First of all, you need to know that the dom rc is very, very cheap on sites like banggood that’s, where i got it from um it’s around 25 euros. So keep that in mind the downside is, it may take very, very, very long to get there. It took around eight weeks or it was nine weeks. I am not really sure. Although it said it would only be four to six. So keep that in mind, especially with pandemic going on so shipping may be a bit too late, but yeah i chose the blue grown one. There was also gold, which i personally think it’s more rose gold, because it’s got a hint of pink in it but yeah. I took this one on the box. It says there were also a bunch of other colors like orange and uh silver, so yeah, but i chose this one but yeah all right. The range is pretty good on this one. I know that because i’ve tried it out before on other people, car yeah and it’s it’s overall it’s, a really really good rc, so we’ll be installing it into our car. Today, i’ll be using the rustler vxl it’s a it’s, a very good car, to demonstrate this because it’s not really a hard car to switch out the receiver. So yeah go! Do that and see you guys soon, all right! So, first we are going to install it on the car. I actually already installed it to make sure it works.

So um i’m just going to show you how it’s how it’s done Music all right. So we got the screws out and one thing to note here: uh personally, i will take out the two ones first, because i don’t think you could really see it on time lapse. But if you take out the bottom ones first and then upper ones, it will go and move a lot, so i would recommend to take out the top ones first and then the ones so all right. If you get that all sorted, then right there that’s the dumb rc one, but it will be like that inside. I just have to rip it out. It may be a little bit scary because it can get really really tough to get out. As you can see here, i don’t know where i left it here. This sticky tape and it’s really really really sticky. So remember that and uh yeah, you just pulled out putting those this one. You need to get out as well and then on the wire to here and through here, right, Music, so Music, all right so you’ve got your dumb rc in the car. Now you’re going to want to bind it all right. So first a few things you need! Your overly needs, your dom rc receiver and an object shaped like this it’s, not really uh, it doesn’t, really matter if it’s exactly these objects. Only if it’s got like a bit of yeah this curve right there right so right about here there will be a wall with a button in it.

You need to press it and hold it down for a few seconds until the led starts flashing all right. So if the led starts flashing, you turn it on like that and it’s binded it’s, very, very, very simple, but yeah it’s, obviously mandatory, because otherwise you can’t steer the car and you can power it. So yeah let’s go alright! So now let’s talk about the transmitter itself. I personally think it’s pretty good. Looking and yeah. It says all the features that you will need here. You can change all the channels and trim it etc. Just for the gyro and a bunch of other things on an off button, the only downside is which i really don’t like is that the steering wheel, isn’t, foam, so it’s, really plastic of the other ones – are foam this one and that one are all foam. So a major downside, but overall i think it’s still pretty good, it’s, very, very cheap, so yeah you’re paying for that um. So the materials won’t be very high quality as another one for maybe 80 euros might be, but yeah for the price. I think it’s a really really really good receiver, so um yeah. I think this is due for part one in part. Two we’ll go outside and really test out the receiver on his range and uh yeah, how it’s really yeah in practical situations, not here on my desk but it’s, really outside and yeah. I hope you will also watch that one so it’s coming soon.

Don’T worry right. So this will do for this video, thank you for watching and make sure to check part two out two all right later, all right guys. So this is the end of this video of part, one so stay tuned for part, two and uh in that video we’ll. Be going outside and really test out the dom rc the range the handling so yeah stay tuned for that, but for now this will do it for part one. I really hope you guys enjoyed and also leave a like comment and obviously subscribe.