Now the car is 100 stock. I’Ve got a 2s already plugged in there, so we’re going to find out what he can do with that and then we’ll go 3s and see if i can keep the front end down and not crash this thing, because it’s got a lot of power here we Go first pass on 2s and i reckon even on 2s. This is going to be a zippy little machine. Here we go noah first, pass Applause. How much 64. i told you missing on two – is off it’s cr it’s off it’s, not ah 64.. I do need a slight bit of trim. Sorry just trimming out my car a little bit because it’s all right that looks about right. Okay, it’s going straight all right! Now! Here we go! This is going to be interesting on 3s, i don’t even know if i’ll be able to drive it straight here we go how much 62 that time, a little slower, Laughter and that’s just on to sal all right. Third and final pass Applause: how much 65! That time! We just wait for this car to pass Applause, 65 kilometers an hour all right, so let’s see if we can back up another 65. Now let’s go one more just because going a bit out there making sure we get a good clean, run up and sit on that full throttle. 66. Oh 56. 56. How did he get 56 from 65? Well, that’s, not right one more sorry that doesn’t make sense.

Here we go how much 65 okay i’m happy to confirm 65 that uh. Fourth, one was a bit of a bit of a weird one: there we go 65, no gps. Today, unfortunately, it has a flat battery. I forgot to charge it my bad anyway, let’s go 3s okay, sun’s gone down, it’s, getting dark and we’re on 3s, with the hbi jump, shot flux, oh my god, i’m belly at half throttle. This thing feels like an absolute weapon. Applause all right, let’s see what we can do noah. If we can do anything at all Applause, i knew it. I knew it how much 78 and that what’s with the roof sliding? Oh, my god, how much jesus my poor body, Music, 78 – i i can’t it’s just it’s too much! It is too much for this car let’s! Try it again, but i don’t think we’re going we’re going to go any faster. Here. We go noah i’m using the ivonix 8 000 milliamp 3s soft case Applause 78, and i didn’t squeeze all the way because it just wants to bring the front wheels up. This thing is going to be uncontrollable off road on 3s. The power system in these cars is absolutely crazy. Here we go now, can we crack 80. 75 and i didn’t go any far enough destroying my body. Ah, my poor hpi jump shot there’s not going to be much of it left by the time i hit the bmx track.

Oh well, um. I don’t think there’s much point in me continuing on without a wheelie bar of some sort. This thing is just insane um. This is stock out of the box and yeah on 3cell. It is just next level crazy for such a tiny truck to be doing 80 plus case an hour. I mean if i could, keep that front end down. Maybe i could strap a brick to the front of it or something like that just to keep it down. Maybe we could find out what the true speed of this machine is, but i i reckon we’re going to be pushing maybe close to 60 mile an hour. I don’t know maybe 85 90, maybe somewhere around there. I don’t know either way it’s mental and it’s going to be a lot of fun to take this off road and have a bash with it, and i can’t wait to show you what it can do, because i can’t wait to see what it can do. So. I’M going to leave this one here. Thank you all very much for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please be sure to hit that thumbs up button don’t forget subscribe.