If y’all want more videos like this make sure y’all go ahead. Like comment subscribe turn the post notification on and if y’all did not watch my other if y’all did not watch my last video y’all need to go. Watch that it’s going to pop up right here and go watch that if y’all didn’t watch it already and no i’m not going to be just doing these shoes i’m pretty sure i already said 16.. I normally have these three right now, but i’m gon na get more shoes to put on the wall, but i have more down here that i’m not going to put the i’m not going to put the thing way down here, just to see it but hold on That’S, better so yeah make sure i’ll go ahead. Make sure i make. I came up with this thing so make sure i go ahead like comment and subscribe to my channel, so y’all can join the rs game that’s. What i came up with, i have to learn. It more but yeah now now we’re going to start the shoe tour okay, so first year, i’m gon na start off with is my favorite shoe the converse as y’all can see because it’s missing there’s. I have a tag on the side of each box to hold the box in i’m gon na. Stick it right there good opening. I have the other one, just clumped up in the inside so yeah. My first shoes is these converse.

I, like i, like hot top converses. I don’t know why. But i just like them yeah and there’s, not really nothing, to explain about them, but they have a hard inside and i just don’t like that part of it apart and they have a heart inside. But oh well, then i got ta do all that, to put it back. Okay, hold on all right now, we’re going to move on to the 19 shoe that needs to be cleaned. So don’t talk about that. Okay, these were my i needed to clean them. So don’t talk about them, but anyways uh i’m, probably about to clean them up, no okay. So this is my second. This was uh. These were the shoes i had before this one and this one which we’re gon na get to that one next, but these were the shoes this i had these shoes before i had these in this one, so yeah, but these have a soft insect, no, never mind. It’S a hard inside too these – and this is called a photon okay, so this is called a nike reacts. I think but they’re all muddy, because i was stepping in the mud with a motor, so yeah i’ma clean these after the video, but these are called the nike reacts. They have hard inside and they’re. They get dirty easy, but like with the black part, you have to throw this in a washing machine and all kind of stuff, so yeah, but yeah i’m gon na clean them after this video.

So on to the next shoe: okay, so y’all next shoe. These have soft insides and they they get stained easy that’s. What i’m gon na say – and these are some adidas – these are some adidas racer adapts these you don’t need to tie them so say you’re racing somebody it’s easy, because it’s gon na be easy to stretch your foot, because this stretches you know so yeah. I like these get the other ones i like these. I think i like these more than i like these, even though this was my favorite pair. I think i like these. I would put it i’m, a radon matter of fact, so these i would rate a eight out of ten because of the hardest, because the the hard part these, i would rate a a uh six out of ten because they get dirty fast and it’s hard to Clean the black part – and these i’m gon na read a 9 out of 10. i’m, not going to do 10 out of 10 because they do stain easy, but they they easy to slip on. You can slip them right on your feet and all kind of stuff but yeah on to the next next. Is these saints house slippers and ain’t, nothing really to say about them, they’re comfortable, i like them, and i just wear them around the house. Sometimes i wear them to run to the store just inside my house, so yeah. These are some things for these slippers.

So should i say on to the next okay so yeah? This is the next shoe uh they’re called koji. Australia is 19 1969 that’s. What i’ll call them, because the name on the front but a story behind these shoes? My grandfather gave him coming. He gave him to me because his friend gave it to him and he gave it to me because he had too many shoes, and so he gave it to me these shoes i haven’t worn yet because i just got them yesterday and in the inside they are, But on the side get comfortable and all but yeah uh this could you, whatever it is i’m gon na just put it on the screen and y’all can pronounce it. How y’all want to pronounce it, but i guess they were designed in australia with australian flag. This is both of them right here and i know y’all just seen the tv change, but who cares, but this is both of them. I like them, never warm yet but plan on it. Okay hold on to the next shoe: okay, so yeah! Next to these shoes. I do not know what they call uh. Let me see oh carbons, i don’t know what to say. Oh, i say it say: carbon elements um same thing with these from my grandfather and yeah they’re called carbon elements, haven’t worn yet they’re softened the inside. So i found that i was having their high tops and i love hot tops so yeah i love them.

