Welcome back to the channel in todays video, i have the bravo kids rc drift tank stunt car for kids. So this little drift tank stunt car truck whatever you want to call. It was sent to me by bravo kids. So the link will be in the description and they asked me to review it for them, so ive kind of had it for about. I want to say two weeks already and i do have to say its pretty fun um its really nothing. What i expected it to be in a good way, so here is um the tank whatever you want to call it. So its for four wheel drive if youd like to say that, so it drives like a tank so with like the tracks where the wheels uh, where you turn the vehicle without any uh, steering linking like that. So it drives pretty much like a tank. I guess you can say that, so it is an rc tank because it shoots out these orbeez. So these, like those orbee things i played with when i was a kid like people, i think companies use it as air fresheners. They absorb water and they kind of grow theyre like really small little beads, and they you add water to them and they grow so um. These go up top here in the tank. Let me see if i can get it so you kind of load them up here. Let me grab one what they look like until theyre squishy, so you can kind of pop them if youd, like just kind of load them up here at the top, they bounce around a lot, and so uh theres that part, and so you load them up there And this top part is a turn, so its held on magnetically um with all these magnets down here pop it on like that and its pretty freaking cool down here in the bottom is the on button provided with uh.

The tank is a 7.4 volt lithium battery. All the instructions that came with this thing were in a different language, so i couldnt read them so i was kind of guessing with everything but um. I had more information. I would tell you so you can have a sound with the with the tank. I think its kind of cheesy, so i kind of just press the sound button right here – turn them off. Now i can move the turn left and right up and down thats pretty cool. So here is the transmitter that comes with the tank. It requires three aaa batteries or no three double a batteries im. Sorry, so i had those from a different controller popped them in its pretty simple control, uh controller, so lets kind of go with it. So with this tank there also is a laser. So this button right here turns the laser on and off. Let me see if i can show you the laser its hidden right there on the light strip, see it. It goes pretty far. I pointed at my neighbors house and it went across the street um. What else do we have here so here um this this trigger here moves the truck forwards and backwards its kind of hard to just show you guys right now um inside, but i will take it outside eventually, um right, one is the turn up down left right. Should have said before here on the triggers, we have a shoot and a load and another shoot just shots into my wall.

I have to clean that up later, but um what else theres a couple different speeds you can uh. You can set im not too sure what the speed does be honest with you, its one, two and three its kind of hard to figure out. Like i said, i dont have the instructions you can lock the turret by pressing this button in the middle, and now it doesnt move at all press it again. Now it moves. What is this? Oh these two right here this button right here they turn the vehicle Music uh, pretty good its kind of hard to show you, but its like its like a faster way to turn no clue what this button does. But overall, this things pretty fun. Besides the instructions that i wasnt able to read, i brought it out and i was shooting my family with it. So its pretty funny but um lets, take it outside so kind of show you uh what im talking about so lets see if i can one hand control it so lets see what it can do. Well, look at that all right, thats, pretty cool, so thats left one ways right play some music. You go left! You go right! Go left, go up! Go down! Oh check this out theres a laser huh michael lastings, actually pretty freaking sick parker right there lets do a little 360 action, i think its so sick. Oh this thing is really cool. Go to the right Applause see we have some orbeez here, which is that also included with this little tank, where some safety glasses thats pretty funny.

So this is a little funnel right here, so we can uh insert the orbeez into the truck just kind of pop. It off like that, oh it looks like i filled it up all the way, so that didnt take very much lets. Put the cap back on im going to spill some. Oh, i held them pretty good. So look at that theyre all in there pretty! Well! Now i dont want to be picking up orbeez from outside my house all day or inside my house all day. So lets see how this works. Oh crap, oh wow, all right! So something happened with the turn, so the turrets not working, but this thing shot. Oh, my god, is anything coming out: oh yeah, so these orbeez are coming out for sure and theyre coming out pretty fast holy crap yeah. You can definitely poke out your eye. Okay, so lets figure out how to move this turn again, its not moving. Oh, i had it locked interesting, so you can lock the turret. Oh man, Music, so look now the girls see the lazy, shoot shoot it now. Lets uh not hurt the girls. No, so it wasnt handling very well in the grass lets see. If we can do a 360. bad Applause, okay, now the moment of truth lets shoot. With this thing, i point it up all the way and lets do the trigger you cant really see anything right now, just like lets uh.

I know what to do. Lets grab. One of these its white top time all right, ive got a claw there, Music, Music. I wonder how long does it take? Oh looks cool because you can see the laser on the can, so this should be. First cheat. First, try! Oh wow! There you go two! Oh, i missed it. All right lets try again holy crap. This things a killer man that hurt Music. This thing is very interesting to drive Music kind of confusing, but um im gon na cut off there, and then we will go and show it to the families. You could think so heres what it looks like when you unload the clip inside january they are flying out lets see. Can i feel it? Oh yeah for sure theyre definitely coming out so yeah theres. That and id like to note, looks like the girls are all very fascinated by it like what is that dad, so included are 10 of these little packs of orbeez, so im assuming um, if you are not, you can just kind of go to the store and Buy buy some, they do look smaller than the ones you would buy for, like a flower base or something soon. Maybe the diameter of them has to be a little bit smaller than normal, but uh theres, the box. Bravo, kids, intelligence and direct robot, its all. In a different language, or else i would read it to you so here it is, i shot my brother first try very confusing to drive Music just shoot him thats her.

Thank you problem. So here we are outside im, going to try to show you guys all the features. Um doing one hand, steering because its pretty difficult with this thing, but um yeah well give it a shot. So lets do a turn so im going to hold down this button right here on the right theres like a whole 360 turn to the right hit on the opposite side, goes to the left, so yeah all right, its pretty freaking cool. If you ask me now lets kind of uh turn the turret. You can see the laser right there in the wall, its kind of hard to see, but if you pay attention to the turret, you have to believe me, but its so fast, but little beads get shot out of there. This thing can drive on grass, so lets do that and go forward. I could turn like that and there we go another look at it and so, instead of tires, it has these kind of like these tracks. I guess you could say these wheels. I dont know if those are proper wheels but um for it to move in either direction, so it can move um in a weird way. I dont know how to explain it so reverse forward and then go like diagonal or not. Horizontal can move horizontally. So its a very interesting vehicle, i believe its on amazon for 130 dollars, im, not too sure 120.. It comes in two different colors.

I think its worth the money honestly, its pretty cool its pretty unique um. My my family definitely enjoyed it when i powered over to them, but uh its so hard to show you how to use it right now with one hand i dont have a camera off so just have to believe me for it. But what did it include? So it included 10 of the packs of orbeez and this little bottle that you get and so ive only used ive only filled up one of the packs of orbeez, because i kind of run it for 10 minutes. And then i just dont reload it, so this has lasted me about three tries three four tries already, so they do last a while, but with a younger kid i dont know if it lasts. As long comes with the orbeez, the bottle comes with a set of safety glasses, not these ones right here, because my normal glasses safety glasses, the safety glasses, seem all like scientific and safe, and then it comes with the controller. The turret the body comes with the battery comes with the charger. It comes with a little funnel so theres a little funnel you put right here and it helps you funnel these bad boys in there a little bit easier, its pretty easy anyways, but uh yeah. Its super cool, its on amazon, the link will be in the description i have to kind of figure. If i can make a cool montage with it, you can also do in two player mode.

I believe, and the lasers uh are able to uh indicate that theres another one there and you can kind of play laser tag with with a friend if you have two of these, but overall its a pretty cool little truck.