We have a box here. We have no clue what’s in it. For all we know there could be a dead goat, so let’s unbox it okay. So here we have a car itself, not too shabby you have to control as well. Why is it on top of the car i don’t know, and here we also have some accessories yeah. We don’t need this anymore, Music, okay, so this is the car Music, not just not too old, so let’s see we have the controller as well. Leave that in the package let’s first take it off with the car Music shop. Absorbers are working well, it’s, very tired, let’s have a look inside so here we have two seats and it looks like a screen and another seat with the steering wheel. That’S not essential, so let’s take a look underneath. This is the important part. So here we have the motor where it spins these and makes them move, and we have the shock absorbers. We also have the steering turning thingy. Okay, let’s have a look at the controller Music, so the controller here has a popular design where it has the wheel and controls. So you have the trigger to make it go forward and backward. You have the on off power button and we have the throttle. We also have trends for the throttle and the steering let’s see it. Oh wait. We didn’t put batteries in okay, so let’s put in the batteries.

No screws are required. All you need are two double a batteries. You’Ll see some instructions here on where to put them in so the first one is minus side down and the second one is plus side down. Okay, so it’s in my screws, let’s turn this on let’s turn the car on Music. When you hear that beeping sound, it means it’s paired. Okay, so let’s see the motor, you might notice two sticks moving, which means the wheels gets moved and we also have the steering servo fully functional, very smooth when it’s on. We also have two very small lights. With indicators from which way, you’re turning Music very smooth, so the throttle trim let’s see so it automatically moves it when you’re not touching, it i’ll put some rice over here, as you can see, i’m, not touching it and it’s still moving let’s bring it down to Nothing so we have the accessories here. We have a roof rack with this. I don’t know what it is. We also have some mini luggage and light covers, and here we also have some spare window wipers, some wing mirrors and a charger, but we’ll show those all in a different video. Okay. So here you have the battery here so let’s take it out so it’s a regular rechargeable battery pack, as it seems it has a small connector here, but let’s not get it too fussy over this. So we should focus on the diesel here.

It’S really amazing. The plastic here is really great quality really see through here on the windows and windscreen. If you take a look inside and you’ve seen them earlier, it’s very well detailed inside steering wheel of the screen there another screen. We have speakers and we also have a container in there, as you might have seen. If you have a car yourself here on the side very well detailed again, if you have a big enough car, you might own a ledge like this on the side, and it will look very similar to that. So we must apply them for the detail that they put in now. You must be wondering hands if a wheel breaks well i’ll show. You now might notice that there’s a black wheel here, Music, which you can conveniently remove if you put your nail and put it in the center here and take this little guy out, it’s not going to be able to be removable immediately because there’s a screw inside. So let’s unscrew it Music, okay, so now it is entirely out of the bag. So you have a little axle here which is used to pop the wheel up onto you can see right there. So if you want to replace this it’s really easy just do the same, you take it out, unscrew it and then take it off same axle here as on the back. So if you want to put the one from the back on, if say this, one has broken just plop it on pop in the screw Music screw it in and just plop this in Music and then it’s like it’s, never been taken off.

But if you want to replace the shock absorbers, you have to take the wheel off again Music and take it off so then you can see the shock absorber here with high quality springs Music. It should work very well and then you know take it be able to take it off. So let’s put this back in whoops Music screw it in and there it is fixed let’s put the back one on again and it’s back on just need. To put this thing back on again and um it’s on the back, even if it’s broken should look the same. So this is the car here very small, very affordable at 50 to 55 euros very well detailed i’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a high quality but not too expensive car has very proportional steering and speed, so let’s take a look at is in action. So first we’ll turn the throttle down to minimum Music. So we turn it on it’ll be flashing which shows it isn’t paired. Then you take up the car, you see a switch here. You turn on once you hear the beep and the license. The controller stops. Flashing means it’s paired, so let’s take a look at it, going in a very slow place on the gravel now let’s take a look at max speed and later seems very fast. Let’S. Take a look at it moving without me, holding it up Music square, your sponsor! There are lights here.

If you haven’t noticed when i’m going forward, they turn on i’m going backwards. They also turn on and they also act as indicators. So if i go this right, it shows that i can turn you dust and then go that way.