If you are watching this, video make sure that you make a comment down below subscribe on the channel and send us an email at dronecamps.com to get entered to win. Our femi x8 mini were giving that away its a 4k drone. Little tiny sub 250 g drone that you can fly without having to register, and it also has a three axis gimbal in there. So good luck for the drawing everybody its coming up in the middle of september, but today check this out. Look how narrow the profile is on this little copter. This is an e sky, 300, v2, with a 2s battery that comes with a transmitter in the box. It comes with dual rates and it has an onboard flight controller, fx version, two stabilization high rates and low rates on the transmitter, and i get about seven to eight minutes flight time with the 2s 300 milliamp battery. This is a 320 milliamp battery lipo and it has a nice little battery bay in the very bottom. If you unscrew this little screw on the very bottom, it will reveal a carbon fiber battery tray, which is actually pretty nice. It has the hubstand style connector right here that plugs in here and theres a little slot even for the balance lead right here, just kind of tidy things up in here, its kind of nice. It has its own little velcro, strap coming out from the sides and goes back up just like this, and it has super minimal landing gear on here as well, so three little feet in the front.

You can barely see them theres one up front right here. Two on the bottom and one wire tail boom, so um makes it really really sleek and narrow when its flying, i have to say the flight characteristic, its actually really really quiet. So a lot of the guys were sitting here today from the vancouver heli club and those guys. The first thing that they said about it was that it seemed to be really quiet and ill. Show you that coming up were going to do some line sight flying with those guys were going to strap an fpv camera to this today, do some durability tests a bunch of crashes with this heli, i have to say it is actually pretty tough too, so were Also going to end out with some line of sight, flying with this little guy and im gon na give you my final opinion on this one as always and uh. Just my overall experience with this guy, i think its one of the coolest looking little helis that ive flown today and just so thin. I mean look at the front of that. Canopy really narrow, beautifully designed, fly, barless head unit and just very minimal on the head unit. I love the way the blade grips, look going down to the main shaft to the body and the motor inside with a little bit of detail on a translucent window in the front showing the motor and the flight controller really really nice.

Looking heli and i crash it into a tree and its still in one piece – i mean i cut branches down today – guys so lets go ahead and fire up this airwolf look alike and do some flying rc heli flying lets have some fun here. We go start off in stability. It sounds nice. Oh, oh, its self righted itself how to do that now, its in like a higher rate, so its going to get a little faster, so it wasnt low rate and its pretty slow and low rate. But now its in high rates, so quite a bit faster, a little more pitch its fun though yeah it doesnt sound all grindy. It sounds smooth. I like it sounds really good. What do you guys think thumbs up Music, all right, pretty cool hes bigger than i am so? Hopefully, i dont hit him here. We go im gon na do a line of sight. Music me, Music. All right guys lets do a little bit of line of sight flying after that ridiculous fpv experience, um im going to put a much lighter analog setup on here, so i can do some airwolf flying here. We go lets just spool it up. Well, do a quick hand launch let that tail stabilize real quick, come up to speed before you. Let go of it, of course, and it was pretty windy earlier. So im going to go ahead and flip into the high right now and were just going to come forward here.

If you flip this button right here, the heli will like drop to the ground. So that is basically your throttle, kill and lets check out the yaw raid on this heli thats, full yall right there, its pretty mild, even in the high rate, now im going to go into the low rates and check it out. Little tiny, slower, nice, piro pirouettes. Taking me back, this copter is pretty cool. I was flying this a few days ago with some of the local vancouver heli guys – and you know those guys fly big 700 helis. They actually thought this thing was pretty cool. It does look pretty neat in the air. Its just like a ribbon, its like a little shark in the air, definitely reminds me of airwolf back when i was a kid like watching airwolf on tv, i always wanted to be a heli pilot after seeing airwolf. Look at that even kind of sounds like a real heli and they all commented on how smooth this helicopter sounds. I mean listen to this thing. Try to get a little closer to it, not too close, of course, but looks like my blades are a little bit off, but so cool and that little button on the very top that is stabilization calibration. So thats going to be your gyro calibration. If you have that on green itll, do it before takeoff sounds so cool when it comes over my head, of course, one of the big things about flying heli.

Is you never want to have it over your head or behind you always keep it out in front of you? I always like to fly with the sun to my back too, that way, im never flying the heli into the sun. You just totally lose it. Ive done it with big helicopters and man, it is bad news, but how cool is this guy? How cool is this copter and im im pretty sure that east guy is essentially e flight, so guys that by horizon hobby, stuff, verizon, hobby helis and things like that, they also made the aero scout plane. You guys are super familiar with that one that ones super popular aeroscout, probably sold thousands of those planes, and these this is the same company that produce those. Now these guys dont make all the e flight helicopters, of course, but they do make this one and actually wait a minute im wrong about that. You know what they uh, i believe the aeroscout was hobby zone. They labeled it hobby zone, so its not e flight. Its hobby zone guys try not to hit myself here, just like correcting myself live in a review theres a lot of companies out there, so you know, but the e scout logo just looks notoriously similar to the e flight logo. But i love the landing gear on this. It has two little tiny, struts up front, two little tiny feet and one long strut in the back off the tail, and i got ta say man: we did some durability tests with this thing.

This thing is really tough. Basically, because its like super light, but i mean i crashed the crap out of this thing and my body still looks pretty good. I believe i have a little separation in the tail, but you know what i could take a piece of clear tape and run it up the back of the tail. Just maybe one piece, one little tiny piece would just close that frame and you see how its kind of cracked there its not cracked it. Just the glue came apart, but thats the only damage – and i didnt break a single blade and whats cool about this – is that it does come with an extra set of blades in the box. It comes with two batteries, a charger man look at that. That was in low rate, downwind lets go ahead and put it in high rate and do a pass that was gon na hit myself come back around for a high speed pass and the sparrows do not like this little guy. This looks like a little shark in the air im gon na bring him way back over here. You guys high speed pass. The sparrows are coming out chasing me all over. I think they were chasing me last time, god that thing looks cool doesnt that look cool. I mean come on if youre a helicopter fan this little copter is super cool. These guys out here seem to love it 300 v2 uh, oh going in so that battery might be done.

Well, just try to bring it over here and land it on the concrete for you. If i can get it back, switch into low rate now see if we can do a perfect landing. Okay, the wind is blowing me. Oh no back to the concrete back to the concrete there you go baby there. You go baby, come on touchdown, all right, beautiful. That was so much fun. 300. V2 guys! Is that thing cool? Listen at it? The gyros are working overtime. You guys! I love the way the head looks on this copter. It is really clean and the fly barles. I love miniature fly barlows. It just looks so cool, but please do subscribe on the channel guys. I have a good giveaway coming up im, giving away a femi mini x8 themed mini from xiaomi, so be sure to subscribe. Number one comment on this video and send us an email at dronecamps.com on the contact page and youll be entered to win the fiemi x8 mini im. Loving this thing. You can check out the link to this one down below if youd like to grab one of these. Look at that straight ahead, shot right there, just so sleek, so narrow and so much fun to fly just great to look at too line of sight or fpv.