Welcome back to channel quotVideo Langganankuquot. Do you still remember the toy box like this? We reviewed it before. And here it is … Herocar, And what we have reviewed is this edition of HULK friends. This time we will review the IRON MAN edition For display the IRON MAN hero car is this. Yes, This hero car is also very cool, Especially with cars that have four wheel drive. Making this car will be really fun to play anywhere. Moreover, this car is also known as a CLIMBING CAR, Or another name, is Rock Crawler Wow. The structure of this car is specially designed to be super strong and anti collision With a car model that is shock resistant, make. This car has a better performance during the process of driving Even in mud. Mountain roads, shalow water grass paving can easily through by this type of car, Certainly makes us able to enjoy crazy off road. This car have high strength of the shock, So rugged road or climbing will not be a problem, make it like a real mountain king For this Hero Car. There are four version friends And what we have reviewed is this HULK and now IRON MAN For the Hulk. You can check the video right now on this direction. Can’T wait to unboxing this off road car, Let’s unboxing, this car friends, Wow … … After opening the color of this car looks cooler and more beautiful friends. Here goes the look of the car that we will unboxing and review this time.

Don’T forget to support our channel by clicking the LIKE button, Then don’t forget to click on the SUBSCRIBE button and don’t forget to click the bell too friends For the toy accessories it’s under the box. Friends There. It is Then, for the car parts are also equipped with cable ties., So it’s safer Inside the toy package. There are a charging cable and a battery that can be charge back. Then there are the remote control and three AA batteries not include that we must to buy, and the last is the car unit Immediately. Let’S put the batteries that are already available in this toy package into the remote control. Car. Do not forget to also insert the battery into the remote control itself For the remote control. There are an on off button here, friends, And we must activate it when we want to play and when we activated it there are indicator light on the remote control.. Then the remote control car part also has an on off button right here. We also activate it friends because we want to play it and there are also indicator lights on the car parts. Let’S Play Let’s warm up guys, OPS, It’s fall down Unflat surface, Not a problem. Where is my car? The game can be cool like that, because this car has a very large tire friends So tires like this are very exciting to play. Then the back of the car also has a spare tire, But this is just an accessory because it doesn’t have the bolt like the one in our own tires, Then the part that is no less important is Per on all four sides of this car friends.

So this Per is really useful when the surface is unflat, So for surfaces that want to go right or left or going uphill. This will be an exciting part to play for this type of car. Then this section of the car has a head over here, Which is a specially designed anti shock. That is this type of car friends. So you already know why, in the front of the car, there is a shape like this.. So this is very useful when a car hits something When we saw the inside of his car. There are a lamp in the middle of the car. It is the indicator light of this car. Can you see it right here Now? We try to turn it on. Here it is the look of the lamp I was mean earlier. Then we try to turn it off and we will see the details of the design of this car For the steering wheel and the seating section is very neat design and also good friends. The type of remote control this time is GHz., So it doesn’t need an antenna for the game. For this remote control. There is an on off button., So we must turn it on when we want to play it. Now we go to the game. For this side. When we press the car will move forward. If it is raised, press the car will move backwards. Actually, this remote can be hold by one hand, But because my hands are small, I need the other hand.

Friends Turn right: if we want go, right. Turn left. If you want to go left, There is one thing that is very missed by the remote control car player that is over here friends. This one can come out.. I once happened when I opened other car ‘this one’ out from the car, and it makes we can’t move right or left So never lost it. Look carefully because, if it’s lost the game will be really hard to play, That’s all our review. This time.