This is from traxxas traxxas sent us a bunch of cool stuff. Wait. Can i pull this out? Yeah open it up. What do we got here? The lights in today’s rc, pickups video we’re, looking at an epic hall from traxxas Music, hey what’s, going on guys cjr here back with another rc video huge. Thank you to all the rc people. Who’Ve come over to this channel recently, um recently posted a video on the traxxas vortech 3.0 uh, which i have right here, um shout out to traxxas for sending that and all this stuff over, but i’ve got some great responses on on that video um. You know we’re pretty new to uh getting uh regular rc uploads to this channel um for the people who have been here before uh yeah stay tuned for more of my regular content as well as rc stuff. So without further ado, i’m gon na start doing rc pickups videos. I am picking up an obscene amount of rc related stuff right now. Cars parts hop ups. I have a good relationship with the people at traxxas, they’ve been awesome and they sent out a bunch of stuff for us to get started here. To use repair. Traxxas vehicles do some hop ups and stuff like that, so huge. Thank you to them and, like i said, if you want to see the unboxing and first run of the corvette uh stingray uh for tech, 3.0, um you’ll find that video here or at the end of the video and end of this video.

So what i’m gon na do is go through this stuff here uh. That tracks has sent us some really awesome stuff here to get us started. So this is the easy peak dual charger, uh fast charge up to 3x faster. So now i have charged the uh 2 cell battery that traxxas actually sent through and it charged it extremely fast uh. The nice thing about the traxxas charging system, the easy peak system um and the id system for their um, auto battery identification very easy to just plug in your battery, hit one button and start charging. This is huge because i can now allow my boys, you know i’m not going to let them be unsupervised, but much easier for them to char uh plug in a battery and just hit the hit the button for me so um yeah. I would never let them. Oh yeah just go charge the batteries. I would always monitor them and and make sure you’re always monitoring your uh batteries as they’re charging, but they can at least be a little more involved when it comes to. I feel a little bit more safe, 26 plus amp max output 200 watts. Obviously you can charge two batteries at a time. Nickel, metal or lipo um bluetooth connectivity excited to charge to uh. Give that a shot. You can monitor your batteries from the app on your phone that’s amazing. You guys know how much i love tech. So let’s take a quick look at this guy here.

I will uh do some separate content on this charger and batteries at some point but yeah. I just put it back in the box here for this, but uh i did actually use it once and uh. It was awesome, fantastic charger. I believe that is actually their top of the line charger. I think what they sent here was the completer pack, so the completer pack comes with two: they sent two 4s batteries, uh 6700 milliamp for the xmaxx there’s, a bunch of xmax stuff here, so yeah that’s, the completer pack comes with the easy peak, live dual and Then two of these 6700 milliamp id batteries – uh 4s lipos, so that consists of the completer pack. They also have a completer pack for 3s2, probably 2s as well. Next up, they sent this awesome. Uh tqi top qualifier traxxas link wireless module i’m going to use this in my xmax super excited to get some more details on uh what’s, going on with the xmax um yeah it’s super easy uh to actually tweak settings on your vehicles with this as well, which I’M super excited for kind of combining two of my favorite things, rc and tech. Next up, they also sent some of these cool little uh battery charge indicators. I love these um. I just have to figure out which one is which obviously green would be full charge. Um gray would probably be depleted and blue might be um storage charge.

Let me know in the comments below but uh cool little uh accessory. I should be mentioning part numbers here, two, nine, four three: i love. How traxxas does that it’s just part numbers on everything super easy to find six: five, one: one completer pack, two: nine, nine, seven um! Okay! I was beyond excited for this now i already did open this too. I i couldn’t help myself, eight seven one zero. This is the uh speed bit master, set hex and nut driver 13 piece set. This is phenomenal awesome little case this will go in my uh ammo crate, uh big enough to hold some of these tools, and then i use these. In my power driver uh nice little handle super comfortable, really high quality bits, um hex and driver hex and nut. What what did i say – hex, hex and hex, and nut driver really nice very, very happy with these i’ve already done some wrenching on a couple of my cars. With these i was using some cheap crap from china. They also sent over a couple of extra handles for the tool kit, a body reamer which i’m going to need for this project here. This is the xmaxx roof skid plate 7817 is the part number super excited for this. This is something i should have done. A long time ago, to be honest, um, basically it’s a skid plate for the top of the xmaxx stay tuned, i’ll, be doing some content on that i’ll, probably post that to my instagram stories and i’ll, just kind of walk through how i did that, but excited For that little project, so yeah that kind of goes with that on uh also with the xmax.

This is the high output off road light kit. Now i believe, i believe this is only for the x max yeah only for the xbox. As far as i know, part number 7885 front and rear light bars, working, brake and reverse lights. Very cool high voltage power controllable through the traxxas link, app, which will, i believe, tie into the traxxas link. Wireless module very excited i’ve, never installed a light kit. I’M. Fully confident that that i can do this yeah, you can see right there change lighting modes on the fly with the traxxas link, app super excited to to get to preview some of this technology featured in traxxas vehicles. I think that’s something that they do amazingly well and then finally, part number two, nine six eight x uh. This is a lipo cell. Uh voltage meter slash balancer. Now i don’t want to say the wrong thing here, but i think you can actually balance your cell with this i mean it’s called a balancer. So not only can you check the voltages of your batteries, but you can actually um. You know probably lower um cells to to be equal, almost like putting in a storage charge. I don’t know if you can actually do that, but yeah i’ll do more information on this, but uh very happy to have one of these great thing to have in your rc kit and then finally, the traxxas pit mat i’m. Sorry i don’t have the part number, because i took the plastic off because i’ve been using this guy.

I desperately needed something like this. You can see just how big it is. I mean maybe i’ll put the uh here’s the four tech 3.0 box, so you can get an idea of like a 10th scale car on that fits more than comfortably really high quality. Heavy duty mat no slippage whatsoever. Uh love the branding on it gorgeous gorgeous uh pit mat tho, so those are the pickups from traxxas once again huge. Thank you to traxxas for sending this out uh for me and the boys all right guys. Thank you. So much for checking out this episode of rc pickups stay tuned for more videos like this. I have a boatload of new rc stuff to show off. I’Ve got a backlog of car. Unboxings first runs speed tests, bashes, so most likely you’re going to be getting an rc video at least every second day for the foreseeable future, i’ve got a ton of content already recorded stuff coming out. So if you haven’t done so already feel free to like this video and subscribe to the channel once again guys.