Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to rc vlog guys we are here at indy, rc world. We are at a charity race. We bought brought a kit to give away. Ethan he’s got tires over there we’re, giving it there. He is, but yeah we’re checking this place out we’re going to see what’s going on we’re, giving stuff away we’re going to see if we can win something. Oh man guys look at all this giveaway stuff. Look at all the msm shirts. We got an msm shirt there. We got an msm church there. Obviously my boys, weren’t msm msm, is repping hard over here good time. These charity races are all about having fun and it’s awesome. Okay, let’s check out what we’re giving away looks like dude. This thing is: it looks new jeez that’s clean at least that motor looks new mbx8 nitro bike kit they’re. Giving this away today looks like it comes with a tool kit. Also, a helmet bell helmet two bell: helmets: oh that’s. I need that. Actually, i need a xl. I got a big ol head guys. We got a motor and pipe combo fuel. Oh look at this. I almost brought one of these good thing. I didn’t because they have one already look at that jackpot: jack daniels, candy bars bucket. I can’t even say that on the channel, but it is what it is guys. Look at this a d18 19 rs kit wheels and with wheels and tires auto tent let’s.

Go guys one on one session with jared wiggins is here we’re going to talk to him in a little bit race. Three is underway, cleaning supplies, axial capra. I want this guys. I want this real bad i’ve been wanting one of those look at that pit board. That pit board looks sick, look we’re, giving that away the granite ghost drone peter hustler we’re not giving him away, but he is here a spencer klein body, cool mugs with an hour of setup and time, oh with an hour and set up in time jared wiggins Jared wiggins, we got a whole bunch of tires. We gave some tires: oh that’s, what we need right now: yeah we’re gon na we’re. We need to. We need the brownies a whole bunch of stuff and stuff’s coming in and there’s a rumor that there’s something even bigger that i will tell you guys about here in a little bit all right guys. We are stabilized and making our own there’s the uh local youtubers. Mr francis ocean, hey not as big as you bro, not not as big as me, but he’s still he’s doing great so back to the prizes. We got a whole bunch of good ones. Um see these are the ones that you don’t really see. That are really good. These these doctors right here look at these hotel statements. I mean come on um. Look at this an orlando vacation, a vegas vacation 30 seconds drivers.

Oh all right, let’s see there’s, look at this get five nights in hawaii 2200 value. Oh man that’s what oh, what lift that one up either a mexico vacation. I want that there’s a whole bunch of good stuff, so there’s also another thing that’s not on here. That, i believe, is a air conditioning system. Yes, you heard it right goes hot. On the town ethan wants to be in it. No, i don’t yeah, he does um. You heard it right, they’re, giving away a two ton air conditioning system unreal guys the giveaways at these charity races are insane. Basically, what these charity races are is it’s for an organization called rc family and they just raise money. They raise money there’s peter back there. They raise money for rc racers that need help and because uh rc racers are very generous, there’s, always really good giveaways. So basically buy a raffle to this stuff and then you can win any of these things. I still got to buy my raffle tickets there’s, mr peter hunter. Again he got. He got a shirt. He was one of the few who got that first batch, because that first match was hard to get uh, but we got ta. We got ta buy some spots from them, but we’ll take a quick tour around here. Oh there’s, a fast lady, racer it’s, not quite as nice, not quite as fast as me, but i’m just yelling i’m, just joking, you don’t have a good history challenge yeah my my record on facing girls right now, or women i’m pretty much winless Laughter, but she’s.

Also, a very good oval driver, um that’s, one thing that i need to get into with oval racing. Yes, you do um so that’s. Why? I need to win that thing over there, the sr 10, so i can at least start trying it um but i’m sure. If i started oval racing i’d be fast in there, so i’m, just joking there, he is the roger that’s spencer’s dad oh whoa, whoa whoa it’s this guy. This guy right here it’s his birthday. Today he turned 14 today. Can you believe it guys? I was joking and it really is 15. here’s, another msm guys he’s repping it hard too, which he’s uh he’s actually getting really fast that’s. Why? I don’t really bug you because he hears my feelings every time i race it um, but yes, it’s, spencer’s birthday and we’re gon na see spencer at top 25 in the world by the end of the year. Right, hopefully come on dude where’s, the confidence. Oh man, all right, let’s, take a look through the pits here. There’S there was a car that caught my eye in the pits. Not gon na lie. Walk this way: i’m doug patreon member, big supporters, thanks doug. Here it is there, it is there. It is what’s up man. Look at this thing. Oh my god are you freaking kidding me. You guys already know i’m on a tamiya cake, and then we got this thing holy smokes. I think it’s beautiful, look at that looks so good.

