That was amazing. Oh wow, flip it man, oh in the tree, the tree caught it. Oh i’m, only a little scared. Oh my truck. Oh my gosh that’s good nate. Did you look in the mirror today? Listen we’re here at the hill, with the art, with the arma outcast the art cast. I like the art test, uh and we’re gon na have some fun but here’s a more serious question. Why don’t they make jackets for your shorts. You can call them shortcuts. So pants no pants go all the way down i’m talking like a jacket, this type of material, but for your shorts, so sweatpants. No, because they’d be cut off with the knees so sweat shorts sweatshirts they do no! Yes, i do they go over your shoulder mate. You look a mess today, not that i look much better with your outcast, and this thing is an absolute beast of a hill. This isn’t like the hill 2.0. This is like the hill 10.0. It is amazing, so um we’ll see how this does, because it’s going to be a little tail heavy. This is going to throw rocks worse than the mojave. I think it’s much bigger too much bigger, but i know i’m gon na have to pass the controls over to you in just a second yeah. You have about 10 seconds. This is gon na make it off this hill, no problem the wheels on it alone are like the size of our crv wheels.

Oh, my gosh, all we’ve done with this so far is an unboxing and a speed test, and in case you guys are wondering if you missed the mojave video, why we haven’t been doing bashing stuff as much on the channel it’s, because the hill has not been In our lives, we found a new one found a new one, and i say better at least so far. It is all right. Okay, there you go bashing queen. I look much better than you yeah you’re gon na look better. Okay! Here we go. This is an 8 s, beast oh popping wheelies in the gravel nice there’s a stump there. We still have to clean up some trash here. Unfortunately, this is uh. Oh yeah, look at that sticker on there. You just took out part of that root. Oh nice, nice! You know flip yeah, so cool. I was trying to go a little higher today in my boots. I know a better spot for this yeah, no whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa and that’s. How you break an outcast, whoa let’s jump. It let’s jump it send it send it send it. Oh in the water. What are you doing? You didn’t even hit it? No, it wasn’t. It was not i’m, oh, very nice that has better air control than the mojave, obviously emojiv, very nice, oh gosh. I can’t believe it did that when it landed, this is much better off roading than the majibi. Oh trees, nice! Oh, why did you if you would have just let it not touch the brakes? It would have been.

Okay, yeah all right, let’s go one more time. You can do better there, you go better yeah, hey we’ve, all been there. Okay let’s see. Can you buy oh there’s the spot right there? Oh nope, i think the ground is too loose. Oh came down on that front tire hard, wow, that’s, a dirt mover, might as well launch it up this, though. Okay, this thing’s a beast, an absolute beast: yeah, oh wow! If it did i’m impressed, do you still have four wheel drive wow? This is this. Is more intense than any skate park ever all right? What do i need to do just commit to the throttle at the top? Ah there’s, no way to land it it’s, so it’s, absolutely vertical. Just uh hang on. Oh look. That was pretty awesome, wow wow! This is crazy abby over here she’s, like i got this oh man, i don’t know how you did it that first time, okay, i think before you lose your battery, we should do the regular true hill let’s go to give you perspective, that’s the outcast down there, That tiny little micro machine and uh happy look. I just climbed up the ridge that abbey did the other day, and this is insane it’s flat, it’s flat up here. This is like the perfect little fun spot. On top of a small mountain. What wow you can see the tire tracks that we did wow? Okay, this is nuts you dominated that hill, with the outcast we’re kind of starting pretty big here with somebody mows up here, don’t they they’d have to here.

