This is a little rc tank that you can shoot gel bullets. You can shoot nerf bullets. You can attack it with your own gun. You can have battles if you have more than one lets check out. The video were going to demonstrate it. If you want to see all the specs and features and see it up, close just keep watching this video because after the demo well go into the unboxing and what all you get so lets get to it. Music: do Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, food, Music, no, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, so thats going to be it for a little demonstration. Just keep watching were going to go back inside, were going to show you the unboxing and how to put it all together and all the up close features so lets go inside, were gon na, be looking at the diy rc stunt car thats right. This is a stunt car that you must fully assemble. You can see it comes with all these different pieces and parts. Its got omni wheels its got a remote control, youre supposed to be able to drive it with a watch. With your hand, motion were gon na check all that stuff out, but first we have to get it out. The box, you ready carter. Yes, all right carter taking out the box lets see what we have instructions. You got the foam bullets. This looks like all the different charge, cords and the wrist, so it does, it does come with the remote that was gon na be sold separately.

I wrist here are all the different omni wheels dang this things pretty big. This is the uh turret and the controller, and then the base of the uh step car all right lets start opening all this stuff up now this is like a diy, so they want you to build. It yourself im sure its good for stem education and then help you get into robotics as well, but it also comes with this cool turret foam gun blaster. How cool is that right? The omni wheels move, but they also spin one way so, whenever youre turning you just its like a drifting motion, so you have four of these base. You have your four omni wheels, your turret, the controller, the wrist piece and this im sure this is you move your finger on this and you fi. It fires it. This is a little water bottle, because this will actually have like a jet engine in the back and it will shoot water mist out the back to make it look like its a jet engine. You also have a charge cord. You have another charge, cord im sure one is for the watch and one is for the actual robot itself and they even give you a small little phillips screwdriver for putting everything together and working on it, but i think its all just snapped together. Do you see how it goes together? Oh we got one on. Can he do it folks, and it has these for our little prongs, for a quick release to remove it if you had to break it down for traveling, so these little pods these little omnipods just snap on, if you want to take it off, you have a Quick release lever right here that you just pull it down and pop them off.

This is pretty big yeah thats, the actual rc. This is the car itself, the bot. Now this is the weapon system. How does that go on there? So before you put your web weapon system on, you can see, you have a little white rubber plug right here and you would just take this bottle, fill it up with water, and i would usually recommend for things like this distilled water, but im sure youd be Fine with tap water – and you would just fill this up – put your plug back in, as i said before, you just simply pull this little flap up and just squeeze the water in trying to do a neater job than i did. The jet engine is full. How does this go on? You snap it in so you can see that you have an arrow carved into the bottom of this. That tells you that thats the goes towards the front, and then you have this little power plug right here, and this is going to plug in to this part of the robot right here. So you just set the butt down were going to snap the turret in just like so there. So you can pop the little turret out here and you just take your little foam bullets and you can just load or load it up all the way around, and this looks like its compatible with nerf style bullets as well. Well, get these all loaded in and then what you do is once you push them all the way down in there get them all the way like.

So you dont want them hanging out the top. Then you have a little wheel right here that the turret rides on and you have a groove and what you do is you will put the groove on the back of the turret on the wheel. Push the wheel down and your turret is now locked in just like that before we get to playing with this, there is an optional piece that you can buy separately and this is sold separately, but this is a whole nother weapon system and what this is is Actually, a gel ball blaster, so you get a choice between the foam shooter or the gel ball blaster and the gel ball. Blaster does come with the little balls with the magazine to hold all your gel balls, its got a feeder on top. So you would put your gel balls in here, then you would fill up the actual gun itself. What were going to do is were going to figure out how to get this thing going and then were going to test both weapon systems and were going to try out both style remotes. As you can see, you have a full function, remote here, which you do have to put batteries in this yourself. The stun, the stunt rc car has a built in rechargeable battery and the watch has a built in rechargeable battery as well. Do you feel like you? Could fire this thing up on the table all right? How do you turn it on? You have to unscrew the battery lets see whats under here, real quick.

