Pretty sick, i, like the black ones, got some tires we’ll check out a video about that, but today we’re talking about this, this is my first course it’s, the one i built i started with. It was great it sucks compared to all of these ones, even that little one down there, so we’re gon na redo it that will be a future video for right now, we’re gon na strip all these off, because i need the piece of wood under there. So we can see which one of these has the best hill climb ability let’s get into it. Oh yeah, look at that it’s like i’m shipping it through fedex or something all right. We got the board stripped down. I got the carpet we bought for my cat, because we’re weird, like that i’m gon na cover the board up with the carpet, give it a little better shot at traction. And then we are gon na see which one of these rc cars climbs the best all right, we’re gon na do a practice run with the jeep. Oh yeah that’s gon na work out great all right, so we’re gon na line them up and we’ll incrementally get steeper and steeper to see which one has the best climbing ability. As far as steepness goes so this right now is currently, at a certain degree, no idea what it is. Haven’T, measured it yet, but we’re gon na step it up see which one of the little 24 scales and the big trucks does best and i’m curious.

If you guys vote down in the comments – because i think there’s probably going to be a part, two vote down in the comments which one you think is going to be the best at climbing the steepest hill, this is fairly flat. For the most part, i ripped all the mountains off and stuff there’s tiny little bumps here and there, but it’s pretty much flat. It’S got carpet, so it’s got good traction which vehicle do you think is going to be able to climb the steepest angle. Let me know in the comments for this video and we will check out tomorrow’s when we finish it up or maybe even the next day, not sure how long this will take. Let me know and we’ll see who got it right all right, so we’re going to start off at 30, 5 35 degrees close to 36. start with the jeep. No surprise there. Climbs right up betty’s up next see what she can do. No problem chevy c10 totally stuck. I can make it flip, but it definitely climbed that oh yeah no problem moving on to the next baby digger, oh yeah, all right before i decide to break it again. Let’S try the rockstar. No problem sticks to it like glue. Stick them a four wheel, steer let’s, try the devastator it’s redeeming itself a little bit from all the harsh comments i made during my review, but it did it enduro 24, with the cr 24 body didn’t like the wheelie test.

Oh, that that passenger side front tire is lifting a bit, but it made it up there moving on next, one up to bat, the 24 scale trx or defender. Wait no that’s, not right. Rgt defender, oh it’s, dead, okay, it’s, not dead anymore. I knew that wouldn’t backflip well it’s got so much weight in the rear end. This one is doing the same thing: the 24, oh, the uh, enduro 24 – is doing lifting that front passenger tire, but it’s making it can it make it to the top it’s, not part of the test, but no last one up for the 24 scale. The kyosho mini z, 4×4 forerunner, hate dropping that hard body, but i had to see oh no, it definitely moves on to the next round, though it crawls right up this thing hanging that hang in that passenger tire, oh moving up in scale now we’ve got the Wpl toys c 24: toyota ready to run model very, very hard compound tires, but the carpet should help get it traction. Oh yeah it’ll flip too, but it definitely has the power to crawl. It does not, however, have the transmission break to hold it. Oh, oh, and it rolls back down on its own interesting all right up next, the very bright, very large lossy nightcrawler se. I expect this one to go very far in the competition but that’s just a hunch who actually knows it does not. Backflip holds itself nice and steady up there, great control, great showing for the lossy nightcrawler and the final competitor on the list.

The redcat gen8v2 scout two. Interestingly enough. This one also doesn’t hold itself. I thought it would. It is not Music. Oh wait! That’S, my bad! I forgot i switched the pin and the esc. I was really concerned for a minute. I switched the pin to only 50 break uh because i was out running in the yard and just kind of beating it up. I didn’t like whenever i let off the throttle. It would slam on the brakes. I disconnected the front uh drive shaft from the differential doing that so not the fault of the truck all right, moving up to 40 degrees, okay, we’re back to the jeep at 40 degrees. Here we go betty’s up to back c10 baby digger rocks to basher devastator enduro 24. Music it’s getting steep for the little enduro still making it, though our gt defender, it’s, also lifting that front tire but it’s doing it. Msa 1e kyosho mini z, 4×4 4runner, oh it’s, doing the tire lift too just like the enduro and the rgt, but it’s climbing it hanging in there. Wplc24 it’ll, climb it lucy, nightcrawler and last again, the red cat. Jenny v2, all right guys, that’s gon na! Do it for part one i’ve got all the trucks surrounding me all the controllers everywhere and i’m trapped in my room, so we’re going to end it there. We did 35 degrees and 40 degrees of incline. All of the trucks are still in the competition handling it.

Well, i’m, going to try and get a little better setup tomorrow, maybe lean it against that wall get a better camera angle. I feel like this wasn’t, the greatest quality footage, but i’m gon na modify it and in part two tomorrow, we’re gon na see. If we can knock anyone out at 45 degrees, once we do knock someone out we’re going to start putting this the loser bracket to one side, we’ll test those to see what degree between 40 and 45, if any of them fail where that tipping point is, if All of them pass we’re moving to 50 degrees from there. I think we’re gon na start losing people but i’m, not sure i don’t think any of them are going to make it to 90.. Unless i had a drone, maybe i don’t know but anyways.