Oh no! What happened, but you guys said kev it’s not supposed to be for crawling it’s running in snow. So in this video that’s, what we’re going to do then also we’ve got a brand new toy to unbox, have a look at it and see how the two compare and later on i’m, going to give you an update, what’s going on with the project 203 modern Hour, rc car we’ve got some good news coming up with that. Do you want to get rich quick, then buy a lottery ticket and hope for the best? If you want to get rich for sure, you have to provide either a product or service of value. I’Ve spent the past 10 years of my life tried many different ways of making money online and by far the quickest and easiest way that i have found is by selling on ebay and i’ve helped hundreds of people make thousands of dollars every single month. So if you want more money, so you can buy more toys, buy a nice house or quit that dreaded nine till five. Then click the link down below and i’ll show you how a lot of you guys said that you liked seeing a few of these cheaper, rc car reviews. Now the main focus of this channel is on the more higher end, rc cars, but every now and then we have a little look at a cheapo. So this thing’s got hard body. Two solid axles.

Four wheel drive four link suspension coil over shocks, but there’s. No oil in there lock diffs and although it does look, kinda toy grady it’s got a proper servo there. So you get everything you need to run it. So you get the car radio batteries charger instructions, but you do need to supply a couple of double a batteries for the controller and to charge up the car you plug that into there and that into there, oh, so in the snow, it actually did pretty good. Now, at the end there one of these tracks did fall off again. They do come off really easily, but someone left a note in my comments how they fix their one, so this dude here put some fishing line around it that’s supposed to tighten it up. So we might give that a little go in a future video. So next this one here all charged up so let’s take it for a while. So i don’t know guys. I mean it is fairly cheap, but i think for your money, you probably get something a lot better. So this one here, although it’s a lot smaller, is a much nicer crawler. If you don’t mind spending a tiny little bit more then there’s this one here, which is my all time: favorite mini crawler i’m gon na put a link down below to all of these cars and to their videos. So you can go and see those reviews there.

Now, if you want something more this size, then i would recommend you go for more something like this, which is a little bit more expensive, but it’s a lot higher quality. Of course, you can go for the wpl, which is, i think, it’s actually a little bit cheaper. So the two main problems with this one. First of all, it seems to be geared a little bit too high it’s too fast, but it hasn’t got enough torque for when you’re crawling we’re gon na try it out in a minute and also when you steer. It happened quite a few times off camera and initially i thought it was a drive shaft binding up in there. But what happened was that the wheels would lock up and the whole car would just jam up solid, but i think what’s actually happening is that the wheel is touching the bumper there, so we’re gon na cut this out, then we’re gon na give it another. One. Sorry guys can’t talk properly, got braces so in about a year’s time, i’m gon na look like that beautiful most crawlers can get uphill climbs deeper than 45 degrees. So let’s see what this one can do. I doubt it alright. Here we go. Ah not quite next. We have to rock crawl i’m, actually surprised it’s getting over it, guys. Oh hey, we did it so full speed, that’s fairly fast for a crawler turning cycle’s, not the best, but it just seems geared a little bit too high.

I mean if it was geared lower. We’D have a little bit more torque and it’ll make it more controllable on the crawl, see what we’ve got to do here. Look it’s, not crawling we’ve got to give it like loads, more power, and suddenly it shoots off just like that by cutting this off it’s. Definitely made it a lot better, but still you know play a little bit more and get this one. Maybe pay the same and get that one. I can’t remember the price link down below, or one of these two here so i’m gon na put a link down below. We can get all these cars from and also a video where i’ll compare all these other cars, so you can see exactly how they perform in the real world, so project 203 modern hour rc car. So this is the car that i’m going to try and beat the world speed record with and to beat the world record. We got to get it to go 203 mile an hour and guys. This thing is running twin motors, one direct drive to the front one direct drive to the rear, we’re also running this on 24s lipos. If you want to know more about this guys, i’m going to put a link up here to the playlist of the whole entire build so far, but so far at the moment, we’re waiting on batteries so smc said that they’re going to send me some batteries, but Guys i’ve been waiting for months and months and months and nothing’s come yet and also power.

Hobby have said that they’re going to supply me with some batteries so i’m actually waiting for these batteries to come. They should be here in the next few days and then we can mount the batteries make sure it all fits plug it in get it running and hopefully soon give it its first test run and i’ve. Just had this res shiffrin scorched parts, batwing turn ups that’s going to replace his wing here. So raz is actually, i think, he’s got the fastest armor in the world at the moment and that’s the wing that he’s designed and that he uses on his car and it makes him super stable. So hopefully this is going to work well on this too. So guys hold fire videos about this car are going to be coming up very very soon and also we’ve just ordered all the parts to build this monster truck. So hopefully, in the next couple of months, guys we’re going to have this truck finished and we’re gon na be able to test it and guys just subscribe and smash the bell. So you don’t miss any of it man we got some exciting stuff coming up. I can’t wait but anyway guys for now.