What is this? You got today: RC buggy, hey that’s, pretty nice it’s, an ugly box, yeah it’s a little destroyed here, noob right RC, so these are pretty common for general public. Nothing too, fancy just a regular car, but there’s a pretty good size. I don’t know what size this is, and they do need a lot of batteries, so battery hugging’s is what they do. Alright just want to open this thing up, mmm pumpkins, look what it says guys thank you for choosing a premium new bright product Marcus. This is a premium this that means it’s the best quality they got premium all right now we got ta figure out words connected from the bottom, all right, remote still stuck. How does the car look mark nice, it’s, pretty large dude? It looks so cool there’s. Definitely a new bright premium product guys, so it looks pretty good overall. Definitely has a interesting look to it for sure. I would definitely not call this premium, but either I mean it is new bright. So new bright has been known for not premium stuff, yeah here’s. The odd thing that I found is that the front Springs actually don’t. Do anything they’re just for looks so if you notice, if I do this it just doesn’t, do nothing but the back ones actually function, but they’re so stiff that they’re almost worthless. They need to be less stiff than this anyways Marquez. You got that antenna. Hein nice let’s put some batteries in this thing yeah and see how it rides around it.

Doesn’T look bad overall, actually looks pretty cool got some kind of design inside their seatbelts, so definitely like the wheels the wheels will cool yeah. Alright let’s put some batteries in this thing by the way, guys we’re using Amazon’s batteries. These are actually really good batteries. If you need batteries, I’ll leave a link in the description to get these we’ve been definitely liking these alright. So we got two batteries in the remote five batteries in the car let’s see how this lid will close, yeah it’s still super loose. I don’t know Marcus, we might lose em. I have to put a piece of tape on that. Maybe we just back up that screw just a little bit, I’ll hold the lid yeah just notice. The wheels have a new bright logo on them. As an NB here, that’s pretty interesting detail. Yep there goes it’s locked nice let’s just do deck cause it’s gon na fall off. If you don’t and moment of truth, is it gon na work? Well, I got ta go. Matt looks a little bit out of balance, though transall so that’s a plus. So it seems the word marquee you’d be fine premium products work. It goes on the grass good or not so good. You meet on road all right, so it’s on the grass floor at Marcus, Wow dude what’s, going on brand new batteries. Is it what’s what’s it doing? The grass is too big for that thing.

Wow. This is so embarrassing. Brand new batteries and it’s barely moving you can’t even go. Go keep going up the hill bro it does it can’t even go up this little tiny, like slope, and the grass is like very short. This is embarrassing gage once that’s a super embarrassing. So this thing is pretty pretty slow unless it’s on a really hard surface. So this is definitely for average consumer not even close to hobby grade or excuse for our control card to sell even noob right should be ashamed of themselves. I mean honestly, I guess I shouldn’t have expected more than this, but I was hoping you know that they got better over time, but it looks like they got even worse, because I remember when I was a kid. I used to get new bright toys and I was just excited about them, but back then we didn’t have that much choices and they were pretty bad back then, but now they’re just awful compared to what else you can get there’s, always the money right, hey. What do you got anything we live and learn alright, so we’re gon na make some videos of it, driving around Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music.