So this is the Explorer 6 1. 0. So is it any good let’s open the box and find out? So this is everything you get in a box. You’Ve got your instruction manual there, control out the joystick and you’ll use your controls there, your on and off, okay, so that’s, the cable you will use to charge the helicopter with okay, I open the screw and I’ve got access to the battery compartment. This takes six batteries. Okay, so I’ve got my six doublea’s in there. Okay, I got the light on, so this is ready. So the helicopter itself, if you have a look it’s, really light, all of the top parts are like all, floppy and – and maybe it’s supposed to be like that. Will you see in a minute when I turn it on okay? So the battery is dead, so I’ve plugged. The helicopter in the red light is on red as soon as that’s charged. That should go green. It takes about 20 30 minutes to charge so I’ll come back then. Okay, so I’ve turned the helicopter on and I want to give this a test. I don’t put up the floor, so I’m gon na hope. I can get this in the video, but the controller already so there you go advice that was the radio controlled infrared helicopter. I had a good time testing this out now I’m, going to give you my thoughts. So this helicopter is very well made and it’s very light, and so this felt so many times directly on hard wooden floor, as you can see, there’s, not even one scratch anywhere on this it’s, a very nice flexible material, but what’s very interesting about it is as Soon, as you’ve taken off your you’re able to control the helicopter with accurate precision to the left right forwards and backwards, so you know you have to use very slow and precise controls.

So when I first tested this, I tested this outside in the garden. I didn’t record it and what happened was it went quite high when about two meters high it landed on the garage roof. Don’T. Try this outside straightaway get used to the controls indoors in a spacious room like your living room or something don’t worry if it hits things if it hits the walls and if it hits your furniture it’s not going to damage anything. The materials are very, very durable. Soft plastic it’s not going to cause any damage. This hits a wall it’s not going to leave red paint marks anywhere. As you can see, this hit my wall so many times and is so light, you’re completely safe. This is not for small kids. You can see it says age. Fourteen and up so I’ll put the links in the description, so you guys can check this item out in case you want to buy one yourselves. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and found it useful.