I’Ll give these a. I forgot to read the other ones, so i’m gon na put the other ones on the screen in the other uh clip, but these i’ll rate these a 8 out of 10. on to the next shoe, okay, so yeah next. Is these polos same with these? In the mud got ta, clean them came for my grandfather same with the other one story, and these i haven’t warmed yet either um they’re hard and inside. I guess, but there’s some color. I don’t know what that color. Then i just know there are some pillows. So yeah these are polos. Hot tops, love hot, so yeah. This is the other one. This one is a little more dirty or whatever again, this is the polos whatever they call if y’all know who they called. Please tell me in the comments down below, but on to the next shoe on tv next shoe y’all these like these two, some polos don’t, know what they’re called same store as the other ones, but yeah. I got a lot of shoes from my grandfather yesterday, yeah anyways. These are some polo i don’t know um a sad scene. I don’t know what this is, but y’all can read it i’m gon na put it on the screen. Y’All gon na read it uh. So you take some polo something the other one is right here, so yeah them some red polo – something i do not know, but next clip it is.

These don’t know what they call at all. Oh, they caught some x rays, same story as the other ones, but yeah these i couldn’t, really clean them because i think there’s just a stain, so it’s not going to come off that yellow looking stain if y’all can, but no it looks white but yeah. These are some x ray. These would be like for thanksgiving and all kind of stuff like thank giving christmas and all that so yeah, i would rate all the shoes is gon na be on the screen because i’m not really rating them or whatever, but matter of fact, if y’all think i Should do a outfit plus shoes rating no i’m, not gon na! Do that i’m? Not doing that? Okay, but yeah. These put the rating on the screen bye. Next, clip Music, like okay, oh hold, on okay, they’re hard on the inside, i like the other ones so yeah on to the next clip. Okay, next, is these beverly hills, polo club shoes same thing as the other one same story? These are like these because i used to like shoes like this, so the rating is going to be on the screen for these uh, so yeah but y’all. I change. I might change my reading for these shoes right here, the converses. So if i say one thing in the videos, don’t mean it’s gon na be the same thing when i edit the video so yeah. These is my beverly hills, polo club, whatever you want to call them shoes so yeah on to the next okay.

Next is the shoes that i painted and y’all already know, because i told y’all in my last day in the life and i’m gon na give y’all a hint for my next video gon na, be so it’s gon na be down below in the description with the Next video gon na be it’s gon na just know, it’s gon na be a hint part, two so yeah. These is my shoes that i painted y’all should know that, because if y’all watch the day in life, then y’all know i paint these shoes. I went without them from walmart and panel and the shoe straight is on my neck right now, because i took them out uh about three days ago. Just so i can clean them and i might repaint them. I don’t know because it was scratched, oh and, as you can see, it’s kind of unevenly painted, so i got ta repaint them all the way, but so far these shoes they’re soft on the inside. So you can get a 10 out of 10 for sure um. So yeah going to the next next: is these blue color? Okay? Next? Is these blue ones same thing as the orange ones, different color, different size and all that, but same reading, same thing, everything that y’all heard in the orange one? I would just say about these. So yeah and on to the next clip next, is these slippers, nothing special walmart slippers? I got them from walmart.

This was for something and i couldn’t find it. So i forgot what it was. I think easter, but i didn’t even really wear them, but i wear them a lot now, but you know regular slippers. I cleaned them this morning and i didn’t clean the other ones but yeah these ratings. I would give these a 9 out of 10. they’re not as comfortable, and i thought they would have been but yeah on to the next clip: okay, so y’all. That was the end of my video. That was the end of my mini. That was the end of my mini shoe tour, so yeah make sure go ahead like make sure i’ll go ahead like comment and subscribe. If y’all want more videos like this and if y’all don’t, that mean y’all just need to get off of my channel okay anyways go ahead and hit that notification bell, so y’all can get notified every time i post a video and if y’all hit that subscribe button.