Today i got my cousin anthony with me. He’S going to be trying out. Rc drag cars for the first time he used to run rc cars back in the day, but this is a little bit different for him, so you know take it easy on him. You know what i mean. This is what we got here today. We got the same car used to run in the last few videos. Uh it’s, going to be uh, drag slash with the phantom 4 5. The pro line transmission. I got the hobby wing xr10 pro inside there we’re going to run the gnss performance analyzer and the revtech battery i’m gon na. Let my cousin run this car, which is the first call that we built, which is also in one of my beginning, videos um. This car is running the hobby wing, xr8 short course truck esc and he has a uh modified 3.5 corrally vulcan pro never ran this motor before uh he’s, going to be running the z battery 5000 milliamp hundred c for his first run kind of get used to The car and uh we’ll see how it goes only because it’s cold out three two one all right guys let’s see what we got here, all right so 56 miles an hour. 2.5 it’s actually kind of cold today, it’s about 47 48 degrees right now, so we’re having a little hard time, hooking up we’ll give that a one go Music. So you know that thing’s breaking loose the walk of shame that’s.

What happens that’s racing guys, so he rolled that nova that’s. Why i gave him that body. I knew that was gon na happen. You know, i love you guys. All right, let’s see what that one was a horrible. I had to get out of that one, not too good today, guys kind of wish it was uh have some better results for you guys on this, but unfortunately it is a little cold. A lot of sand in this lot too. So it’s a little bit of a problem with the breaking loose but we’re gon na keep at it. I got a few more batteries uh. I might have to turn this esc down just a little bit uh. The timing on it just might be just a little bit too much for these temps because i do have it set for what i ran last time and it was cold last time i might have just got lucky. You know i’m, not sure, but we’ll see what happens. Oh it’s, not looking good, oh no it’s working all right guys so cars aren’t hooking up too well today, um but we’re still gon na make a few more passes. I’M gon na be running the max amps. 4750S, in both of the cars so they’re both going to have the same exact battery in there 2s 4750 175c uh. One thing i forgot to touch on is this beautiful body that i had painted by rc custom graphics on instagram.

He did a great job. This is gon na, be my american outlaw body. I’M gon na run this body this season with the long island street eliminators and uh. Hopefully we do well, as you can see, both of us already rolled the car once so i’m. Not gon na run this car. For that reason, we’re just gon na try and keep this one nice not gon na shelf, queen it definitely gon na run it probably gon na flip it, but i’m gon na do my best to keep it nice and pristine uh until at least we start the Season, but so we’re gon na get at it again make a few more passes. We’Re doing some burnouts on the carpets out there um. It is probably around 45 degrees, light breeze. The sun’s dipping off pretty quick it’s about 4, 35 o’clock so i’m, not sure i’m. Gon na break any records today, but we’ll make a few more passes, ready, yeah three, two one go Music: how did you keep that on the road you didn’t Laughter? Well, that was a pretty decent run, guys 2, 5 57 and a big fiery crash at the end. Let’S. Do that again ready three two one go Laughter all right guys, so my cousin’s called the glue let loose on one of the back tires: it’s, not a bead, lock, so we’re gon na hold off on launching that thing like crazy, but i’m gon na send this Corvette one or two more times and uh we’ll see what we can do.

Ah, all right guys: let’s read it 55 and 2 6 all right, so we definitely ain’t breaking any records, but super cool i’m going to send this thing. One more time: i’m going gon na do an asphalt burnout, we’ll see what we get ready every time he talks the car lifts up and rolls up which wheels up wednesday. You know what i mean: Music, one three, two one: Music, Music, Music, all right guys! So sorry, we didn’t break no records today. Basically, we were just messing around after i realized these cars weren’t gon na hook up like they should have it’s already the sun’s already gone down and it’s cooling off really quick here, but at least there’s no snow and things are looking up. Warm attempts are coming really soon so uh, you know the cars did decent um. You know we rolled them a few times, but you know we had a ton of fun doing it so that’s pretty much it that’s. A good night buddy this guy over here wants a drag car and that’s all it takes one little rip and uh and you’re hooked, so yeah we’ll be on the bench later on tonight, wrenching on a new car for my cousin and uh yeah, things are looking Up so i appreciate you guys watching stay tuned for a lot more videos coming up. I got some really sick builds in the works and i’m talking really soon like in the next week or two.

So i apologize about the delay, but the weather was horrible up here it was raining snowing. It was super cold, just a nightmare to even get out with these things, but once again joe from aussie outlaws signing out, i appreciate each and every one of you. Peace have a good night.