Is Music, Music, Music, Music? Yes, Music? Oh my goodness! This is so cool. Wait, a minute Music. What the heck is did it die because of the battery? Wait, a minute its? Not even oh, my goodness, oh man, its nice. Now? What do i do? This is really cool and look it got on the back and look here is the this is chargeable right, so we have a battery for this. Oh, my gosh theres tape everywhere i need to get this stuff whats. This is chargeable right here, but if this car guys, you need to charge it actually and it has been, this is Music, and this is for the charger right here so now lets test it out off the ground. Lets go on the ground, Music, Music, whoa whoa. It also opens doors, see look Music, oh my god. This is so cool. Wait a minute. Whoa whoa, dont fall apart now lets test it on the ground or like for dinner or dont, forget to turn on the notifications. Bye, bye.