We go you like jumped backwards, yeah. That was amazing. That is almost vertical. You could sled here. It would probably kill you. Okay, let’s, go what oh, no, no, no, please don’t, no i’ll go, get it i’ll go get it you’re, not flipping over. Oh, i just wanted to give you guys another perspective of mate down there at the bottom, because, when we’re standing at the bottom, this hill doesn’t look that big um. But it is like way steeper than our old hill like we. We used to be able to climb our old hill. We cannot climb this one, except this one, little spot that he’s going on and then there’s there’s like a little um, gravel, worn out path. That goes all the way around but yeah. I just thought it’s cool to show you guys this perspective isn’t it pretty out springtime. Well, i’m, crazy winded! After that i mean really yeah wow man, that’s scary, because you don’t want to get too close to the slip i’m trying, oh wow, you just moved. I just moved big chunk of dirt. Oh i got my hair. We are taking our rc’s to the next level here, but you be careful. I do not want to flip that over again, oh, i stopped because i keep hearing okay, oh you are so lucky. You are so lucky you’re, so lucky, oh, i guess mr boots yeah. That was amazing. That was amazingly perfect over your head.

I could tell i could tell that was so perfect. Can we call that a four story back flip at least three now don’t don’t creep over the edge or you’ll flip it because i don’t know if you guys can tell, but there is this there’s this little lip here, like that’s gon na keep a lot of Rc’S from ever coming up here, man, oh in the tree, the tree caught it that’s a first that’s a first i can get out. Oh no don’t, don’t don’t even bother we’ll just pick it out here my bad well, that’s, the most exciting i do like trees. We love trees. Oh you plowed into the gopro i couldn’t i should have won. Oh you rode a wheelie all the way up back flipped and landed into the portrait again come on abby. You have to try this okay. That literally took two of us to get out. Well, i think you won the height on that one. So nate is scared of heights. You guys so he’s, like oh i’m, not getting any closer that’s the closest. I want to get oh right on the right side, though wow you are getting air i’m gon na stand back here. I just i wan na get your landing. This thing is crazy. Look see these one tire two tires three tires: yeah it’s, crazy. Four four tires: i’m. Only a little scared. Oh my truck. Is it okay? Are you okay? Little guy did? Did he hurt? You? Did the big scary man hurt you? Oh my gosh that’s good wow.

Nothing is tough. That feels like uh. You want adrenaline in your life, you want a natural high. You know this is what you’re missing it’s crazy, that’s fun. We got another hill to go up too i’ll uh. I got those five five for me and it’s still, i think in one piece. So i better pass the controls back up to you because i feel very good you’re afraid to break it. Huh yeah this is abby’s and, like you know, it’s an expensive truck. We had to save up for this for a long time. Didn’T get it when it came out or anything: oh gopro! Oh, oh, oh, that little sidewall. So this is what the mojave like conquered all day long time after time after time. Let’S do this. I can’t believe how cut up i got right here. Wow! Oh that tree, i missed the landing because uh ouch, because you were there, but oh my gosh. How is it surviving this thing’s a beast? I feel like we’re, literally trying to break it. Yeah wow wow, oh wow, okay, avoid the tree. You i heard you throttling it trying to get it to come back yeah. It landed you’re on its wheels. Well, there you go. This is an amazing vehicle, she’s going one more time, she’s going one more time, massive super fun uh in the tree. You get to get it out. Oh, oh, oh! Well, that’s, the end of the video.

Oh, oh, oh it’s, down there. Oh my gosh uh, not it that’s, not how it works it. So i got i’m not going to show them because of youtube. I just did kind of, but i’ve got to cut here: i’m bleeding cut here: i’m bleeding they’re scratches yeah they’re screwed, i got cut, we got cuddles don’t steal my thunder what an amazing place vehicle all of the above, and for that i thank god. We had a blast today and if you like that vehicle you got to get some of that in your life, we’ll have a link in the description box below this is what i would call hopefully. Finally, above average, bashing like this is not a normal spot, so hopefully you guys appreciate the effort put into it. That was fun and we have to wrap this up because it’s raining now and we got to go recover this down over the hill. This is there’s a bug that landed on the camera, a massive thanks to our patreon supporters, because we couldn’t do our channel without you guys you’re the backbone to our channel, and you mean the world to us. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.