What we call drabo. We had a couple from rock hill, come down and crawl rope with us, it’s real cool. We had a guy come up from simpsonville and crawl with us uh. We all had a good time out on the rocks to water level. You will see he’s real low. We took a stock capra, we just got a capra. We took a stock one down there and uh. It was amazing. Uh. Next week you probably see a video with the capra with high racks we’ve got some team garage hack, overdrive, while overdrive ordered for it and we’ve got some vid carbon panels. Body panels ordered for it, because i really both colors. I wasn’t crazy about the color scheme on both either one of the capras, so we ordered some black carbon fiber. So you’ll probably see that video next week, uh. If you like this video, been liking. My videos hit that like button, i mean it don’t take nothing to do it and it really helps the channel out a lot. I appreciate it and i hope you all enjoy this video Music. It ain’t yours drive it like it. Ain’T, yours, oh oh yeah, oh yeah, Music, that was pretty cool best things get your ammo box and just drill you a hole in it and that’s where it’s bent i’ve been meaning to go to uh, harbor freight and get new ones that’s. A pretty true good, though home there you go.

Oh those are little baby hyraxes. Maybe i got it that time: Music, yo i’m, really not that excited i’m, just recording it, and i want to make it. You know sound sound better. I wouldn’t say that that was good Music there. It is oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir all day long, Music, Music, i guess y’all been to that 30 acre rock – is that what it’s called? Is that nice Music all right all right? Yes, sir Music, you probably just need it’s been a while, since i’ve come out with him. I got nothing to do with it Music, but you don’t have to. I don’t want you to see something. You know there. You go see my rock hill south carolina climbing right there we’re building it wow he’s, not gon na he’s, making a whole new course: Music, Music Applause, Music! Hey! Did you see that? No oh, wait back there. It climbed right up that edge! Oh no problem! At all, probably helped me a pretty good bit too hard to get that back there up there. No, i can’t Music Applause. Ah, there you go Music. I thought it was making my first light off Music all right batteries about there we go. I couldn’t get that left on that what recording a bit of it hit? The gopro pointed right at the ground, Music, foreign breaking my leg, yeah y’all suck your tires, some people suck them and what is that simply green, simple, green yeah? Put them in the freezer.

Did they say that oh yeah go down to 50.? Not if my tires are wet okay, but you can’t change the uh settings on the esc to put lipo in it. I don’t know very much, oh, my goodness yeah he did it all right: Music, Music! Oh, i had to bounce it to get it up there and i had to come over this way, just a little bit right there yeah, because it wasn’t there, you go all right, that’s, another video in the books. I hope you all enjoyed it and remember until next time.