What can be inside of the package? I know there is a picture over here of something that resembles a tank, but with those kind of packages you can never really be 100 sure what can be inside so let’s try to open it see. I was 100 correct. They lied to me it’s. Not this thing, those are only some parts and well let’s, see what i will be able to do about it. Maybe i will just call their customers support and tell them well. This is not what i supposed to get come on, not the same hello, df, robot customer support. Yes hi! This is pablo spechalski and well. You were supposed to send me a package with the tank, some kind of tracked vehicles, but instead i just got plenty of parts and i have no idea what i’m supposed to do with it. Oh, okay. Okay, thanks a lot bye, okay, i know what’s wrong i’m. Supposed to assemble this thing, and only a few hours later, the df robot devastator is done um. No, of course it was just a joke. I never expected this thing to come assembled. I knew i will have to assemble this thing and put some of the elements because, for example, you get the drivetrain, you get the motors, you get the gearbox, but you do not get the electronics. You do not get the esc’s brushed esc’s, of course. So everything had to be assembled by me.

I wanted to have something more than just the well let’s say a regular remote control tank. So i made a few extra things for this thing. First of all, is the fpv tank tara? Can you see this turret over here? It has the video transmitter, it has the camera and on front also here it has the wrench finder to be able to measure how far i am, for example, for a wall it’s just an example usage of this thing. It has the gps, it has the receiver uh in the back. It holds pretty nice 4s battery, although they said that the electronics is fine for 2s, but turns out the motors work perfectly fine with the 4s battery and because this thing is running enough and the matec f7655 controller. It has a lot of possibilities, starting from the going off road, fpv, long range missions, return to home and so on and so on and so on. I really do expect. I will have quite a lot of fun with this thing riding into the places where my previous generation of the rover was not an able. And finally, i would like to put this thing on there. Quite a longish at least the reasonably longish, fully autonomous mission, but does it work, does it right? Can you use this thing in the field let’s find out Music, hey, Music, hey Music! You see the angry face on the devastator right, so that is the df robot devastator and at least my take on the df robot devastator, which i turn from the chassis.

Only because let’s be honest. The devastator comes only with the wheels only with the tracks and only with some metal and motors with the gearbox, but absolutely without any electronics that turn this thing into the pretty cool off road device um. So you do have to add some things to the to the project. I added the inf based flight controller with the fpv installation, with the gps with the receiver and other goodies. That basically allows me to run the autonomous mission of this thing. I can create the waypoint mission with the enough configurator click start and it will go whenever it wants to go and it’s amazing. By the way, i have a separate video on how to set up uh enough on the right on the tracked vehicles and the link is in the description. So if you are wondering how to do it, the link is over there. After all, it’s a super cool chassis for the tank uh, this angry face in the in the in the front of this thing, everybody in my family and everybody. I showed this thing to oh it’s, so cool it has the angry face in the beginning, and if you know what you are doing and you own the 3d print 3d printer, you can really make amazing stuff with this thing. Is it perfect, though, no it’s not perfect, though i kinda hoped that the tracks will have slightly more traction and the off road capabilities will be slightly slightly bigger than they are don’t.

Get me wrong, it’s, better than most of the wheeled rovers, because after all those are tracks – and they have quite a lot of the traction, however, going 45 degrees on the sand. No, definitely not just the sand and goes under, and it just goes down. Also. You have to be pretty careful where you place the battery because uh in my build, i only had the bad place for the battery in the rear and that basically put the center of the gravity somewhere here. So as soon as i was starting to climb and uh applied any torque on the tracks, it was just going blue. Have you you ever watched cars yeah when they were scurrying the tractors and exactly the same thing was happening with the devastator? Also, how you disassemble this thing is not that cool uh, because the bottom plate is held in place by only one screw and if you and the structural integrity is actually held in place by the top cover. If you move the remove, the top covers the the side plates are moving left and right. Nothing is really holding them in place. I would prefer rather that the bottom plate is something that keeps the structural integrity and the top plate is only at top plate, but if you are ready to leave with that and that’s not really too much to be honest, uh the world is your oyster really. I i have plans with this thing to go places where previously i was not able to go to drive at night, because i have the night vision, a camera that is capable of seeing in the night analyzer rangefinder in the front, fpv installation and all the goodies.

So, most probably you will see more of the df robot devastator on this channel yeah because i’m i’m happy what i what i have over here and my kids are whoa. Can daddy daddy? Can i drive? Can i drive the tank? Yes, you can drive the truck of course, and they are even managed to do it so cool product um. I think the price, to be honest, is fair um. Some things can be improved or, finally, finally, think the original tracks were one link too long and they were falling. I had to remove the one link from each of the tracks to improve the tension on it and make it not fall from the devastator at all. But besides that, thank you. Thank you very much. Yes, i got it for free. I do like it um something else. I got it for free, but not everything i still had.