If you open up the battery case on the bottom, this is where you actually store the battery. It does come with a single cell like this or a single battery pack. This is your charger for that battery pack. You would just plug it in to this little usb charger, and you just plug this into any usb to charge your battery and once its charged. You will plug it into the harness of the stunt car, just like so shove, the battery back in there and reinstall the compartment cover once you snap. The compartment cover down. You just have a screwdriver right here and you just put the screw back in just to hold it, make sure its in the off position. All right lets reinstall our turret. Were you able to power? The watch up awesome show them the watch youre holding the controller. Silly word to the wise: have the watch on your wrist when you turn the car on, because, if not its going to run you over right carter, and so you also, if you dont, want to use the watch, you do have a full function. Remote control right here it does take two double a batteries, so were going to go ahead and put batteries in the remote because were gon na start off with the remote before we graduate to the watch, because i would highly recommend that if youre gon na use The watch make sure youre in a wide open area on the floor, not on a table.

Its gon na go crazy until you figure it out. Of course, all right so were gon na power up the remote right there in the center yep. The smoke is coming check that out im playing. First, you got a little smoke button on the remote right here. You can turn the smoke off and on so thats how you turn the smoke on and off now what happens if i push this okay, Music, rotate. So this right here is your steering. You have rotate, let me turn the smoke off and then on this side right here you have forward in the back. I scared you did not these two little buttons right here is how you raise and lower your turret. How cool is that huh look at his smile? Then you have this one. This has got to be shoot right. Dang check that out lets see if we can shoot the camera okay, so it shoots very well very far by the time you get to this part of the video youve already seen the beginning of the video, the actual demonstration. So you know how far it shoots, but in case you dont know we actually filmed this part first and then we put, but we put the demonstration and how it all works. In the beginning of the video, its got like a music note on it were gon na see what that does. That turns the sound off makes sense. Now the car is silent, but i think you can still drive it all right.

We got this little play button on the side over here. What do you think that does lets turn on the sound lets see? Oh, i was right its a demo mode. It goes crazy on the remote ill go over all the functions you have turret up and down. You have a demo mode, you have fire, you have smoke and you have sound effects and then you have forward back left and right and then you have two trigger buttons up here, and these are going to be the drift buttons. You ready to see it drift. Okay, we had to crank it up huh how many rc cars can do that pretty awesome, pretty cool okay, so we powered it down. What were going to do is were going to pull this turret off and to install the gel blasting turret. You just simply stick it right on there, just that easy to swap from one weapon system to the other okay. So we got some little gel balls because we have other gel blasters in the house. Put them in your little loader right here and you have a little funnel that screws on the top and you just pour them in and now weve got it loaded up. Youll put your cap back on there close it up and, as i said, this is the little feeder right here might be easier to show you this way, but you slide it open, lowered it up right.

There put it back all right. Carter is the controller on Music. You couldnt, stop shooting no, it didnt work. Let me see this thing, okay, so it shoots in bursts whenever you shoot it. So if youre pointing it at a target, be prepared to shoot about 10 shots because thats, what youre going to send that way, just super fun super cool. Now we got little gels everywhere, just a an overall really cool toy. I mean you can see. Im, smiling carter smiling and were just going to have a blast with this thing, because we do the gel blaster wars – and this is now going to be part of the arsenal – were gon na just use it as a like a little century drone or something so Its gon na be a lot of fun, but overall its a fully modular design. You can swap out take it apart, pull the wheel pods off and on you can swap weapon systems. You can drive it with a watch by the motion of your hand, or you can use a controller if youre not comfortable with the watch. It comes with everything you need. As far as bullets go loaders chargers, a screwdriver, everything carter. How would you rate this out of a 10 10? Oh, i knew he was gon na say that hes been trying to get to this thing for a while, but just a very cool toy and plus you cant beat this.

I mean how cool is that you got a jet engine, so just a lot a lot of fun.