I had a lot of fun using this rc uh crawler, my sons too. They have enjoyed driving this vehicle outside in the outdoors, and so i made another video and i’m going to show it to you right now so check this out. Music right here is very interesting because, as you can see the jeep, it does have a lot of power uh, because you can see the wheels they uh, they keep spinning and uh. They do not stall. So the engine can handle uh pretty much this terrain, so it does have the power to to climb up. But uh. In my point of view, right here is the the problems is um is the tires that they do not have enough meat to climb up Applause? Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, i think you have to go around the rocks. You got ta find out it doesn’t. Let me go back: yeah yeah, Music yeah! You got ta yeah! You got ta! Do that like try, Music, so Music? Oh Applause, Applause, oh yeah, oh we’re! Almost there, all right, you made it yay! Okay, okay, let’s, see! Take it easy! Take it easy! Oh yeah! Oh right there, careful, the bushes, oh my god! It made it huh all right, all right, all right! Everyone that’s it for this video. Thank you again for watching this video and, if you like this content, this type of videos please subscribe right now, push that subscribe button right now and um i’ll see you on the next one.