20 minutes to fight over on a chat, virtual chat whatever, but indiana got my money back and it’s all good in the hood, but that’s the experience for shopping rc’s on wish. If you got some kind of stories like that, please leave them in the comments i’d like to hear them thanks again for tuning in to this episode. I hope this was helpful. A little informative and a little bit funny for a chuckle guys take care peace out and i hope to see you on the next one.