You guys know that i have been uh getting parts for them for uh my armor cards for my limitless. For my infraction – and i was speaking with jeff a couple of weeks ago – and we talked about some of the other products that he had and stuff so i went ahead and moved forward and we got some crack here and i was gon na open it up. But i figured i kind of share this experience with y’all because we got a lot of stuff in here so i’m gon na kind of try to look through some of this and see what this is um. Some of these are gon na, be parts and stuff. Like you see here for the felony and then some of the other stuff here we go creighton skid place, cool um, so there’s some parts in here too for the creighton exp as well. I told you guys i’m not dealing with creighton, even though i did the final review and i got a lot of stuff i’m gon na do with that, and then i saw he also had other things too for the 8s model as well. So let’s go ahead and let’s just pull some of this stuff out real, quick, so skip late there and of course, once i get all this out, i’ll show you guys up close with that. Some of the stuff is going to be labeled, and this might be some of the parts for that uh skid plate.

There told you i got a box got a box like jang. I got a box, so creighton mud guards. So we have some of those too. As well, these are going to be felony. These are some orange, like iodized colored parts that he has so i’m gon na open. This up. To show this to you guys, um got some stuff here as well um. This may be bumpers or even wings for the phony, because i do see this oranges color up in there as well so that’s going to match with my felony, and i also have a black body for the felony as well. This is probably going to be a willy bar now i did see that they have willy bars for the creighton 8s, and also the outcast 8s and it’s going to be actually aluminum and not the plastic. So we’ll get this open real, quick to see what’s in there got some other stuff too, as well got some air dams more crack war crack more cracks. Y’All know how it is get stuff in. So this is going to be a splitter for the felony. I believe this is one of the colored ones as well. We’Ll get this open in just a second to see and then um. This looks like to be a wing for the pony as well. So let me get all this pull aside and let me start opening some of this stuff up and see what we got all right.

So getting some of this stuff kind of open. Look at that y’all know what this is for right. It kind of says it right there, so this is made of good material. You guys know that when i started putting some of these parts on my limitless, it actually helped to perform better because it gave it the right weight, especially in the rear of it, and i can accelerate my limitless straight without even having to worry about a swirl To the left and right so we do have another felony wing right here and i think this is going to be. I feel like i’m opening up christmas presents here. Oh look at that that’s nice. Look at that purity party purdy does a great job. Look at that heard it purred it hurt. It hurt it. So i believe this is going to be for my um uh creighton and i might be able to fit this on my outcast as well, but we’ll um go through a couple of these once i get these installed and i’ll do another video of installation and stuff, Like that, but that is hurting right there, i’m gon na try to keep some of this stuff together as well put all this back in that box. There get this open sweet that goes on the side of this wing. Here, get this cracked open there. Look at that so that’s gon na look really really really nice. You know on the sides right here, so that’s gon na kind of fit on there like that.

So this is going to be nice, nice, nice, nice, job, jeff, nice, nice, nice, nice! I, like um, sorry about that moving the camera stuff around the sound of this metal reminds me of when i was a kid. I don’t know if you guys watched transformers in the 80s, but when they were transforming well uh it’s a it’s, a 80s thing. The first time i saw a devastator transform, it sounded like metal actually clinging together, so that was kind of funny to me when i was a kid, but it was also so cool, so uh, seeing what’s in here real quick. We see here uh felony parts. Look at this i knew this was gon na turn out nice when we talked about some of the colors and stuff. Look at that that’ll look good on the orange and especially on the black as well wow that’s gon na be nice that’s gon na be nice. It’S gon na be nice uh. What else we got here, let’s see if we got it’s, probably a willy bar here. You guys see, of course the wheels are attached to it and pop this open, real, quick. You guys see this package real good, so you have to worry about your metal hitting each other and scraping up and scratching up and all that stuff. So hopefully i can tear this open without knocking everything over Music there we go got this out so yeah. So this is going to be part of the willy bar that’s for the creighton 8s and see if they can fit on also my uh outcast 8s as well.

