I got this bad boy right here, okay, so this is a mad speed. 1 tenth scale drift car, so your four wheel drive right there. As you can see, let’s see everything else. Just some warnings just look at this, so it has unique, centralized low center of gravity, cnc aluminum upper deck, cnc aluminum center drive, aluminum mount motor, mount durable oil filled shocks, that’s, really, good it’s, an oil filled; precision, ball, bearings, adjustable linkage, high performance, motor and ecs; Reliable radio control system we’ll see about that battery and charger included. So this is a ready to an rtr design i’m ready to go pretty much it’s fully built, so you don’t have to build anything. Let’S buy mad speed there. This is the drift king, sk it’s. In red – and i mean right here in the picture – you can see that it seems to be like a nissan 350z with a wing and everything, but the one that i got was obviously the r35 nissan gtr anything down here, all right, okay, so let’s just get On into it, it’s a little hard there. Ah there you go, you can see there, the r35 doesn’t say nissan or gt, or anything like that. But i mean, if you’re a car guy, you can definitely tell with these tail lights what kind of car this is have some goodies there let’s take a look at that right. There, some tape there holding on to the bubble, wrap but get that all right.

So let’s see what we’ve got here. Some instruction manuals, i guess, on how the whole rc car is put together, seems like there’s, some extra parts there, some keys but yeah. It seems like just an overall diagram of all the parts that are put in huh i’m. Looking at the shocks, aluminum shocks, okay, so i’m – pretty sure that this is just extra okay, now let’s see what we got here: charger let’s open this up and take a look. I don’t believe that this is a lithium ion batteries, but i mean it is pretty good for the affordable price tag of. I believe it was 150., so got the charger there put that to the side. I’M. Pretty sure that this is the receiver right here. All right, not too bad nice feel nice, rubber, texture. There, ah let’s see yep. You got everything to control it. You got there that trigger here, not too bad, and i believe it is yep four double a batteries that you need, but overall i mean it’s a pretty good transmitter. It feels feels okay, it’s decent for the price. You know nothing extravagant, but let’s peel, that off not too bad okay. So now here we have the drift car here, the r35. I mean stickers aren’t that good, but i mean not really looking for cosmetics really in these types of cars, then looks pretty good. Let’S. Look underneath the hood to say the least. Okay. I got these now let’s, look at the main function of this bad boy, all right, so we have the battery right there.

You have your whole suspension system. Nice little diffuser let’s see nothing important there. I can take that off got your whole motor transmitter receiver. Everything steering got a nice little rotors and everything nice foam guard here. You know, because, with these kind of cars you’ll be crashing into a lot of things, take a better look at that. So let’s just take a look at the body right there what’s that a gtr, but i mean everyone that looks at this car. Obviously gon na know that it’s an r35 nissan gtr, nothing on the inside no lighting or anything like that. You could always do that, but excited not to go with it. It’S pretty nice that they put some mufflers here just to add to the realism of the car, nice wing it’s, actually pretty supportive here for nice, exterior designs, stickers. Everything like that definitely looks good, see how much all right so let’s see how much car weighs three pounds and seven ounces with everything attached to it.