So i don’t have any of the ones that have like the metal suspension, which i probably should see like all the front suspension is metal here on this one um, but golly that car looks so good. Oh man, all right, i can’t wait. Actually i thought about. I almost stayed home today donated money, stayed home donated to build my grasshopper, because i want a cool scale to date. A meal like this, oh god, it looks so cool. All right here is the other side of the car. So this is what i think is really cool, see that oil, the oil reservoir. I don’t know why i think that’s so cool, but it is to me it’s a little reservoir on the back, but this car is at a main right now and by the time this video airs, i should already have mine, ordered so i’ll put a link in The description below for this thing, it’s such a beautiful beautiful car, this one is the uh what’s this one called again doug. They call it the fighting buggy, but originally it’s called the super champ. Oh there you go the fighting buggy, but originally it’s called super champ. I actually like how the attires they have a positive camera like that. I think it looks really scale because if you ever go like racing dune buggies, they all sit like that. It’S really interesting, but god that car looks so good all right guys. We are out here on the track it’s between rounds yeah, so this is again it’s a cool thing that they put together, it’s.

Basically like a charity, a charity race, a charity organization that helps out all the rc racers that need help. But man, this raffle is insane uh. We were just out here having fun that’s kind of how the the races go. Here i was gon na race. I brought my uh my budget e truggy, which i still need to find a name for the butt detroit. If you know a good name for the budget, etruggy put it in the this uh put in the comments below, because we need a name for the budgeting trucking but yeah. I was gon na race. I have the budget detroit, but i decided not to because i’m wearing flip flops. I totally forgot to bring shoes don’t ever wear flip flops to an rc race because you can’t marshal and they don’t like that it’s frowned upon so yeah anyways having a good time. I’M gon na we’re gon na catch a raffle. I did buy a few spots. I really want to win those motorcycle helmets for some reason, something i don’t have and i think it’d be cool to have so we’ll see all right. So this kid he’s been wanting to run with the he’s, been wanting to run with the pros for a long time. He got his chance today and tell us what happened to me. I mean he was he wasn’t ready for it all right, guys, they’re about to start the raffle or the the auction it’s actually a raffle.

I said i wanted this. It says the x24 because i think that one’s so cool and i found out see that little guy right there he bought it with his own money to donate into the raffle. Can you believe that guys he bought this thing with his own money? A little kid! The donating raffle, what kind of the kindness is out of control here at ndrc world? Oh man so much good stuff to uh ken captain, so he can get this taken care of they’re giving stuff away. Now, we’re gon na go ahead and get ready, we’re gon na do just like. Whenever i will spin there we go there. We go this wheel. Spin doesn’t take 18 hours like mine. Does it only takes 10 seconds number 25? All right guys. The auction is over check out what our good friend justin won. He won this mbx it’s mbx8 he’s got a transponder brand new engine, two body, it’s a brand new body and a couple servos yeah. He got this whole bag of pit stuff that you need so basically it’s it’s ready to go with all the cool stuff and then check out what’s in this box that’s in this box, it’s insane, if peter can figure out how to open it. Look at this look at the filters, all the clutch stuff nuts. All the filters gave away over five thousand dollars oh easily stuff. Today, no doubt i haven’t told them what i won yet so don’t spoil it insane.

Engine head heaters. Engine head heaters like it sounds like shawn, is really jealous right now. No, i just wanted the ninja and the servos. Congratulations. Justin freaking awesome bud! Thank you, sir. Oh man now i just got to try to convince him. Well, let me have that transponder transponder, though so doing a little bit of math doing a little bit of math. We may very well be at or above ten thousand dollars worth of products – wow nine thousand, oh, my god, geez. That is insane all right. I got ta show them what i want, because when i won all right guys, so i did win in the raffle, you guys will not believe what i won. I would have never thought i would want any of this stuff, but i want something absolutely insane check. This out all right, so the first thing i want is this: i want free window. Tint come on focus focus. You got this. Oh, oh anyways, free windows, 10 it’s a ‘9 value. This is actually something i wanted because uh i knew melissa needed this for her truck so yeah for the f250, so dang that’s nice, but that’s, not all i want. I also won this guys. I won five nights in hawaii at an rc race. Can you believe it what’s funny is whenever i saw these two things out here i was like those are the two things i want to win, because those are the two things i know melissa would want, because melissa wanted window tint and then, of course, she wants.

The most expensive vacation they had on there and this was the most expensive vacation. They had look twenty two hundred dollars worth of get five nights free in hawaii, guys, absolutely insane all right guys. That is a wrap! Oh man, i cannot believe i just won a five day vacation to hawaii that’s, pretty insane anyways good times out here do a little bit of club race. I didn’t race, evan, just missed the bumps about barely but overall good time.