In the last video, we have taken a look at what bodies fit the seat lmt and just for mock up. I have this traxxas slash, baja bug body by proline on there. If you want to figure out more about uh what i tested, what fits and what doesn’t go check out that video, i will make sure it’s linked in the top over here. I will also make sure that this video is part of a playlist about the low c lmt. Just so you can see uh me comparing it also to the axial smt tin and that body video, and also to see what motors actually fit in it right now. We’Re ready for paint, so i cut up this uh ford, f, 150 body for the traxxas trx4 made by proline racing. I cut this to fit over the cage, so i am running the cage. I’M, not just running a body post everything fit really snug. Actually, above expectations really nicely, so all of that went together really well and the theme i’m going with is the flying dutchman. If you’re not familiar with the flying dutchman, the flying dutchman is like this legendary ghost ship, so it’s supposed to be like a haunted trade ship that went missing at some point and people have been spotting it a whole uh ghost story around it super intriguing, i’m. Originally, dutch and seeing that there’s no travel, of course currently, i did want to have like a dutch theme, so this is really something that is close to my heart and something that i’m really giddy about to get it going also gives me the opportunity to do Something nice with like skylines and light and clouds and like a bunch of colors, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do uh today now i will show you what i did.

I kept it fairly simple. Initially at least so. I went with my regular method where let me turn this off real quick just so i can explain this to you first, where i print stuff out in reverse, how i size stuff up in photoshop like fonts, and then i mirror them so i’ll flip them horizontally. Before i actually print them out and what i then do when i have it printed out like this, for example, this says hemistorm, but the way that i printed it out right now, it says see me because it’s like hemistone backwards, and then i stick it to The outside of the shell sticking this to the outside of the shell means that, on the inside of the shell, you can really clearly see that printed surface on your paper and from there you can mask it up with your masking tape and start cutting. Now. This was fairly simple or, like relatively quick. I also really like masking with regular tape, just because it is fairly easy to manipulate and to repair stuff and to add stuff. So for that reason again, i went with my two inch wide 3m masking tape. Now let’s see what i did by putting the light on. You can see that on one side or actually on both sides, i put flying dutchman so that’s written on both sides. Then, on the front i have written a hemistorm. I always cut my own window mask just because i think that works a lot better than the ones that come supplied with.

Of course, if you uh, if you take some extra time, make your own window mask, i think just end up with something that fits better and it looks better eventually and then you can see over here front part of the door i’m, making sure that you’ll see A close up of it as well the flying dutchman, so actually the ghost ship with the sails rolled up and then over here on the other side, you can see it with the the sails out, so it’s actually sailing it’s in full action and then on top. I put a dutch landscape, so it has a little windmill. It has like a couple of villages. It has some uh some plants, some stuff, that you would find on the water side, because this would be like a tiny village uh like located on the side of a lake or something like a typically dutch scene. So something that i think is really fun. To paint up, you also see like a little dude in a rowing boat crossing the lake, maybe he’s gone fishing or whatnot i’m, not sure, but all of this typically dutch, i think it looks fun. Um really curious to see how this will turn out with some of the colors that i have in mind. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to fade in the sky first i’m, going to start from the bottom and then i’m going to make sure that in the top it blends together – and i end up with like a light color for like a sunset.

I hope that makes sense. We will truly wing it in this video see what uh, what Music happens? Music. So are you so pretty Music is Music. Nobody, oh you were caught in a dream. I can’t believe you didn’t, walk away. You click your fingers. Music is Music Music, Music, but nobody said you were caught in a Music dream: Music um, oh Music, Music, uh. I went ahead and did the whole background. I also peeled some of the lettering already um. Now the background there’s a ton of color going on what i wanted to do first, is i wanted to make sure that those uh ships that are those actually popped, so i gave those a tiny hint of blue anodized aluminum back with a regular blue metallic before Backing that with a darker blue metallic and then i went purple purple, anodized, aluminum, pink, anodized, aluminum, regular, pink fluorescent, pink, camel, yellow fluorescent, yellow and then eventually all the way up to a white. Now, when you start fogging out paints like that chances are that it will cloud up one way or the other. You can start with the the lightest color first and then you basically risk fogging up some of the crucial body parts over here or you can start with the darker colors again with just using rattle cans. You are going to run into some limitations and that’s the case over here as well. So i started with some of the darker colors and chose to sacrifice perhaps some cloudiness over at where the windmill and everything is on the top, which is fine, because that will make it look kind of like an oil painting.

