My name is zen, as you know, from the title we’re doing a review on this car, a big baby, not a small one, i’ve already unboxed this thing, that’s. Why i want to do a review on it. Um i’ll just put that to the side i’ve already unboxed it so it doesn’t get damaged. I put it back in the box, it does draw a lot of good stunts. Let’S do that it says there double flip and let’s, get it out of the box. Oh okay, that’s, so hard i’m done! Oh my god! Oh my god guys! This is not going well! This is not going well guys if you can hear anything. I’M. Sorry that’s, just some noise coming from the back. My camera is not that good. That can block voices from coming behind so i’m. Sorry guys, oh no it’s. Finally, coming finally coming there’s the car here’s, the remote go trash here’s the remote as you can see, there’s a on and off button. If you push both of them both of the front arrows at the same time, it’ll go straight. If you put both of the back arrows, it will go back if the car is flipped around like this, then it’ll. If you put the front button, it’ll go back. If you put the back button a little front, that’s kind of confusing so and when you push one on this arrow and that arrow it’ll just spin around spin around spin around okay, guys um, i shouldn’t have thrown the box away.

This car has a lot of rubber tires. Okay, because so it can like it doesn’t. It is a satisfying sound. I swear that was a satisfying, sound yeah. You can hear it i’ll just i’m, just gon na do it in the speaker, oh okay, that was so satisfying. Okay, i’m gon na be driving it around right over here. As you can see, oh no guys, i don’t know how to show it to you. Sorry, i’ll just drive it around in my hand. I want to do the tires, because that really hurts why isn’t it moving. Oh yeah, the car is not on the blue light red lights. Now, let me push both of them. Oh yeah, that was so cool, that’s kind of fun, um, guys um. This was the best car i’ve ever gotten ow ow. I hit the camera out of the camera. The camera, the camera i’m, not gon na play with this thing on camera. On my, where i’m sitting right now, this is actually my bed i’m, not gon na drive it on my bed. The bed could get marks and driving marks and my camera could break so we’re gon na put that away. Let’S do talk about this. I don’t like how it doesn’t have joysticks that’s the one reason i don’t like this car, but by the way it’s, so cool, and these two things do nothing, nothing at all and that’s the little antenna, thingy majiggy, um, okay, guys thanks for watching.

I hope you liked my video and we’re gon na see i don’t know guys.