So it’s four wheel, drive loads of suspension, travel front and rear solid axles, locked up, diffs, full length, suspension, front and rear coil over shocks and a brushed motor. So some of you guys are probably thinking what is it? Well, i would say it is right in the middle between a crawler and a rock bouncer, the rock bounds is all about wide open, fossil, hitting obstacles flat out and bouncing your way up to the top, whereas the crawler is all about doing it, slow and controlled, And this thing should be somewhere in the middle, but i’ll tell you the main reason why we got it, and that is because of this – and this is a metal tick, welded chassis, to convert this into a rock bouncer, but that’s going to be for a future. Video in this video we’re going to run this see what it’s all about and then in the future video we’re going to strip it all apart and put all of this into this and also fit some faster motors and make this thing absolutely epic. So make sure you subscribe and smash the bell, so you don’t miss it. So on the box it says you need a 7.2 volt battery pack come on man, this isn’t 1980., so we’re gon na run it on a two cell lipo, but looking on the esc, it says it can take a free sale, so we’ll try it on this. First and then we’ll try a free sale later and hopefully smoke won’t come out of the motor.

So getting the battery into this thing is a complete pain in the butt you have to release the strap. Somehow you need to get your fingers in here. You look in there look there’s another strap and there’s no way to get your hands in there really to do it up next, we need to try and get our fingers in there and plug it in which is equally as difficult. So the radio is a tactic which is pretty good and it needs four double a batteries here we go so starting off nice and slow. Just crawling, oh, oh! Oh no! Can we recover from this mess slowly we’re going to try and back it up. We don’t want to crash there’s a very big drop there for the driver come on. Come on. Oh, oh, no! You want in there dude yep he’s, all good he’s got a sparkle. Harness is on flat out, but only two cell lipo guys that’s, not bad, see how well it crawls it’s, actually very controlled, it’s doing really. Well there we go nice, so it’s a lot more controlled than the rock bouncer. But of course the rock bouncer is a lot faster stair challenge: can we make it all the way down without crashing we’re gon na try and go nice and slowly nice, doughnuts, backflip, ah freestyle, lipo time more power? I hate dean’s connectors. Why won’t it go on? Oh come on. You got no hope for trying to plug that in when it’s inside there.

Yes, baby that’s woken it up. Oh, oh backflip! Oh yes, nailed it. Yes, yes, can we make it back up come on. You can do it. Oh nearly! Oh! Yes! Next let’s see i’ll see if we can climb. Most corners can do at least 45 degrees for this i’m expecting a little bit more. Oh easy, more! Oh, no that’s the limit Music, hello weasel.