Today we are going to be reviewing the jada uh drift rc car. So, as you can see here, we have the mustang uh. Last video, i reviewed the jada uh jacobs from fasting, the previous mustang. So, as you can see this one’s, this is the body of this one it’s purple and um. So basically, this is pretty much the same as the last video that i made it just has a different body um, but the the different thing that this one comes with orange wheels. You want to change them um. This is just a little paper plastic, so um you just change them and pretty much Applause would look something like that um. I personally feel that the black wheels look a lot better but um this ones are. I have not used these. These are still new uh, but anyways let’s talk about the car. So, as last video you can you you could remove the front bumper and the back one um. Now with this mustang, i have done a little bit more uh testing. So with this one i’ve used it outside in the concrete and stuff like that um now in the concrete you can see the wheels they do scratch a lot more and what it does that. I think they give you an extra self tires, because once they start to scratch up, it starts to get a little bit more of a grip and it won’t slide us it won’t drift as well as you want to um, so i guess that’s why they give You an extra itself wheels um, but yeah if you use them in wood or mostly inside of your inside.

It won’t scratch like this, and it will maintain a little bit more of new and will like better with this one it’s. Basically, the controller is basically the same. We still have the turbo button right here, uh it’s just same as the other one. Just this is different from the first from the fast and the furious and the sticker just says: doesn’t say fast and furious, but yeah that’s, it’s the same same same same everything, um charging the same usb just connect it and inside it has the inside it has This plastic, so you can remove the wheels if you want to. Let me see if i can remove it, to show you guys. So basically, it has two little holes right there and you choose or supposed to pull okay. Here we go as you can see, here’s the this is how you uh change the wheels. If you want to – and i don’t know if you can see, but you can see the scratches that were made by the concrete outside um yeah that’s. What happened? Um let’s see, if i could put this one so to show you guys. This is what it looks like um here’s, the plastic that i used to. Remove it and let’s see here, it is okay, okay, so there you go so that’s how it looks like with the the orange wheels um like i said i personally, like the the black ones, just makes it a lot better, all black um.

Actually it doesn’t. Look that bad, but compared to this one, to this one. I like this, this one better um, so yeah like i said uh what else so and what i do like about this body. It has all these stickers. It has like drift and all it’s, not actual stickers. It’S, like you, can’t, take it off if you wanted um, but i do like it because it makes it look a lot more like um, a real drift. You know drift car, like you see, on the com. Competitions, you know the the the blue mustang, it just felt like normal plain, just normal plate which isn’t bad. I also like that one um, but i just feel this one that looks a little bit more: a gift card um, but yeah. We have here um. So we you close that um here, here’s the on and off button connect it once it’s connected. It will stop blinking and um. Also in this car. You could also remove this part and take out the drive shaft, which will make the just uh these two wheels. Instead of four wheel drive um, which, if you wanted to to drift it like that um, so yeah it’s, basically basically like this last video. So now let me show you guys how it drifts so uh, Music, hey, ah hey! Ah Applause, ah come on.