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Oh the face coming off, so you make it up the hill Music, easy Music Music face number three: first to get up to the top again wins ian can’t even make it down. I’Ll come all the way along there through the rats. First of the top wins ready, steady, go Music, oh don’t! Get me in the face. Oh there we go there, we go. Oh come on come on. Lassie! Oh loss is going. Oh, oh! Yes, yes, yes, army, Music, claire’s hungry, oh he’s, killing himself. I already made it through here: oh i’ve, done a better job in the x maxx. Oh, we put that in there. Oh look at it all. I was going to try and keep it clean today. Look at all that in there look Laughter footage! Oh, that went further than i suspected all right, here’s what we was trying to go for Music. Look. We got some more youtubers over there. What is going on down there? Oh tumble one ball. Oh dear, we drove a rock crawler off of that it’s. Only just falling over Music Music it’s good glossy tough baby it’s. All man spend it. You got durability, test i’m done yeah, oh, oh, it took a tray down. Oh my god. What happened? Lossy, tough baby! I don’t know what nobody talks about these. They have things with texas and these losses take an absolute beating. Oh oh, my god, man. This thing takes such a kick in it’s unreal footage.

Oh oh, killed it supposed to do that. No, oh all right, we’ll have to go and get andy we’re gon na get handed. It have some fun all right, guys all the heavy rc cars they’re like a mile down there. We can’t be asked to walk. So it gives us a perfect excuse to give andy a little off road mission. Are you ready? Remo? Oh yes, you’re on a rescue mission, beast mode i’m going now: Music, Music, dude, Music, Music, um what’s, going on? Oh? What happened? What happened looks like the hinges. Have to fix it, i was actually threaded out of it.