You will see, i think, once i’m completely done what what i mean to get all those color nuances, it’s, not super easy. You need to keep your cans really warm, especially right now, it’s winter time, if you still want to spray and still want to get some results uh. Overall, you need to keep in mind that this is just basically a background color. So what is really going to pop on this, especially since it is a monster truck, is the lettering, the lettering in the front and then windows window trims and whatever you’re, going to add in a sticker. So here as well, of course, i need to add some headlight stickers and tail light stickers. Those i am going to use from the proline sheet and apart from that i’m, going to keep it as simple as possible, just because it is a monster truck, and i just wanted to have some colors to make it really loud to make it really pop. So what i got left right now is the lettering so i’m going to use some super high contrast over there. A black outline white lettering, maybe add a tiny bit of light silver metallic and then, apart from that, basically finish it up with some flat clear on the outside and call it a i’ve day wondering what has happened to you now. Am i the only one guess i thought that this was meant to last now i wish i was still living in the past, never felt so damn frustrated, you’re, just wasting my time Music in my head, all your friends and now my enemies always tell you what To do Music, can’t, Music, always looking for the easy way now they’re walking over you, Music, never felt so damn frustrated, you’re, just wasting my time now, we’re hanging by a thread and it’s ringing in my head Music, Music.

So well that wraps up this uh paint job on this locality on the ford f, 150 raptor body, from a pro line intended for the trx4 um a couple of important things before i forget it. If you’re on the proline redshirt website use the code hemistone10 or hamilton to get an instant 10 discount on all of your purchases, so whether that be wheels tires bodies. What have you anything you can imagine you get a 10 discount immediately by applying the code hemistone10 and another thing subscribe if you haven’t already, because it is free and it will always stay free and it’s greatly appreciated. Also, if you enjoyed this video, make sure that you hit that like button, because it helps getting this video up a bit in the algorithm now um let’s see on this body. I think it really shows that you can make whatever you want so uh. Typically, i wouldn’t go like yeah, you know, adding like a dutch landscape or any type of landscape is easy, but it actually is because, if you just sort of like simplify it to the point where you are comfortable with it, but also to the point where your Materials are comfortable to use with it, and then you just add complexity from there to the point where you feel comfortable, that you will have a paint job that you’re able to execute without too much difficulty. So that’s exactly what i did over here. So it took like a real uh, a stark contrast that silhouette in the background both for uh, the flying dutchman so both for the the ship.

You can see ghosted in here the ship on the other side, which you will see close up of, but also for that the landscape with all those typical dutch things. So you see on the top. You can see a windmill there’s, a little dude in a row, boat, there’s, some typically dutch, typical dutch villages and a bunch of other stuff that really make it look. I think, like a dutch landscape, i had a ton of fun putting this together here. You also see some reed, i believe it’s called reed and some reed cigars. So i wanted to sort of like blend that in as well. You could tell that i gave that a hint of copper just to make it appear a bit unlike a different layer in that landscape, those ships as well. On the side, i gave those a really tiny dash of dark blue metallic before backing them with a black. Just to set them, apart from the lettering flying dutchman, i decided to do that in a white and a black, with a hint of bright silver metallic just to set that off a bit make it look a bit more monster truck ish. I think this turned out pretty okay. I’M, actually really really happy with the result uh. I hope this goes to show that you can do a lot with just uh some simple materials like tape and some rattle cans, and i hope you will uh have fun on your next painting project, whatever it will be.

I might actually paint up yet another body. Uh, maybe less complicated for this low clmt. If you want to have any information about any of the project products that i mentioned in this video or about any of the products that i used on, my local t go, have a look in the video description box, because it will make sure that everything is Listed over there, thank you so much for watching and have fun painting.