I’M gon na, let my son Drive and then I’ll record should be fun. Music, keep it keep it. Oh don’t fall don’t fall, keep keep going, just give it a little bit of throttle. Oh it’s gon na go it’s gon na go it’s gon na go now. If you turn that way, it’s simply gon na go. Does he save it? Oh, he doesn’t Music Music Music to get lower, actually get low Music Music Music. You should grow like this way. Music right. This is gon na be hard going down. Oh there we go check out the scale stuff. They have look at this kit. You can get a set of mini scale and these are actually shrink wrapped tracks. Str X, force some axials. Oh look: some mini ice chests the water cooler freakin awesome. I will put an email in description below, so you guys can check. He’S got a whole bunch of it check out this stuff, and if you wanted his stuff, they will it’ll get you some so go check it out. Those are awesome. Here’S. Another hot kit that Lonestar just got in this is the scx10 scx10, the scx10 3 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I love how scale it looks. You guys know I’m, not gon na do axial, but thing looks pretty legit. They have them here. Well, most are artsy hobbies. Just another cool car, I don’t think this one was here last time I was here either. I think this is a new one.

The enduro trailer Walker Drive super cool, just heard my crawler go crashing down, that’s cool too the race spawn. So apparently this one. On top is the new bomber, so this is the old bomber. This is the new bomber. They were showing me all the lights, they have lights on the back, they got lights on the front, and then they have lights. Rock lights see those diesel electric. Here I always thought those are really cool. I have that on one of my TRX force, pull back a little bit and go forward roll back and go forward roll back go for puss. There you go there, you go nice! Very nice. All right! Go back down the slide one more time. I don’t think I got these last time either. This is the UM g10 it’s obvious that I’m reading this off the box. Sorry guys this is scx10 to the 2017 gee that one’s pretty cool Range Rover. I think that one is actually right there, the UM g10, six by six, pretty cool, alright guys. So I do have my car I’m. Not gon na show you on this vlog this one’s already long enough, so you got the lights out next one so tune in next. One make sure you like and subscribe turn on notification bell, so you can see me open this next car that up. Okay. I’M. Scared that you could see it in the background you can’t I don’t want to.

I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s a good one and I’ll tell you why everyone should buy this car that I’m just bought so hope you guys like this guy’s.