I do like my uh, tiny kind of micro, remote control toys. This is i’m, going to show you a couple of them. Maybe we’ll do a video and i’ll show the whole lot. This is my yoshi mario kart, and this is a really nice little nice little truck because it’s got so many features on it. It’S got working headlights and indicators and it’s got nice slow speed, but we’ve got a new addition, and here it is we’ve, got this little micro tank. I mean you never expected a video like this did you, but i did warning you about this channel. You have no idea what’s going to come up, so i thought i’d share this with you. This has been knocking about the game room for quite some time. Then it disappeared, the grandson got hold of it and then it reappeared a few days ago. So there it is there’s uh there’s, the kind of chunky remote. Now what what makes this really unique is most things like this would have fake tracks, but this actually has real working tracks. As you can see – and i think we’ve got a little – i think we’ve got some fluff lodged in the track, so i need to deal with that. It’S been on rough terrain, it’s been on the carpet. I think we’ve also taken it outside. At one point, you may be able to see the figure on top uh and he’s literally had, as you can see.

He’S literally had his head blown off on the battlefield. He’S had his head taken right off, so that’s unfortunate, not quite sure how his uh his body is remaining upright poor sod give him a medal. Let me show you a quick uh closer look at this. This remote it’s got quite a good range on it. I mean it’s, not incredible the range there’s a couple of buttons on here that have not quite worked out yeah. I can’t can’t really work out what they do. This is extendable, as you might expect, but unfortunately you can’t push it all the way down. It’S very power hungry, so you’re gon na need four double a batteries. There we’ve got a uh we’ve got a bit of a mongrel mix of uh rechargeables, always rock with the rechargeables and we’re missing the door for the back we’re missing the battery cover, always the case yeah that button on top that clear button, no idea what that Does haven’t got a clue, and this is how you charge it. This is a nice little thing. I’Ll just show you this, so you just open that little door there and you just plug straight in it charges within amount of minutes. I suppose so. I think it’s time to crack on and see it in action. We’Ll have a quick look peel that you even got sound effects. I like that i think that’s good let’s, give it a go. You can move the gun around completely in every direction.

It’S not limited, and you can fire i’ll show you that in a second there you go. I like the fire in action because it causes the whole tank to sort of vibrate and move slightly. You’Ve got all the directions you can imagine you can you can turn the whole thing on a sixpence, independent track control and it would be a good laugh. This would get a few of these together, not entirely sure if you can change the frequency on the radio. I haven’t really checked that, but uh let’s try and get a close up of this i’ll just get another close up there. You go quite well detailed as well, i think, would agree uh if i had to give it a scale. Um i don’t know uh, possibly 176 scale. Maybe i think yeah possibly 176. I would say right. Let’S, try, let’s, try and tackle the shag, pile rug. Now this is a challenge. Folks, no problem. Your only real problem is getting tangled up in something there you go so i don’t know what you think. I think it’s uh. I think it’s pretty good, pretty pleased with this one. Maybe we’ll do a video on all the remote control stuff that’s knocking around the game room um problem is, i need to locate some of the uh some of the controllers, which uh they disappear into my kind of miscellaneous cupboard which uh i must eventually set aside A day and sort that cupboard out got a nice little light at the front there that little led let’s just do that.

Fire mechanism again go on fire Music, oh getting close, so i’m gon na leave it there i’m gon na leave it there. Um there you go, you’ve got the tank. You’Ve got the controller. You might see it one day in the shop would have made a good stocking feel of this um, but yeah a welcome addition to the micro rc fleet. So you guys take care of yourselves and um. Yeah i’ll see you soon bye, bye. It was cold in washington in january 1982.. They say: they’re gon na have the runway cleared in about an hour fine, but then we’ll have to decide if the weather’s good enough to use it.