Oh, my car is that you got this guy now i’m gon na show y’all this right here. Y’All see this. I bet i know guys it’s too bright because it’s hot so yeah. I know it’s too bright, it’s hot all right now, y’all finna see me drive. It awesome come on guys because hold on guys: okay, no it’s going to fall away. Guys. Um know what yo i’m going to just set this right here and you’re going to watch me drive it let’s, get it he’s too bright, Music. All right! You guys let’s, get it Music! Uh Music! Wait! Wait! Can you see no, no guys so notice how this car you go really really fast? Look guys you didn’t watch when i put it on high, oh yeah, so guys guys you feel like this is um. This is um. Give me a low one Music, and this is the high one so i’m, going to keep it going high guys like comment and subscribe. You have to if y’all like this video and then y’all want more videos like this let’s go Music, so Music Music – oh my god, guys guys this car costs this car cost 14 and just at walmart. If you have one to buy so um y’all gon na put the link inside this subscription. If y’all want to buy this rc car guys, cars really fast, ah guys i’m not going to lie to y’all. This car is very fast, so wait guys.

So now i feel like show y’all and guys definitely hold y’all while i’m driving it look. Look i flipped home. I flipped you guys so guys. Remember this car, you get that walmart! You give y’all, want it and go to walmart. You didn’t cost fourteen dollars all right now, i’m gon na touch all back down again. Let’S continue driving it all right, guys, let’s drop, you guys, bro this car guy, his car would be whipping he’s whipping around the streets, bro and guys. This is a race car. This is uh automatically a race car, so y’all should get it for 14 dollars it’s because that’s what um, because that’s? What um y’all did? Oh my gosh, oh my god, god all right, y’all, guys good yo, because i’m get failed. You got good, so guys, um! You failed um, if i hope you guys are good getting this driving thing right here.