So you guys see that, and in here i think there was some of us now. So, of course, these are the wheels and stuff for, and this just kind of comes together with that. I want to kind of keep some of this stuff together so that i know what’s what, when i start going to put this in uh putting armor armor on my armor cars, say that 10 times without a getting your tongue tied up. So here we have felt the felony splitter that’s going to be orange pop. This open, real, quick, see what’s in here. Oh that looks nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice. Nice, look at that! Look at that! Look at that! Look at that that’s going to be nice sitting on that black y’all it’s, going to go kind of up here, that’s going gon na! Look all right! Sorry about that! Y’All! Quick little glitch there, but we are back so these can also fit on the in um fraction as well. So that’s gon na look mean on that. Feeling, though, see the way that’s kind of position there with that. So that is a good thing as well. I’M. Gon na put this right here with my felony stuff, uh creighton mud guards check this out real quick Music, i’m, so glad it’s, labeled cuz i’d have been like. Oh, what was it that i ordered kind of looking stuff and trying to figure everything out so so check these out? Get this open real, quick, they’re, aluminum here and they’re actually really thick too.

So you guys see how the thickness of that so that’s going to be good as well, so slide that back in there. So i know what this is got my screws too, so i ain’t got to worry about that, which is good i’m. So glad that you guys see on all these packages that he also includes the screws, because i hate when i buy stuff and you got to buy screws for it that’s just i don’t know that’s that’s me that’s, just i guess my pet peeve. I guess i don’t like it, but um that’s, just how i am with stuff. I just feel if you pay all that money for something you should get screws for. I don’t care. If it costs three dollars or if it costs a hundred dollars, you shouldn’t have to buy screws separately. So you guys are some of the air dams here. So i have these on my limitless as well, so these actually help so i’m gon na actually put these on um, probably the infraction uh and run it with that. Maybe the phone and what i may do is. I may actually do a speed test and kind of run a couple of laps to show you guys a difference when you have these on and when you don’t have these on. So you guys can kind of see the difference as well, because it does help keep that car lower to the ground, actually helps it with the handling and stuff as well that’s.

Why? I got another set of these as well: uh creighton skid plates pop this open. I should have brought a knife or something i thought i had in here here we go. We got one stratrim, get this open kind of expedite the time somewhat you guys see here. I pull these out. Real quick Music should be two of them in here it’s. Another one right up here: there we go, you guys see. This is thick. I mean most time you get parts like this um they it’s just not as thick and the quality is really good. So you guys kind of see that up close, so it’s really precise and the way these are constructed and stuff for it, so of course ones for the front and then one’s going to be for the rear. When i get all these installed and stuff on there, you guys will see what these look like. Uh. We got one more package to look at or two actually rear air dams right here pop this open, real, quick swing. This in there got screw screws screws love it that i got screws. You guys see this here so there’s, actually two of these one for each side here, for that so i’m not going to open the other one up, but i am going to try to keep these like. I said: keep these together i’m glad he labeled it as well, because y’all know next week, i’ll be like oh man uh.

What did they go to? How does that go on there and then losing the screws and stuff for it as well, so pop this open, real, quick and look at the last box of goodies or the boxy crack like me and uh, my friend keith would always talk about. We got some crack box of crap, probably shouldn’t, be saying it on youtube, though they probably gon na flag it or something else but youtube. It is not drugs, Music! So get this open. Real quick got. Ta speed the time up, make sure i don’t mess these parts up, trying to cut into it or damage them. So these are going to be, i believe, the different color bumpers. I can see that black on there and get this oh, no it’s, actually a wing. I can feel it: okay, it’s, probably one of the black colored wings. Definitely don’t want to scrape that up. Oh yeah, look at this. Oh yeah that looks nice. I try to pull this out real, quick and i should have known it was the wing there because seeing these parts right here, these actually mount. I did a video before right here when you mount that wing onto the felony, but you guys can see that right. There that’s gon na look nice gon na look nice on that orange right there. If you guys do black on black, you can do that as well, and this is going to be the oranges color one get this cracked open, real, quick! I don’t want to cut too much and i definitely don’t want to damage that trying to cut into it.

Look at this that’s purdy that’s real, real purty there we go so guys there’s going to be a link in the description as well. You guys can go over to his site and check it out um. You can also give him a call don’t text him because um this kind of he probably gets hundreds of texts a day and he’s. Like me um, i don’t want to get a hundred messages and texas and stuff like that it’s better. If you know me to just call me and we go from there from some people, i know but um just give him a a call and don’t text him and ask him about some of the parts and stuff you can go to a site and see some Of that but that’s going to be a quick unboxing and look at some of the stuff. I did want to show this to you guys as i was opening it up, and these are going to look good on these felonies um and i’m. Just taking taking a look at this and how this is going to look on it, this is going to look good on that black body um with these components up here, so i can’t wait to get these installed so anyway, guys.